Jageey Community Leadership In UNMISS Juba Must Apologize To Its Members and The Entire Nuer IDPS:

 For Organizing, Mobilizing and Celebrating The Activities of Our Killer and The Enemy of Peace.

the thousands of refugee IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) who are camped a short walk from our home here in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan

the thousands of refugee IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) who are camped a short walk from our home here in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan

Nov 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —– First and foremost, on my behave and on the behave of majority members of Jageey community, I ask patience and calm from all concerned friends and compatriots who suffered for more than 22 months throughout the bushes and IDPS camps in the republic of south Sudan. we are here to address the unfortunate rumors circulating in the social medias and among the communities in the camp alleging that Jageey community as whole have surrendered to the government in juba by joining their activity.

With dismay and regret ability, I am obliged as member of this society to rectified and bring to public attention that this erroneous action taken by our top leadership in juba UNMISS was not done with the public knowledge and intention of the majority members of the community. Nevertheless, this is a self-incriminating and degrading to all Jageey society leave alone the entire Nuer nation.

On 24th of October,2015, quarter of our community members were fooled out to Juba town and celebrated promotion and appointment made by Unity State Care-taker Governor Josheop Nguen Monytuel. Monytuel in that reshuffles and appointment has appointed Malual Tap Diew from Jageey community as the state minister of finance. He also appointed several other officials from the same community/Jageey to various advisorial and head of commissions positions. These officials after secured their bread as a reward for the crimes and destruction they have done to their own people, at last came to invite the same people whom they victimized and subjected to suffering in IDPS camp so as to celebrate with them and entertain their masterminded killer. For sure these numerous and important position are given to Jageey by the state government for the first time in the history of the state just as a reward for wanton destruction they had perpetuated in the area and its surroundings.

In fact it become a wandering in the IDPs camps specially by women who are head of families as well as unaccompanied children and elder to sustains living without begging from any human though they forget that it will take them by surprise that time has come and it is too late for those in juba to fool them at the time we are almost out from our caves/UNMISS.

The embarrassing and betrayal part of this self-defeating and incriminating sell-out action is the participation and role played by our community leaders along with some few influential elders from Jageey community. We have direct and sufficient evidence testifying that, few days prior to the occasion on the 24th of October,2015, these leaders and elders were funded by the said minister and thereafter, carried out ground mobilization among members of the community mostly children and women. They rented three big Bonga Buses that carries sixty passengers each which rounded trips three times from Checkpoint to Gudele where the occasion took place.

I personally received several calls from across the camp and beyond from fellow IDPS and supporters inquiring whether this flagrant betrayal was done with the knowledge and intention of the whole Jageey community members. I am here therefore, confirming the truthiness’ of the occurrence of the event to all of you publicly and we are taken by surprise when we have heard such shameful act by our comrades in the suffering. We condemned this cowardice step it in the strongest term possible.

This community like any other Nuer sub-clans suffered the most in the massacre staged by none other than our sons and daughters in the governments. It is unexpected and surprising for this community leaders to attempt to accept such humiliation and surrender at this stage of time after sustaining harms and resisting subjugation for two and half years. I don’t know what transpired in the mind of our leaders until they breach all the promises they often declare for us to commit to the cause of our people and mourn forever the lost beloved ones.

When this massacre was triggered at the night of 15 December 2013, and the subsequence slaughtering of the Nuer ethnicity from door to door and along the majors streets of juba town, all of us who are hiding here in protection site were here as the direct witnessed and survivors. We are still remembering and mourning the loss of our beloved relatives, members of our families and friends who lost in Gudele,New Site,Jebel,Khorwhilliam , Mangaten etc.

Secondly, since may this year, our homeland, The Liech/Jageey(Koch County), the birth place of Nuer nation along with its neighboring sisterly counties was reduced to ashes by the same people/officials who are now calling us to join them in celebrating the fruits of their crimes. Innocence civilians were butchered and chopped down like dead things by their own sons and their allies; boys were castrated, children and old grandmothers were raped and after burned alive; young girls and women as well as boys were abducted and taken toward western Bentiu and beyond for several purposes ranging from forced labor up to sexual slavery. All means of livelihood and survivals are completely looted, destroyed and burned to ash. My sister was abducted and was taken up to Mayom but God saved her later and she was release one week later along with other abductees. All my father 120 herds of cattle were looted and the almost 80 years of age had to escape and walked hundred kilometers from Kuachlual/Koch To Unity State Capital Bentiu where he finally flown to where I am currently.

Dear victims, readers of this message, I am not exaggerating or duplicating what you might have already heard or saw as it had happened to every single family, but it is a protest to action taken by our leaders and elders who betray our suffering and defame our dignity and pride by celebrating the fruits of crimes done on themselves and their own people whom they claim to represent. I am vomiting out this poison that can burn me internally and for sure if we aren’t rectifying this mistake, it would amount to traitorous act by Jageey community to the cause of the entire Nuer nation and those suffering across the regions throughout the republic of south Sudan.

To our fellow compatriots and comrades in the resistance struggle, we jageey community as whole are comitted to the cause and freedom of all our descendants; our position, contributions and commitments is clear and seen consistent. We condemned not only this slight mistake, I call it that way so because it is first of its kind since the beginning of the crisis for Jageey to attempt such betrayal act, but also the whole orchestrated plan of genocide by the regime in juba and in the states. When this tragedy happened look what our heroes and heroines did and still doing in defense of our beloved tribe and other marginalized south Sudanese;

  1. On the 16 of December 2013, our sons and daughters the like current Koch County Commissioner Nhial Kham Buoth Kuon,Nyang Tap Chuol, Zoal Riew Doar etc ababdoned their families and parents and made it to the bush and accompanied our father Dr. Riek Machar Teny from Juba here up to Jungle state Bor where he was in safety.
  2. In response to Nuer massacre in Juba in December 15,2013, our patriots sons of Jageey on 18/12/2013 fired the first bullet in Tharjiath/Jageey/Koch county, Unity State Bentiu, Greater Uppernile region.
  3. On 24th of December 2013, our hero and general Yak Dayiem along with other generals and Nuer volunteers declared resistance in rescue of our father and the others there In Jongle State Bor
  4. Few weeks later, early 2014, our brave son and hero General Tap Gadet, the former commissioner of Jagey/Koch County led and amusingly far-reaching expedition from Yie Central Equatoria through juba and across most part of Bahir El Ghazel up to Panyijiar In Unity State Bentiu. All this just to help stranded fellow nuer and others south Sudanese in juba to reach Greater Uppernile so as to protect and liberate the area from the killers.
  5. Furthermore, from the onset of this chaos our civilians volunteers the White Army/Gojjam, abandoned everything including their families and parents behind up to date still in the bushes of south Sudan just for the same cause and protection as done throughout the Greater Uppernile.

Valuing and considering the above pride ad legacy resulted from our contributions, wouldn’t it be an embarrassing betrayal from our leaders to accept and receives bribery and sold away the innocence public to go on entertaining and encouraging our killers/ enemy of peace at the end of the day? Why / what happen are we so soon fade-up until we forgot the souls of those perished in front of us without justice in just two years times ? What would be the moral feeling and reaction of our gallants civil defense and regular forces that abandoned their family and scarified their lives for our protection and our future freedom and prosperity?

None of our sons and the above mentioned generals have ever attempted to surrender since they declared resistance against tyranny, should it be we the ones comfortably living under supervision and feeding of UNMISSS comparing to them the sleepless comrades who are sharing grasses and holes with reptiles and wild animals?.

In conclusion, this act is insulting and degrading to Jageey and betrays the fate of Nuer nation future generation if not addressed. It serves no purpose in favour of our struggle at the point where the whole world is in the position of no-return from imposing this win-win compromise peace agreement. However, it has less impact since it is done by few opportunists without knowledge of the majority despite the fact that our representatives led the facilitation and its materialization. We the majority of Jageey community members were not aware and did not acknowledge its preparation and mobilizations on the ground. We therefore, ask the entire Nuer nation to disregarded this mistake and join us to ask apology from these leaders and elders. As a community we shall hereafter, denounce such leadership unless an only if they publicly apologize forthwith to the members, IDPS community and the entire movement. Jageey community is not expected to lead in betraying the cause of this blessed nation; this is because we are the pillars and ancestors to others Nuer sub-clans. These leaders shouldn’t reserve this simple declaration of apology such that those morally affected by the action are relieved from stress and demoralization brought by.

I thank the majority of Jageey community in the POCS who turned-down and denounce such brutal leadership’s invitations. Even if you are suffering extremely today in UNMISS bases, you shall tomorrow be happy and intoxicated with joy and jubilation that is certainly gone be brought by this scarifies. You shall live a dignified live and in harmony with yourself and your neighbor the product of which shall be everlasting freedom, prosperity and legacies to the next generation to come. From now onward, we need to be vigilance and detect those selling out our pride, dignity and freedom to scavengers. Without doubts, we have enough natural resources in Jageey that can even feed the all nation why should we give up for single coin in such a collapsing economy where such papers loss value forever. Let us committed to the success of this historical resistance movement and its leader.

Thank you so much

Choul Lat Bolthoat

In UNMISS, Juba,South Sudan. Graduate of Law(LLB) 2013 From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia . Reach me at choullatbol@gmail.com

  5 comments for “Jageey Community Leadership In UNMISS Juba Must Apologize To Its Members and The Entire Nuer IDPS:

  1. Ruadheal Khan
    November 7, 2015 at 3:42 am

    Its a shame and painful when fellow Nuer men exaggerated things ‘my sister was abducted and taken to Mayom and later released’and all my cattle 120 herd were looted and my mother of 80 years have to walk from Koch to Bentiu and latter flown to Juba’Chuol Lat, is it painful when we say that Jagei have joined government? When you people in Juba POC have killed and looted Bul Nuer properties when you chased them out of POC and call all of them as Dinka.I 3 round of Bonga Bus are enough to take out all the Jagei at Juba POC.


  2. November 7, 2015 at 7:39 am

    this is usless article how long will you stay in UNMISS. your FAKE father Riek machar will not rule the Nation south sudan forever. come out from Unmiss and go toyour state. if you make mistake of staying in Dinka states you will be killed all even single will not remain. you are being led by incompetent leader Riek machar who cannot manage RULE the Nation


    • November 7, 2015 at 9:26 pm

      I am not sure if you are in age of Dinka Council of evil or younger? if you are in that age I won’t blame you for the way you think.
      but if you are younger than them, here I will be very sorry to seeing young people thinking backwards. when generation of Dr. John Garang took up guns intention was to provide our young generation with better life. if Dr. John Garang didn’t died shape of South Sudan would have been different today. now we have president who lack vision and who happened to be president by chance that why we are turning against one another now a days and killing ourselves like a chickens, please rethink when you are sending message out and don’t think that if dinka kill all people of South Sudan the result will be good for Dinka.


  3. BD
    November 7, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Am your colleague some where who read your long and sensitive article/ message that you wrote with dismay, i understood your burning matter and mine is not to mention any thing like criticisms or support you but warn you my dear take good care of your self and your family so that you don’t fall to hands of those desperate or enemies. However, south Sudan needs your present now and forever, more. So great we speak on behalf of our civil population no matter what, and we never will stop because men say not!!!!


    • November 7, 2015 at 3:57 pm

      you know my friend BD or actually BGs, South sudan will not be a good place to live as long as Salva Kiir and his council of evil still in power. I will not blame it on all Dinka but the two mentioned above and those who support them and their wrong doing. I do know that one day justice will come into south Sudan, there areDinka who are not happy with killing that going on today in South Sudan. look before Africa inquiry commission report come out I was thinking that minister of defend honorable Koul Manyang was involved in plan for killing Nuer but when report came out it proof that Koul was not part of horrific killing, so let us hope for best and we stay away of blaming all tribe.


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