Formation of A New Rebellion in WES and Calls For Alliance with SPLM-IO

Members of Arrow Boys near Yambio, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Members of Arrow Boys near Yambio, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Nov 24, 2015 (Nyamilpedia) — The Arrow Boys who have been fighting and resisting tyranny and oppression in Western Equatoria ( under the command of Major General Alfred Futiyo Karaba) would like to declare solemnly this day that they have selected Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga, as chairman,  to lead them to victory in their struggle against the oppressive tribal regime in Juba. With this also the Arrow Boys/Girls do hereby declare themselves to be under a new name of South Sudan People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF) because it is the people who have been fighting to defend themselves against unpatriotic tribal dictatorial regime which is only interested in furthering its tribal agenda without thinking about the country which our forefathers and recently our brothers and sisters sacrificed for with over 2 million lives to achieve the CPA in 2005 and finally Independence in 2011. It seems the Juba tribal clique regime under Salva Kiir Mayaradit  have no love to build a nation out of South Sudan after we achieved the goal of liberating South Sudan from Arab clique regime and instead they replaced  the Arab clique regime with tribal clique, corrupt and repressive regime under an incompetent leadership.

For us in WES we are patriotic citizens who love this country, South Sudan and given the chance we will build it into a great and civilized nation where human rights are observed, where there will be freedom, where equality and justice will rule, where the National Army will compose of all nationalities fairly balanced and based on competence, where all Institutions of Government will be open to all tribes based on equality and competence, where security of all the citizens will be guaranteed with no more arbitrary arrests, torture and killings, where also women will have equal opportunities to participate  in the matters of the state as a free nation.

The armed struggle and leadership of the Arrow Boys had existed for a long time even before December 2013, but due to the arbitrarily killings by the tribal regime which is trying to destroy leadership from all other tribes in order to build a tribal kingdom minus other tribes, we had to be extra cautious to protect our leaders and build the movement silently until it was a power to reckon with like now. Contrary to previous claims the Arrow Boys had not been part of other resistance groups operating in WES like SPLM-IO and REMNASA and had been maintaining their separate commands until this month when we made initial desire for alliance and possible integration with SPLM-IO and we sent delegates to Fangak to meet the chairman of the SPLM-IO while we were busy trying to unify our forces for one purpose of taking  on the new challenges facing South Sudan in light of the Compromise Peace Agreement imposed by IGAD-Plus. The SSPPF (Arrow Boys) is therefore calling for the following:

  1. Recognition and alliance with other South Sudan Resistance movements for the removal of tribal dictatorship from South Sudan.
  2. The leadership of SSPPF (Arrow Boys) in Western Equatoria is ready to unite its forces with SPLM-IO for the purpose of implementation the Compromise Peace Agreement  and for arriving at a  lasting peace which guarantees freedom and really democracy without tolerating any form of  tribalism and corruption  in the new  Republic of South Sudan.
  3. The people affiliated  to Arrow boys is the majority in Western Equatoria with every household belonging to the Arrow boys and not the people allied to the clique regime of Salva Kiir in Juba. As such if Compromise Peace can proceed then we shall demand Western Equatoria to be the third state in governorship belonging to Opposition Government because there will be no peace in WES in Transitional  period if IGAD-Plus Compromise peace deal gives WES to minority clique who allied themselves with tribal regime of Salva Kiir.
  4. SSPPF Calls on IGAD-Plus to implement the Compromise Agreement for a really democratic and Free Nation South Sudan instead of supporting a tribal hegemony to continue in the name of ending rebellion and suffering. The double standard of Western countries in applying democracy process is the one contributing to suffering of many human beings in other African countries as they fail to isolate and remove dictators from power so that calm and security could return sooner to the concerned countries. We do not want this to repeat in South Sudan where wars and suffering will persist for generations like in Somalia because the dictator is just entertained.
  5. We have been concerned and reserved by the IGAD Plus insistence   in imposing peace which still leaves dictatorship and tribal regime in power to continue to commit horrendous crimes against humanity in South Sudan. The cost of long term dictatorship and tribal regime will be much higher than the cost of freeing the people of south Sudan from tribal dictatorship once for all. As such we decided to name our armed struggle and political resistance as SSPPF and keep our option open for fighting and resistance to remove the tribal and dictatorial regime should the Compromise Peace process not be working like we have seen how much delays in its implementation  and how much Salva Kiir continues to violate the accord and practice tribalism under the IGAD-Plus watchful eyes: like naming of SPLM tribal Secretariat and illegal amendment of constitution for the purpose of advancing tribal policies of creating 18 states meant to support tribal hegemony over the rest of the 63 tribes of South Sudan.
  6. While the delay in Implementing the Compromise Peace deal goes on the tribal dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir continues to murder people and uproot civilians from their homes in Western Equatoria and in all other South Sudan states using his  tribal militia of Mathiang Anyoor which has become the de facto Army of South Sudan. Such conditions of peace are unacceptable and really peace and security has to return for the citizens before we can be assured that the Compromise Peace agreement can resolve the conflict in South Sudan.

The author is Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga Chairman and Commander in Chief SSPPF (Arrow Boys in WES) and can be reached at

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  1. didimoloro2424@ gamil.come
    November 26, 2015 at 11:10 am

    that is good let them joining because one tribe want to lead all the people by power.


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