The Genesis of Jieng Council of Elders Kills Dinka’s Legacy in South Sudan (Part-1)

By David Lony Majak, Kampala, Uganda

Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik, chairman of the Jieng council of Elders

Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik, chairman of the Jieng council of Elders

Nov 25, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Just to apprised majority of South Sudanese celebrating the political failure in the Country. The so-called Jieng Council of Elders is the genesis and the downfall of Dinkas’ legacies in the history of South Sudan, the tribal advisory committee. A nation brought to luminosity in the course of blood of mass in the longest war between Southerners and Sudanese the then, it is at this instantaneous centered in the heart of tribal troupe and extremists.

President Kiir and his tribal advisers; has made detrimental achievements to Dinkas by murdering innocent Nuer civilians and lastly smashed the political road map of South Sudan international and regional. A country led by illiterate leader is like unrestricted resting center, it is now true that, SPLM is assumed to be for majority Dinkas who believed in Salva Kiir calling a national government as Dinka’s property.

Jieng Council of Elders (JCE-45 members from all Jieng sections); is a cadaver which was deliberately formed with target objectives, the main objective was the killing of Nuer civilians and the insignificant objective was to loot public resources with support of Ugandans’ president. Dinkas Council of Elders did not predict that war it was planed for a very long time that is why Ugandans came in shortly to rescued Dinka’s government and later ended up looting resources. South Sudan is being undermine regionally owing injustice activities of putrid mind President empowered by his former Boss, Former vice president PhD, Dr. Riak Machar who taught him of who is today in the office.

Kiir’s Declaration of War against Nuer People; President Kiir declared war in 2013 alongside Nuer people in South Sudan without respecting the Transitional constitution of South Sudan, (Chapter VIII, Part Thirteen State of Emergency and declaration of war read together with section, 192 declaration of War clause 1 of the TCSS-2011).

The constitution stated that; the president shall declare war whenever the country is under external aggression and such declaration shall be legal and enforceable subject to approval of the National Legislature by two-thirds of all the members. Kiir declared state of emergency without approval from Members of Parliament yet it was not an external aggression.

Kiir declared internal state of emergency against his own citizens when there was no external aggression as stated in the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011. These constitutional questions should be address to the former minister of justice and legal Affairs. Justice: John Luk Jok, the current member of political detainees’ organization, (G10-2014/2015). Justice John Luk, drafted the transitional constitution based on the interest of president Kiir without knowing the plan of Dinka Council of Elders. Quoting John Luk his words in Nairobi; during Nuer Elders’ meeting, he said JCE was formed in 2012 after a group of Dinkas met with president Kiir seeking for the formation of this so-called Jieng Concil of Elders.

Amendment of the constitution by Juba Government; According to the Transitional Constitution; Chapter III, Part fifteen Miscellaneous provisions of section 199:

Amendment of the Constitution; The constitution stated that, The constitution shall not be amended unless the proposed amendment is approved by two-thirds of all members of each House of the National Legislature sitting separately and only after introduction of the draft amendment at least one month prior to the deliberations. NSA in juba has violated the Transitional Constitution by extending the life-span and legitimacy of Kiir’s government in April 2015 including the two Houses; National Legislative Assembly and the Council of State (establishment of council of state in accordance with the provisions of Article 94 (4) of the Transitional Constitution And convene the National Legislature in accordance with the provisions of the Transitional Constitution).

The two Houses; National Legislative Assembly (NSA) and the Council of State (COS) have failed to prevail their constitutional roles as stated in the Transitional Constitution of Republic of South Sudan, 2011. This shows that National Members of Parliament of Kiir’s regime is purely considered as national liability with legal disabilities.

Kiir at the outset of the past; could not present any single document in his own council of ministers’ meeting in every Friday because he lacks what to say and to present as English and illiterateness was part of his dilemma in the first place.  JCE together with Kiir must appreciate Dr. Machar for having taught Kiir in the office from 2005-2013 July, until he relieved former vice president because of political fears. Dr. Machar is a truly father of South Sudan’s self-determination which freed South Sudanese at last from Arabs’ marginalization.

Jieng Coucil of Elders ought to convince Kiir to accept the implementation of peace deal not because of international strain but it is the only prospect for Kiir and JCE to retain their current positions and unhealthy resources gained after destruction. Uganda’s president withheld his political trust as he recalled that the administration and the broad-spectrum of the government is being ran by Dinka’ predominance in South Sudan. The gentleman’s agreement between the two presidents, Kiir and Museveni of Uganda, has come to an end since Uganda’s president is challenging the legitimacy of South Sudan’s president as the deal is accomplished.

A billion of dollars being transported to Kampala-Uganda weekly using Military Helicopters by the chief of general staff Gen: Malong Awan compensating military weapons destructed in South Sudan during the war-time between freedom fighters and pro-government forces of Juba. This is the ongoing task left to the Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk and Malong Awan to pay Uganda’s government using national revenues and SPLA budget as it was just a mere contract by the two presidents.

JCE team, believe not SPLM-IO is for Nuer people without appreciating the exclusivity revealed to South Sudanese by the top leadership of SPLM-IO. SPLM-IO comprises of all political players, senior military commanders, youth from different political backgrounds, and different communities in South Sudan. Jieng Council of Elders and their only son President Kiir called national resources, SPLM party, and the entire government Dinkas’ political organization.

Jieng Council of Elders did advised Mr. President to ask parliament for constitution amendment of the transitional constitution of (2011), nevertheless the term of all parliamentarians including Salva Kiir has expired in April 2015.  The so-called Members of Parliament in Juba lack legal status to amend constitution of the Republic since the Country is in war-time. Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA-II) is diluted by Juba regime as a matter of avoiding the realities pertaining on ground.

Members of parliament of 2010 general elections are not legally representing their constituencies, they would have wait for re-election from their constituencies as peace deal is implemented. This could be term as conspiracies over national issues; there is no reason for president and Jieng Council of Elders to scamper South Sudan as their private briefcases.

I personal agreed with my senior writer/journalist Nhial Bol who said that; we Dinkas we have failed South Sudan in one of his article published in October 2015 on diverse websites. It is true, Nhial Bol made it evidently nationwide and internationally that Dinkas in systems has failed the country from stirring forward.

PhD, Dr. Luka Biong have been displaced and caused to exiled in relation to what representative of Jieng Council of Elders told President Kiir after an academic public lectures hosted by Dr. Biong. He having defeated representative of JCE paramount to his terrorization by the president to left Juba, they did not recall back positive contributions of Dr. Luka Biong since the inauguration of CPA-I in anticipation of South Sudan’s independent on the 9th July 2011.

Dr. Luka Biong, tried his personal best to laid an academic foundation at Juba University, a university never visited by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) team in the history, but through his effort and hard work he made harmonization with international Universities in which now there are international part-time lecturers at Juba University. Still Jieng Council of Elders could not appreciate his input isolating him as Dinka from Abyei Region.

A country at the present manipulated by; those of Michael Makuei Lueth a graduate without intellectual and logical understanding, Malak Ayuen the beyond doubt Dinka’ extremist inciting military differences at Bilpam, Awet Akot who whole-heartedly contributed in total destruction of SPLM party, and Ateny Wek Ateny, the fruitless press secretary of the office of president announcing Dinkas’ death events in the office of president forgetting the roles of his position.

Ateny was primarily the most unwanted columnist by president Kiir because of his writing at a time from 2011-2013 before his appointment as the press secretary in the office of the president. After he got appointed he traditionally became the puppet of Salva Kiir defending no ground issues. This could not flabbergasted readers of this opinion since it is the nature of brainwashed rudiments in any system in Africa region.

Source of creation of 28 states is part of Jieng Council of elders’ project in South Sudan, at the start they advised president to issued presidential order of 23 states, but when the list of the 23 states reached the office of the president. The minister in the office of  president added one (1) of the state rewarding some Dinkas left out by JCE committee, after he submitted the list to the office of the president, then Kiir added his three (3) states, then thereafter they became 28 states, ( according to presidential Decree No. 36/2/2015 Juba).

JCE project is alleged to be second Dinka’s liberation inside South Sudan; they want to recompense themselves since president is from Dinka. At the level of politics this is not bad idea as long as Dinka’s legacies are completely obscured by Jieng Coucil of Elders and their only son Salva Kiir, the president of South Sudan.

JCE did not include minority Dinkas from Upper Nile Region; it is an organization formed to kill Nuer people in South Sudan. They do not want to include minority Dinkas in Upper Nile just because they are too close with Nuer lands, non-extremists from Dinkas were left out of the team, and it was established early in 2012.

Dinkas from Upper Nile Region were relieved especially; PhD, Dr. Majak De Agot was removed, Gen: John Kong Nyuon replaced with Kuol Manyang Juuk, the incumbent Defense minister. Reshuffling of the past government in July 2013 and relieving all ministers including the former vice president was also part of JCE’s project in South Sudan. They were looking for most extremists from Dink communities to replace some Dinkas who are considered to be patriotic and nationalists.

The commencement of JCE and its legality started in January 2013 when they advised Kiir to relieved all Senior Generals from military section, the intention was to unoccupied the top administration of military wings in order for Junior Generals from Dinka to get promoted as most relieved generals were from Nuer, Equatoriains and other minority tribes in Upper Nile Region. This came into force when such generals got relieved from military high-ranking in Bilpma, thereafter; Junior Generals were promoted and a number of local chiefs were given ranks as SPLA-Bilpam was for Dinka generals.

The reasons of the nonstop violation of Compromised Peace Agreement is best known by JCE and president Kiir, they do not want to give peace a chance because of the human rights atrocities committed as entailed in AU report, forceful grabbing of people’s lands, maintaining of Uganda’s troops to stay in South Sudan are the subject matter as to why Jieng Council of Elders dodged the responsibilities to implement peace.

Failed state headed by failed president, lost its international recognitions.

JCE, Jieng Council of Elders should cease their tribal ideology of manipulating national issues.

SPLA-Bilpam of 2012-2015, Dinkas’ HQs.

The transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011.

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  1. November 28, 2015 at 8:52 am

    The situation is reversed in Dinka society where young have wisdoms to advise elders! but that is good because these elders they are at sunset while young are at sunrise.


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