Why Peter Okello Accused The Nuer Clan of Akobo For The Crimes Which They Did Not Commit??

By Mok Dei Gual, Kampala Uganda.

The Commissioner of Akobo, Koang Rambang, with traditional chiefs in Akobo(Photo: file)

The Commissioner of Akobo, Koang Rambang, with traditional chiefs in Akobo(Photo: file)

Nov 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Before I start to response false article written by Peter Okello  based on what I know about the story of Akobo then, I want to tell the people of South Sudan  that Anyuak tribe does not have land in Jonglei State and this is what I know about as the true citizen of the South Sudan.

Anyuak tribe believed to be the citizens of Kenya and they do not own Land in South Sudan according to what our forefathers explained to people inhabited in the Land .Most of Jonglei State citizens surprised indeed from where these people came from and that  is what confused most of the people in the country.On their  arrivals in 1923, most people, particular the Nuer clan of AKobo had welcomed them with warmly hearts before they had started to mudering our civilians in 1928.Traditional chiefs of Akobo had organized the meeting to advise the entirely community to live peaceful with Anyuak tribe.Most of the people had accepted it, to welcome them meanwhile it,s part of Nuer tribe to naturalize most of the  people apart from Nuer into their community regulations or customary laws..Most of them have already naturalized into Nuer tribe.They are there now at Wanding Payam and their political rights is always protected by the Nuer clan of Nasir.Wanding Payam is the home of Ciekuek subclan of Nuer tribe. They are together with them.Clear evidence which satisfied most of the people that, those Anyuak tribe do not have land,after they have settled in the land, then they started claiming that,the land belong to them which is not true according  to story of Akobo .

Back to story of Akobo that Anyuak tribe promoted unfounded claims that the land is belong to  them which is not true according to story of the country.After their arrivals at Akobo, Anyuak Tribe started to murdering our civilians illegally till the people realized their actions.Community Elders called emergency meeting and they were condemned by the elders of Community for their actions they used to do to kills the people illegally in the Town.They have started their actions by killing the people and put them on water at Akobo river.A man who believed to be their leader said that, he could advised his people to stop doing so to Nuer clan of Akobo.Most people disappeared for along time even somebody who closely to me killed intentionally by Anyuak tribe according to story before the Nuer clan of Akobo realized that, Anyuak tribe started to kills them.Elders of the community had ignored their actions by murdering our civilians for along times.After people aware of much harmed which Anyuak tribe had been done to them for along time.  Community leaders started to relocate Anyuak tribe to place known today as” Old Akobo” and Tiergol.Traditional Chiefs did that for safety of Anyuak tribe from those who intended to do revenge.People whom their relatives killed by Anyuak wanted to do revenge.Some of Anyuak tribe had relocated to Nyadiit Payam where they had built the tallest wall when they were told to do so by their leader(KING)

The village of Mer closely to Akobo airport was ambushed by Anyuak men in 1968,thousand  of civilians killed included blind people and the one woman believed to be the cripple lady killed in that massacre.This has happened at five o clock in the morning when people still sleeping inside their houses.I call it ”Mer hidden genocide”after that the community elders informed people not to do revenge and the Nuer clan  of Akobo remained calm when Anyuak leader arrived soon and apologized for the crimes they have committed  against the residents of Akobo.The man by name Omot Juk Juk started to build trust between Nuer clan of Akobo and his people.

In 1972 when Addis Ababa peace agreement signed between Khartoum and Nyanya two, Anyuak tribe killed most people at village closely to Wanding payam and there, the  people have done revenge in which most of Anyuak tribe escaped to Pochella.The same year Anyuak killed civilians at village closely to Tiegol,place known to be Diebah, Sooner than later, another report arrived from side of Nyadiit that Anyuak men killed women who went to collect fire wood at forest.Sound of women heard around three o clock that, Anyuak tribe killed the rest of  women who wished to collect fire wood in the forest .During that time, Nuer clan of Akobo started to fight with Anyuak tribe.

In 1982, two  communities elders have settled their arguments again by building trust between the Nuer clan of Akobo and Anyuak tribe who believed to  emigrated thousand years ago  from Kenya in East Africa.This is where I  heard that Anyuak tribe does not own Land in Jonglei State.Elders of Nuer clan of  Akobo advised them  to live peaceful but they do not respected our Traditional chiefs.Their acts of murdering our civilians for along time is what we have learned from them.Anyuak tribe are ”aggressive people” who their aims is to murdering our citizens for along time.

In 2002 before Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zanawi passed away.Anyuak tribe started to claim Addis Ababa as their home land.Most of the people heard ”Gambella Hidden Genocide” and this was the cause of killing of Anyuak men when the Ethiopian government ordering their forces to kill Anyuak men in Ethipiopia.Their leader, the man known by name Ujula Othew started to tell his people that Ageng, the Town closely to Pochella and Bori including Jimma and he went on to tell his people that, the part of Addis Ababa are the home of Anyuak Kingdom.Most of Anyuak men killed by Ethiopian forces when they started to fighting for the land explained to them by their leader.How could you believe that, Akobo is belong to Anyuak tribe  when Anyuak tribe tried to claim Addis Ababa as their home land?. There is one tribe in Nigeria who used to claim the land of others, therefore the same story repeat by Anyuak tribe in South Sudan now when Anyuak tribe started to make false claims that Akobo is belong to them.For your information we do not knew where they arrived from but someone told us that they came from Kenya which is not clear on story..Nilotic people of South Sudan are Nuer ,Shuluk and Dinka but Anyuak and their origin is unknown.

Author is the student and he can be reached by this email..gualkuiny@hotmail.com

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  3 comments for “Why Peter Okello Accused The Nuer Clan of Akobo For The Crimes Which They Did Not Commit??

  1. Peter P Jola
    November 28, 2015 at 5:39 am

    Peter Okello, you are big liars Nuers never committed any crimes against neighbours in South Sudan. But let me tell you who’s guilty? Was you the Anayuak, who’s always murder Nuers in cold blood. Yes, Nuers can respond, but when you started first. Nuer have a revenge, but Nuer the way you have argues.


    • October 15, 2016 at 7:52 am

      We need to learn to live as one people
      Before land was not an issue in S. Sudan but politics have spoil everything. Can we embark on clean civilised politics. The law should be used to deter killers but taking law into our own hands to take a revenge is a crime.


  2. December 9, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Now a day one can say truths about what is going on south Sudan because you blame nuers attacking and forgot horrific carnage against nuers even women and children and you think nuer could retaliated.


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