The Real Aheu Deng Kudm: A Response To “John Masura”

By Alier Mach Deng,

Alier Mach Deng, author(Photo credits: Alier)

Alier Mach Deng, author(Photo credits: Alier)

Nov 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This is in response to a malicious, slanderous and libelous article entitled “How Former Model Aheu Deng was involved in Defense Ministry corruption scandal” that recently appeared on the website of “Hot in Juba” on November 3, 2015, written and disseminated by John Masura (fictitious name), who has been incessantly masquerading as a journalist. The article was replete with lies, falsehoods, disinformation, anecdotes, hearsays, rumours; a real antithesis of journalism.

Intriguingly, the information herein was factually and materially wrong and there was no scintilla of evidence to back up the outrageous and vicious attacks against Ms.Aheu and company. John Masura and ‘Hot in Juba’ knew that they were in the business of defaming not journalism. They knew they were doing something wrong. My dearest reader, allow me to digress in order to pin down what Masura and HIJ have been doing whether it’s right or wrong and how it reflects on their reputation as a paper.

In a 1991 letter to employees of a business in which Berkshire was an investor, Buffett wrote, “Whenever an employee of our business is contemplating an act, that individual should ask himself whether he would be willing to see it described by an informed and critical reporter on the front page of a local newspaper that is read by his spouse, children, and friend.”

What a thoughtful statement from the mogul, Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest man on the face of the earth and a brilliant man whom U.S presidents have always sought his insight on issues to do with finances and even politics. To elucidate and interprete the whole statement, the crux of his message is insistence on culture of doing the right thing. From your experience and reading, the culture of a business is created by its senior executives and that is why those executives and their general counsels take such care to outline “roadmaps” for employees’ behavior rather

than provide them with explicit “directions.” It’s also the job of senior executives to hire individuals having good character. Character is what you do when you think no one is watching.

Who is the senior executive of a company? The definitive answer is The CEO (Chief Operating Officer). Who is the CEO of a country? The definitive answer is The President/Prime Minister/King /Queen depending on a country. This axiom from Warren Buffett should have guided our disgraced South Sudanese politicians and every one of us including the infamous reporter, Masura and Hot in Juba as a whole.

Masura and HIJ surely knew that they were contravening this principle. How do we know? We know because their operations are shrouded in secrecy: they are conducted surreptitiously and have been using fictitious names without unmasking their identities and most importantly, they do not have a registered office where business transactions are carried out.

These sentiments in this piece about journalists should never be misconstrued as an indictment of our journalists in South Sudan and abroad. Most of our journalists are professionals and are terrific on reporting on real, pressing issues most notably corruption, crimes and all societal ills our fledgling country is grappling with so this is not a reflection of vast majority of our journalists who are doing their work in our country which is fraught with risks. I also admire journalists because most of us are avaricious consumer of their work; they bring stories that are riveting and impactful and I take journalists as our watchdog and change agents. While I berate Mr. /Ms. Masura and HIJ, I commend and cherish those journalists who are following their training and who are out there reporting truthfully, completely and accurately on these vices without fear and favor.

To pick up where I veered off, while corruption is anathema to most of us, I equally abhor people who impugn the character of others based on falsity and such unfounded onslaught on the model is unwarranted and unprecedented.

Accordingly, I have been compelled to pinpoint and share some very glaring material facts that have been misrepresented in the light of this article, rooted in Mark Twain’s wise counsel and adage that “a lie can travel around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on.” This statement is relevant in the aftermath of this widely circulated article and the imputation has far-reaching repercussions and consequences such as injuring the model’s reputation by exposing her to hatred, contempt or ridicule. Therefore, I would like to proceed by furnishing you with infallible information and illuminate key facts that are materially false:

First and foremost, contrary to what was published by this self-proclaimed journalist, at no time whatsoever was Ms. Aheu an applicant in the said defense ministry contract, medical supplies, she never ever had a pharmaceutical company nor does she envision one now and in foreseeable future. I could not agree more with the charlatan that the model has no medical background and qualifications to necessitate her to venture into this realm because her instinct, common sense and conscience have invariably directed her actions and has never contemplated applying for the contract of that nature.

Instead, what is demonstrably true is that the model expressed an interest in stationery contract which was duly advertised by the same ministry. After going through the requirements of the stationery contract, both ministries that is the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense affirmed that the contract was valid, legally binding and these two ministries appended their signatures as witnesses to the contract. Black is Beautiful Co. Ltd was awarded stationery contract whose value was 35,000,000 SSP. after going through the due process pursuant to the defense ministry procurement policies, procedures and guidelines. To be precise, the company was required to supply computers, binding machines, letter heads, photocopier machines, cartridges, pens, jacket folders, envelopes, and Apple desktops. As an owner of the company, she has been performing until the Defense Ministry tentatively stopped the contract pending a review and resolution of internal matters at the ministry of which the model was apprised of and consequently halted the delivery forthwith.

However, at this point, it’s worthy to note that the contract between the parties was not and has not been terminated. The defense was and is still cognizant of the fact that any termination of the contract would amount to breach of the contract to which Ms. Aheu and Co. would sue for the damages and they have been treading very carefully.

Owing to the suspension of the contract by the Defense Ministry, the supplies aforementioned are currently in warehouse in Kampala, Uganda, at this moment. Due to this directive from the ministry, the model has been inconvenienced and in that regard, she is still incurring holding, insurance costs and other costs associated with this stock.

Despite having performed partially by delivering merchandise to the ministry, she has not received any payment for quantum meruit let alone being paid for the contract in which she had not applied for nor met her obligations. Wherefore, I would like to unequivocally state that no funds were released nor received from the Central Bank as purported. Paradoxically, the model is heavily and indubitably owed by the Defense Ministry and she appreciates that the government is in financial distress and that was why she did not and has not demanded any payment from the Defense Ministry for the service rendered.

Furthermore, an independent investigation launched by a committee in which she was not supposed to be part of, ideally, reinforced and corroborated her innocence .The model was subpoenaed by the investigation committee to testify and as an abiding and responsible citizen, she appeared before the same. The investigation was led by the Head of Anticorruption and the Prosecutor General. Based on her own sworn in testimony, the investigation committee made a conclusive determination that she was not involved in any financial impropriety and the committee gave her ago-head to continue discharging her obligations under the terms and conditions of the contract after having carefully scrutinized all the receipts and relevant documentation.

The model conspicuously checked in at the Juba International Airport. Indeed, if there was an articulable suspicion or probable cause, the security apparatus would have pounced on her at the airport prior to boarding the plane for Nairobi. Knowing that she was not a fugitive as pejoratively claimed, she briskly and confidently returned to Juba on her own volition without any incident of scuffle or arrest at the airport. Therefore, the allegation that the model eluded the authorities and subsequently fled the country is utterly and completely preposterous.

Normally, whenever there is corruption allegations in the ministry or any organization, we usually investigate the employees of the ministry including minister, undersecretary, and procurement staff deemed to have been suspected of graft; rarely do we subject bidders to the investigation process. Having said that, a proficient and contemporary journalist would have focused his/her investigative piece on Gen. Bior Ajang and John Laat Zechariah, the director of procurement in the ministry rather than deflecting attention from these gentlemen who are charged with the day to day affairs of the ministry and focused on red-herring. The journalist has contrived interest and motive –he/she was desperately craving for self-aggrandizement and attention and astoundingly it has backfired given the groundswell of condemnation and rage.

Further, Gen. Bior Ajang was reappointed but in a different ministry as Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and apparently he was absolved of corruption allegations and based on the premise of the reporter’s mendacity, pragmatism and logic, the model was vindicated and validated by the same investigation since hers was predicated on Gen. Bior Ajang’s case. Close to our backyard, a case in point is Kenya, the Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Ann Waiguru, has been under immense pressure from the public and the politicians to resign because of procurement irregularities in her ministry. Kenyans are not apportioning blame on the bidder but the Secretary who is in charge of the docket.

The journalist materially romanticized that the model owns a house in Kileleshwa Estate. This is materially false but what is irrefutable and verifiable is that the model lives at Greenspan, Donholm Estate, in a rented home like any other tenants and those who are familiar with the set up of Nairobi could attest to this fact that Kileleshwa and Donholmn are far apart. Pertaining semantics, the issue of ownership of property particularly in a civilized and litigious country like Kenya is the question of law not the pigment of author’s imagination and I am wondering why the journalist was able to wildly deduce with ease the ownership, albeit, he had not seen the documentation regarding the house he alluded to in that bogus piece.

Moreover, the journalist did not accord the model an opportunity to respond correspondingly to those allegations levelled against her and obviously, this is against the law of natural justice and fairness and I strongly feel that this is an affront to journalistic practices and therefore, a great insult to investigative journalists like Mohammed Ali (Jicho Pevu) and John-Allan Namu (both affiliated with KTN) and Drew Griffin of CNN.

The writer should not attempt to bamboozle and obfuscate us with words especially a word like “businesswoman.” which is not arcane- it is a pedestrian word. Nothing precludes the model from proclaiming herself as a businesswoman as the journalist posited- I do not think if there are credentials needed to be eligible for that title. In fact, the model is engaged in business activities and fits the description perfectly both literally and figuratively. In contrast, to be a journalist one must rigorously undergo training; no circumvention, I surmise that the journalist has not met that criteria hence his abysmal and wanting piece, a total dereliction of duty and he/she is doing a big disservice to journalism as a profession.

With regard to the sources, the professed journalist did not do his/her due diligence with his/her sources and this is the intrinsic essence of journalism, very rudimentary. The sources that he relied on and cited heavily lack credibility and veracity and there was no way a meaningful information could, would and should have been derived from those manufactured, non-existent sources and no way a responsible and consummate journalist would have exuded confidence and placed his/her trust in such deeply flawed sources without fact-checking.

Guided by gross incompetence, personal vendetta, mediocrity and hatred against the model, the fraudulent writer went ahead and embellished this misleading piece without adhering to journalistic standards, principles, ethics and ethos ;a parody of journalism. To a layman and subjective person, individuals like Masura are the ones who are adulterating and bringing dishonor and disrepute to journalism and no wonder why the government repeatedly and frequently rails at the media in South Sudan, although, I do not approve of censorship, but there is a rationale and cogency in the government’s argument. But let me sound a word of caution, the reporter is not an accredited journalist and does not in any way represent crème de la crème of our journalists. There are such litany of people who have littered every profession and journalism is no exception.

The journalist also got extremely dangerous and negligent; the reporter recklessly lampooned Gen. Paul Malong Awan and a plethora of other men without an iota of evidence. Personally, General. Paul Malong Awan is an hero, a military genius unparalleled by any not forgetting the bravery and recently turned calm, sober, mature, controlled, responsible, concerned and measured military strategist General Kuol Manyang, the gallantry of Jongroor, and my valiant uncle General Ajak Yen and all the ordinary soldiers including youths who took up arms to defend and protect the people of South Sudan from the de facto leader, Dr. Riak Machar, and his surrogates.

His bravery evokes memories of the Italian Gen. Niccolo Machiavelli and the French Gen. Napoleon Bonparte and the great writings of Greek writers, thinkers and philosophers and I think the way he is asserting his authority, the purveyors of violence, anarchy, incitement and hatred are going to be weaned off the nipple of defection, treachery, betrayal, political chicanery and incendiary. With his shrewd leadership, he has brought the country back to normalcy; the country which was on the brink of destruction. But the recently imposed peace process is a face-saving rescue for them and an opportunity to assuage their shame and embarrassment.

With a lucid and well-executed mission, he vanquished the apocalyptic enemy with professionalism, valor, commitment and exceptionalism, denying them the tantalizing fantasy and clamor of deposing the government of people by the people and for the people as I invoke Abraham Lincoln’s definition.

I hope Gen. Malong and other host of men who have been adversely mentioned in this article are going to commit resources in order to apprehend this perpetrator and other deviant accomplices to fully face the full force of the law. This is the time that you need to use your influence for the good of all people who have been blackmailed by this odious extortionist and other potential victims who are likely to fall prey to their vilification.

The writer willfully and intentionally or incompetently drifted away from the center piece of the article but instead delved and intruded into the personal and private life of the model violating her privacy when clearly there is no public interest at stake or evident. It seems the word corruption has become a cliché. The journalist would have discerned what is newsworthy and what’s not.

The writer deployed hyperbolic and sexually explicit language manifestly clear in his use of diction, tone, and pathos and choice of words. For instance, the writer loosely used words like involved, linked, ownership and lurid and lewd words yet there is no hard evidence tying the model to his/her concocted corruption allegations and sexual innuendoes. Insinuation like this was purposely designed to appeal to our emotions, demean and defame the model and without ominously mincing words it would tragically, and disastrously boomerang on the reporter.

The reporter wanted the model to be treated as a pariah based on his/her fabricated story despite the fact that the credulity, quality and reliability of the information provided is not palatable at all. In that regard, the reporter seriously suggested that the model was jailed briefly just because she was unable to pay the debts. I would like to categorically state that the model had and has never been jailed, never owed nor does she owe the said person any money, zero, nought. This is an outright lie. Again, let me invoke what Warrant Buffet said about the issues of debts and character. Buffett asserted, “Defaulting on a debt is like losing a virginity and once it’s lost, it’s hard to regain or restore.” Buffett made this virginity analogy in 2014 when the U.S government was on the precipice of default as a result of political bickering between Republicans and Democrats. CNN sought his expertise on the matter and what would be the repercussions and consequences all over the world and he had that to say.

Similarly, Absolutely Dinka folks have strong feelings about virginity like the magnate, Warren Buffett, particularly, Bor, they value virginity as something precious that symbolizes purity and trust; that the lady has not been tainted and you might have noticed at dawn at bridegrooms homes that women ululate; ululation meant the bride was virgin and the women were elated because the bride had brought honor and dignity whereas no ululation was tantamount to bringing disgrace and women were despondent and pensive. By Bor, I mean Twic East and Duk inclusive. But note the issue about virginity applies to both men and women but among Bor people, the virginity of men is completely brushed aside which should not be the case. A darn controversial topic anyway and I do not want to be a polemicist. Let us leave it for another day and concentrate on this serious matter-defamation of our model.

Because of this implication, the model takes the accusation of debts very seriously because it impinges on the character of the model and this will be contested in a court should an opportunity presents itself. From this, it’s very clear that the writer was dabbling in defaming the model and legally, only a competent judge and of her peer in a court of law has a jurisdiction or prerogative to declare the model bankrupt or insolvent on the basis of preponderance of evidence.

Regarding model’s marriage, let me set the scene for you how it occurred and how the union was dissolved since I was privy to every detail when it unfolded in 2005. Marriage had never crossed her mind at least not an idea. From the outset, the model always wanted to pursue education and ultimately transform the life of her dear mother and those of the siblings and that was the only over-arching goal that she had set for herself when she moved into Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. She viewed schooling as a serendipity and panacea that was going to empower and better her life forever- a perception and tendency share by all of us.

The decision for a relentless pursuit of education was informed by the hardship endured both in Sudan and in the camp by the family and she thought industriousness in academics and all other aspects of life would translate into success and uplift them from the impoverished life and alleviate the status quo once she was done with her studies up to university, empowering her, making her self-reliant and magnifying the success to the society at large. And, indeed, she got fascinated and succeeded phenomenally especially when she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

Additionally, she was young and she knew that there was time for everything and to her, marriage was not a priority then. Those days the Lost Boys had already moved to the US and the remittances from abroad were lifeline and means of livelihood that supplemented humanitarian assistance which was doled out but it was grossly inadequate. Almost everybody including the clique of our politicians depended on Lost Boys in one way or another; there was no money from Juba by then because the implementation of peace had not started in earnest hence the dividends of peace and protracted war had not materialized significantly.

Undeniably, Lost Boys benefited the community enormously in multiplicity of ways. Numerous young men among the Lost Boys sprang up and got romantically attracted to her, scrambling for her but she vehemently rejected them because she was preoccupied with and captivated by studies. It was seen as an aberration to turn down guys from America during those days but she was different and was not a type of a girl who was obsessed with marriage but with studies. She was only enthused by intellectual curiosity; not swayed or influenced by promises of a better life. She was cagey on whom to marry. She took swipe at those suitors and depicting their interests as euphoria and infatuation rather than real love.

However, a former husband who other girls described as an attractive, good-looking and handsome and a nice guy and his parents could have approached model’s relatives without the knowledge of the model since she was adamantly opposed to any suggestion of engagement.

Consequently, probably with the help of enablers, she was waylaid, accosted, eloped or kidnapped if you will, by the relatives of the Lost Boy who was supremely interested in her. She vociferously put up a fierce fight but since she was on her own she was overwhelmed and carried shoulder high to the former’s husband house.

It was during the night when she outwitted them and frantically escaped through the window eluding the people who were holding her against her will. She careened barefoot towards the river up to the UNHCR protection where she was rescued by UN personnels. She was housed at Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) safe haven seen as a citadel where abused women and those who were also in danger of fear of being married off sought protection.

I met her and she confided in me that she was not interested in getting married at all. She looked emaciated, devastated, debilitated and frustrated and promised not to go back to the community since she intuitively suspected a collusion and set up. Thorns were lodged in her barefoot with traces of blood oozing profusely.

It appeared that her relatives paid her a visit later and convinced and manipulated her that they had all resolved that they would never marry her off to that guy whom she badly feared. It seemed, she was cajoled and assured that she would be given a protection and she acquiesced. Once she was back in the community, apparently, the relatives reneged on their promises and she got married under those circumstances and that was how she sired that cute daughter the writer was referring to.

She compromised but with a lot bitterness for the best interest of her daughter and she adopted conciliatory tone towards the former husband despite the fact that they did not share the same values and principles. After having got married and dropped out of school concomitantly, she got passionate about modeling and participated in various competitions but her former husband got agitated, and discouraged and prevented her from participating in those decisive competitions and she persisted until she was crowned. The husband then got infuriated and decided not to be supportive of her career and they consensually commenced legal proceedings filing for a divorce which was officially granted in Juba.

While the model values the sanctity of the marriage as an important and the oldest institution the humanity has ever known, but she was impelled to seek for a divorce as a last resort because the husband was not supportive besides other irreconcilable differences that mired their whirlwind marriage. She yearned for a career in modeling and she did not want her career derailed when she had already put significant efforts into it; she frowned at anything or anyone that was shattering her dream career and to realize that she desperately needed and desired a modicum of support from the father of her daughter.

The husband’s priorities, values, principles, goals radically clashed with that of the model; she found the father of her daughter to be incompatible with her priorities, values and principles; he was not attuned to her interests. The decision not to support her in career conjured up the image in which the marriage was forcefully obtained and that precipitated the cataclysmic event.

Initially, her consent was not obtained during the marriage. The union was not free and this is how the marriage was irretrievably broken or terminated because it was null and void in the first place because the marriage was obtained through a coercion but not free will hence repugnant. It was a bittersweet marriage because she sired her beautiful daughter and it was also bittersweet because of the ordeal, trauma and mental anguish she went through.

Despite all that, the model adores her daughter and she is very proud of her; she has been raising and providing everything for her. The model was magnanimous during the decision and it was not like any other divorce cases that I heard were parties exchanged nasty words and maligned each other typical of divorce cases.

Being considerate and fully appreciative of how hard her former husband worked to accumulate wealth for the dowry and bride price, she paid back the dowry in full. If she had been a gold digger or a hustler as the writer implied, she would never have paid back the dowry and all the expenses that were incurred before, during and after the marriage. Therefore, let it be known that the model did not walk out of marriage for the sake of accomplishing her dream of becoming a model.

From every hue and heritage, I have never seen things turning so ugly like this. The writer unleashed his reservoir of his/her hatred; so hateful that he/she also launched an indiscriminate diatribe against the model’s little young daughter without mercy yet we are all unanimous that children are sacrosanct and should never be injected into any altercation in any circumstances; children are off-limit in any form of vituperation. I find it offensive and disgusting that the writer did not refrain from attacking the cute and this is morally and legally wrong therefore unconscionable.

Diametrically opposed to the caricature being portrayed, I submit that the model that I had a privilege of knowing and working with on a project is a young lady of impeccable character and I am proud of her. In retrospect, as a great friend, I fondly remember the model as charismatic, charming, bright, gregarious, modest, virtuous, generous, compassionate, sympathetic, entertaining, empathetic, vibrant, principled, humorous, responsible, and respectful, no-nonsense and she wore genuine, contagious and infectious smile that radiated on her face just to name a few traits and the celebrity still espouses and lives these attributes every single day.

The model draws from a reservoir of family legacy and proud tradition of hard work, service and patriotism. She has contributed and dedicated herself to the worthy causes that are profoundly important to her in particular the veterans and the military since her father died gallantly fighting for our freedom, and this has greatly inspired and influenced her to strive to serve the veterans.

The following are major highlights of her benevolent deeds that may arouse your interest in her work:

Ms. Aheu and her Company, Deng & Daughters Co.legally took over from a friend who was awarded a contract in which she could not perform. The value of the contract was 15 million SSP (South Sudanese Pounds). Thereafter, she embarked on delivering 10,000 mattresses fitted with PVC covers and 10,000 basins to the military hospital in Juba which was inundated with wounded soldiers who were rushed in from war zones. The hospital was ill-equipped and doctors and other health personnel literally had nowhere to carry out medical procedures on patients. She also gave them 1019 mattresses free of charge. Again, she has fully performed under this contract and she is also owed a lot of money by the same Ministry of Defense and she has not demanded payment because she understands the country is still reeling with the crisis.

After fulfilling the requirements of the contract, Aheu was also awarded Food supplies contract requiring her to procure food supplies to the military in both Pariah and Yei at a value of 1.4 Million and 2.8 Million SSP. respectively.

Being conscious of corporate social responsibility and an ardent supporter of the people of South Sudan, she donated 10,000 mosquito nets to the military hospital as well as six bulls and two goats to the veterans at the military hospital during May 16, 2014 celebration. The model charmingly and tactfully enlisted, mobilized and impressed upon our women the significance and symbolism of serving veterans as the only way to reciprocate them for their sacrifices and patriotism. As a result, many women turned out in large numbers including renowned women politicians and prominent women singers. The model and the rest of the women prepared food, served, and posed for a photo with the veterans who were overwhelmed by her gesture.

Impassionate and inspiring speeches were delivered with the aim of strengthening, dignifying, recognizing their sacrifices and giving veterans confidence and optimism in life, Aheu awed the veterans and gave them a sense of belonging, care and assurance. As a payback, she was extolled, and garnered accolades from veterans and eminent politicians who attended the occasion including Hon. Deng Dau, an instrumental and popular politician when it comes to issues touching veterans and other vitally important aspects of politics in the country. The model is literally making tremendous difference in the lives of the vulnerable people in South Sudan thus earning our admiration and respect. All these acts of benevolence are found on her Facebook page and I urge you to peruse and familiarize yourself with them.

It’s mesmerizing what she has done to the veterans and we ought to be appreciative rather than disdaining her efforts. All these glowing actions are inconsistent with the model who is amassing wealth to enrich herself and for me, I consider her as an individual who is supplementing the work of the government by contributing to worthy causes that are dear and near to her heart; underscoring the premium that she attaches to sacrifice, philanthropy and altruism; all these deeds succinctly manifest the model who is not only rich in look but also in heart.

Despite the fact that the writer struggled to find fault with her command of English and poke fun at it including academic credentials, she was immersed in studies and exhibited an exemplary and stupendous performance in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) examinations as a result of being steered and nurtured by her eloquent, well-regarded and revered mother who inculcated in her the value of education and charity.

As pertaining career, grit and determination propelled the model to the world stage realizing her dream of becoming a model under hardship and in her small world were sea of men were jostling for her principally because of her extraordinary height and striking beauty; everyone was enthralled by her appearance, a landmark of supernatural beauty. All these ‘challenges’ did not dampen or hamper her quest for a success. After participating in Miss Earth Beauty Pageant in Philippines Nov.2009, she was pronounced as the World’s Tallest Beauty Queen, ranked eighteen out of eighty countries that took part in the competition.

In an acknowledgement and appreciation for her outstanding performance, she was presented with a calendar by the host president to present to our president, Salva Kiir, but due to protocols, accessibility, and bureaucracy, she could barely deliver the same. Furthermore, the model also participated in Beauty pageant in 2009, on our own oil, South Sudan, and she performed with a distinction and clinched the coveted title Miss Earth South Sudan and was offered an opportunity to tour the whole world with a mission of marketing South Sudan as a newest country on the face of the earth, which she did not, due to lack of support from the government, well-wishers and members of public.

Indeed, she had a remarkable and illustrious career, and should be viewed as an epitome of success and I knew from her budding years that she was predestined and destined for greatness. The model should be applauded, supported and emulated rather than being derided at and besmirched. She has brought honor and pride to the country after having proudly and successfully represented and marketed the country in various beauty contests and other avenues. The celebrity is not different from Lupita Nyong’o, Kenyan actress, who has been winning numerous awards at Hollywood. In fact, Lupita is short but with the support of the govt and the Kenyan people, she is on the pinnacle of her career attaining her full potentials.

South Sudanese take their unique heights for granted but the rest of the world adore tall people because it’s unique to them and we should harness this phenomenon that God has strikingly endowed us with, it should be exploited in order to attract and retain the rest of the countries which would earn our country money. In that regard, Kenya is utilizing and optimizing the talents of her great people very well particularly in athletics and the athletes have made enormous contributions to the development, growth and prosperity of Kenya. In the same token, people like Ms. Aheu should represent and strategically put South Sudan on the world map particularly at this time when the country’s image has been tarnished or soiled by our parochial politicians.

Should the government succeed in apprehending Mr. /Ms. Masura and other accomplices who are hell-bent to make money by extortion, given Ms. Aheu as a model of international stature, damages are going to be hefty and staggering and from their proceeds of extortion racket, they will not afford their legal fees let alone paying the damages that runs in millions of dollars hence they will rot in jail for their nefarious deeds.

The model is has countless and distinct qualities that are thrilling and it was difficult to capture all those attributes that are desired in people. However, should she decide to author an autobiography or biography in future then you will be thrilled by the tapestry or the mosaic of personalities.

On the celebrity’s part, in consultation with your lawyer, I advise that you seek legal redress by instituting legal proceedings against this reporter and the entire paper. Surely, it’s going to be hard given that these people are operating clandestinely but I am sure there is going to be a turning point and the tipping point has been reached now that these influential, high-profile and powerful individuals have been stepped on and dangerously maligned with the intention of igniting backlash against them and tripping them morally and politically. Meanwhile, as we all wait for their apprehension, you should send them a cease and desist letter, and demand retraction or recantation of their misplaced allegations of corruption against you, call upon them to take down the article from their system and wherever it’s circulated. Finally, demand an apology as you continue pursuing both criminal and civil action against the writer and the entire ‘Hot in Juba’ fraternity.

Thank you very much and I wish you a Happy Christmas.

The writer is Aliru/Alier Mach Deng /Gabriel Alier Mach Makerlou/Alier Mach Makerlou.

Aliru can be reached: E-mail address: or through my Facebook User name as Alier Mach.

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