Uncle or Aunt Poverty

By T.T. Shaka, Juba | ROSS.

Series of reports from three states report death of their county commissioners as a results of ambushes and other clashes in the states(Photo: file)

Series of reports from three states report death of their county commissioners as a results of ambushes and other clashes in the states(Photo: file)

Nov 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Poverty does not have proper name or sex. Therefore, it is neither a male nor female, an adult or a child. Poverty is a good friend to famine and hunger. They sometimes call themselves “punish the fools and the lazy”

Poverty, hunger and famine meet day and night to discuss their victims. That is, who should be attacked first? Although their general rule remains first the elderly, the weak and the children, they kick any obstacles on their way. This is the reason Poverty does not select his victims but targets the unfortunate most. He is found everywhere and all over the world. When I was younger, I thought he was found in Africa and the rest of the third world countries. I was totally wrong.

Poverty is deep rooted in Americas, Europe, Middle East and in other words East to West and North to South of the globe. Children are too innocent to know about them only when they are deprived from food.

Mr Poverty most times lets the rest of his two friends do his dirty job. When Poverty sends his friend Mr. Famine for an assignment, he will then forward the massage to Mr. Hunger to execute the plan. Mr. Hunger is never friendly in his approach. He tortures all regardless of colour, race, age and sex. Children and the elderly suffer most under him. Mr, Hunger does not only eat you up to the bones but strips you out of your flesh. If you are lucky, you may be saved even when you are a moving skeleton. It also makes you too weak to defend yourselves against external forces such as carnivores.

Those who have not seen, felt, touched, witness or heard him crossing around will not always underestimate his powers. If you want to know more about these three friends, visit their website: povhung@femi.misery. This is classified as the rural poor, the marginalized, war zones or refugees. You would not only see but feel unless you pretend not to know what they are passing through.

Mr. Poverty lived since the time Adam and Eve were sent out of Eden. No one can yet explain whether Poverty is genetically inherited or acquired. Some people are said to be born with Poverty in their hands but some acquire it like Aid virus. Other people tried to beat him off by engaging in selling drugs, steeling, and robbery and other unlawful ways of getting money but unfortunately make it worst.

How do poverty and his friend know who to attack? Poverty and his friends as you can see in their web site, they are well connected. Their visibility study is first to identify their victims. They look for the weakest points of the individuals to start with. The most common characters are: The sick, the lazy, drunker, drug user, the frustrated and many more.

Once you expose yourself to them they will then start to work on you. They will inject into your mind bitterness, a feeling of wanting to do nothing, a feeling that there is nothing to live for (this very often lead to suicide), Hate for anything around you, crime mind install in you.

How to beat Mr. Poverty and his friends. The best and most effective methods are:
    •    Don’t ever allow them to know you well
    •    Don’t give in to themselves
    •    Don’t be lazy but work hard
    •    Don’t isolate yourself. Have a friend or friends to discuss. You may find that their problems are trice bigger than yours and that will be a relief, isn’t it?
    •    Don’t drink or use drugs with an assumption that your condition will go away. Instead you will aggravate it
    •    Always be busy

With all these and many more you will not fall a prey to them.


The author is a concern South Sudan. For more, you can reach the authors via gabriel.daniel@aol.com

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