Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM-IO Congratulates The Leadership of SPLM-IO and South Sudanese For Successful Arrival of Advance Team To Juba

By Kalany Mamuon Biem,

Leaders of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition arrives in Juba after two of brutal fighting in various parts of the country(Photo: file)

Leaders of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition arrives in Juba after two of brutal fighting in various parts of the country(Photo: file)

Dec 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- First and foremost, we the Bul intellectuals in SPLM-IO welcome the arrival of our advance team on the eve of charismas and congratulated the wise leadership of Comrade Chairman of SPLM-IO and C.IN.C of SPLA Dr Riek Machar for sending peace ambassadors, at time when people of south Sudan are yearning for durable peace, we will not also forget to acknowledged the commitments of south Sudan government who accept for one reason or another to work together as to delivered a just peace.

The arrival of our advance team marked the real beginning of implementation of peace agreements and subsequently leads to the restoration of the dignity of our people who suffer a lot for the 21 month of south Sudan conflict; we hope the best for the people of south Sudan.

On very serious note we urge the people of south Sudan to work together not as a tribe but as country so that we must build country of prosperity dignity of human right, respect of law and good governance, this is where we can emerge as the best democratic society in Africa.

Therefore, we believe this peace agreement grantee safety of our people in all aspect, to gather as the stat men and women of this country, there must be new spirit of coexistence and the whole point behind our division will virtually disappear. All hindered as to automatically thrash out to pave away for smooth transition government.

However, the implementation of peace agreement is wake up call for the people of the region and south Sudanese in particular. We urge the two partners in peace to display genuine trust to save our country and its people from disintegration, the war is over, we must seek to build country base on federal democratic state renew by our generation, more over we wish you merry charismas and happy new year.

The author of this repory, Kalany Mamuon Biem, is the secretary of information’s desk. He can be reached  at kalanymamuon54@gmail.com

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