South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda, formed another body


Dec 24th, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — The newly formed  organization,  which is South Sudanese Students’ League in Uganda (SSSLU)  was formed  by South Sudanese Students who committed themselves to have unity and peace  in East Africa and at large.  The main objective of this organization is to promote unity, peace and national reconciliation among South Sudanese Students in Uganda and back home, Republic of South Sudan.   We, the South Sudanese Students’ fraternity  in the Republic of Uganda have gathered here today unite ourselves and  in strong solidarity to not only denounce  and reprimand the unscrupulous and yet an iniquitous nature of leadership exercised by the South Sudanese Students’ Union leaders in Kampala but to also raise the new curtain change.  Indeed, for so long, we have suffered in silence and your presence here today epitomize a new dawn in the history of the South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda.

Thank you for turning up in hung numbers for this noble cause which is aimed at mitigating vices that tear us apart and at the fabric of our society, South Sudan.  The article 25(1) of Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, 2011 and freedom of Assembly and Association. ‘’The right to peaceful assembly is recognized and guaranteed; every person shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form an association or to join political parties, associations and trade or professional unions for the protection of his or her interest’’ said the interim President of South Sudanese Students National League in Uganda, Jama Kenneth.

Acceding to Sudan Tribune, 20 2015 published the South Sudanese Students’ Union in Kampala-Uganda elects leaders for 2015-2016.  Albino Akol-Akol was elected as a union president with 50% of the votes and therefore, the other candidates were disqualified due to academic requirements. South Sudanese Students National League in Uganda dismisses the victory of Albino Akol Akol as a union president. The Albino Akok Akol himself did not make the academics qualification which he claims .

 Fellow countrymen and women, our grievances include the following;

  1. Unfair electoral process

Legitimacy of the current Union President, the new Union President Albino Akol Akol convincingly lost in the presidential primary elections held at his constituency, Makerere University in November, 2015 and how he again manoeuvred his ways into the presidential race is unwarranted, unjustifiable, unethical and above all, illegal and yet he claimed  to be human rights students. This is an injustice to other candidates who competed with him in the race.

  1. Bribery tenderises

Most of delegates from Dinkas and Equatorains admitted that, they were given hung amount of cash by Albino Akol-Akol which is not good for the student who do Bachelor’s Degree of Ethnic and Human Rights get into power by illegal ways as Mr. Peter Nin Tut did (former Union President) during his time and he appointed Mr. Peter Nin Tut as a chief advisor and Victoria Nyaduar, the former Secretary of Finance. Akol- Akol was give cash by some government officials in order to rig the elections which successfully happened.  

  1. Tribalism

The Union elections take tribal and regional lines where students do not vote for the most capable leader but instead on tribal and regional affiliations. No wonder, all the top executives now are all DINKAS, for example, President, Albino Akol-Akol, the Vice President, Mr. Ayuel David Machar, the Secretary General, Mr. Kuol, Finance secretary, Secretary for Constitutional Affairs and Information Secretary all are from Dinkas from community.  The Speaker from Nuer that is Hon: Duol Bol Koang. This only serves to create disunity among students as other students were threaten by government officials to kill if we don’t vote for Mr. Akol Akol.

  1. Intimidation

Other presidential aspirants, Electoral Commission (EC) and delegates were threatened and blackmailed by some government officials in Juba and in Kampala from the Albino Akol-Akol’s camp. The South Sudanese Students Union is non political and non profit making organization.  The government officials instructed most of students to vote for Akol-Akol and any defiant students’ would risk not getting a job after completion.  We feel this is not true and these individuals just out of desperation decided to reckless defame the name of our great and indispensable national leaders. Besides, this was also an attempt to tarnish the image of our government which is totally unacceptable and we are here today to criticize such desperate moves in the strongest term.  Unlawful disqualification of some presidential candidates; some presidential aspirates like Deng Panchol(Cavendish University), Mr. Malou Mathiang(Makerere University) and Mr. Mandela Marial  Makuong(Uganda Christain University) were unlawfully disqualified by the inconsistent Electoral Commission that operated under an intense heaviness  accruing from the aforementioned intimidations and blackmails.

  1. Corruption

The former Union President Mr. Makuei Aguer Adel failed to make accountability for 55,000 $ SU Dollars Director of External Security, Thomas Duoth Guet  Vice President, James Wani contribute 5000$ US Dollars,Akol Khor, contribute 10,000$ US Dollars and plus 35,000 South Sudanese Pounds from the Acting Governor of Warrap State. (The totals Amount were 65,000$ US Dollars.)  Makueri deceived the cabinet and the entire students that he gave $10,000 US to a needy student pursuing Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine and Surgery at Makerere University as sponsorship. This money has been confirmed that it was not received by the student or the parent of the student.  Mamuei Aguer Adel went ahead to create ghost South Sudanese Students’ Associations in Western Uganda which has claims he assisted and yet such association do not exist.


The failure of the South Sudanese Students’ Union to amicably address students’ issues in Uganda has prompted a new a dawn. The whistling waves of change have blown. The bells of change have rung.  As our motto say that ‘’New Era, A new Dawn for Unity’’ Today is the time to redefine our destiny as South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda-we either do pr we are done. In this regard, we have come up with a move that will help replenish the hopes of ordinary South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda.  Ladies and gentlemen, in the best of South Sudanese Students’ interest, we are delighted to announce to you that today we are going to form a new inclusive, visionary and Vibrant South Sudanese Students’ Organization;  SOUTH SUDANESE STUDENTS NATIONAL LEAGUE IN UGANDA which will ensure the following;


  • Equitable allocation of resources (Money) ,students shall be given financial assistance based on needs but not two who supported someone during campaigns.
  • Equitable sharing of power, All South Sudanese shall have be represented in students’ leadership (regional and gender equality inclusive). This shall be achievedthrough guided democracy.
  • Devolution of power; Various Ministers on the cabinet shall be given full powers to exercise their duties as stipulated in the constitution. For example, it will be the Minister of Finance to handle students’ money but not the president.
  • Redefining of South Sudanese Students’ activities in Uganda; we shall engage in activities that will build the capacity of students which include but not limited to: sports competitions, cultural gala, and outreach activities like counselling and career guidance in schools, among others.
  • Strict Law; a no-nonsense law shall be established to handle the corruption culprits and guide the electoral process during students’ elections.For example, the law shall provide for the disqualification of candidates who are found in the act of bribery, intimidation, blackmailing among other vices in order to win students’ votes.
  • Organization of Presidential rallies; more presidential rallies shall be organized to give the president aspirants the platform to convince prior to voting. This is not only cost effective to the presidential aspirants but will also give the students the chance to vote for the most capable president.

By South Sudanese Students National League in Uganda(SSSNLU)

  4 comments for “South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda, formed another body

  1. December 25, 2015 at 7:03 am

    I personally got it right, and indeed something is fishing around the corner.


  2. December 29, 2015 at 1:39 am

    We usually thank and appreciated our former president of s.sudan student union in uganda for his well governed our association we’re going to look for this new elected president akol akol


    • January 28, 2016 at 12:47 pm

      No body want 28 seats in southern sudanif the Dinkas want let have inBor or warap


  3. December 29, 2015 at 10:37 am

    South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda lost it value. The newly formed organization is which South Sudanese Students’ League in Uganda will change all students for good.


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