The Arrival of SPLM-IO in Juba an Important Milestone in the Implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement

William Dhoal Ruei,


Gen Mathew Puljang addresses a crowd in Mayom County of Unity State. (Photo: Supplied)

Dec 24, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan was hit by arm conflict as result of political unrest since December 15, 2013 up to date, in which Nuer civilians were targeted in juba based on their ethnecity, house to house such was carried out by Dinka soldiers and malitia known as Gwelweng and Mathiang Anyor among others, those arm malitia were recruited by Kiir, Malong Awan, to monitor the SPLM political struggle which was between Kiir and his deputy Riek machar, because the national army were strictly warned by the general chief of staff, James Hoth Mai not to involve in the politics.


As a community from the grass roots who feel the pain of the conflict and had witnessed series of mistreatment of my fellow community members, relatives in the hand of those who ordered and planned the killing in Juba, and those who planned the attacks in the innocent civilian cattle camps raped girls, women, killing elders burning down the villages, conscript civilians and confiscates their properties including cattle in Unity state.

These statements underscore the need, where multiple options exist, to choose the one with the highest likelihood of producing the largest positive impact. Within future political manifestation, it would be critical to be able to demonstrate that current crimes have gone through periodic evaluations to determine that they continue to represent most horrible practices applied against the civilians by individuals who remained loyal to the Government, to ensure co existence with those groups, needs a significant consequence to give lesson to those found guilty by law.

I would therefore urge and appeal to my community ‘s leadership to form a committee in order to pursue urgent accountability on the following individuals; these should be an initiative at community level. Secondly for evidences and fact finding I would suggest there should be commission of enquiry to carryout the investigation on the crimes committed in Unity State. The list of people killed and those who killed them will be revealed when times come for court verdict.

  1. Joseph Nguen Monytuil, Unity State Care taker,jealouse, tribalist, voracious, medical officer, he does not demonstrate what he learned in the field of medecine, instead demonstrate killing raping, looting, inhuman treatment of civilian.
  2. Major general Thayeb Gatluak Taitai, army commander of Unity State,
  3. Major General Puljang Top, Bul Malitia commander,
  4. Manyuat Nyatuotroah, Bul malitia deputy commander
  5. John Bol Mayah, Nguen appointed Mayom County commissioner, head of the cattle raiding campaign, he leaded a cattle raiding in all five counties of Unity State.
  6. Luk Row, malitia commander under Puljang


  • These people are responsible for arming/supplying Bul malitia with amunitions and all types of military equipments and escorting them to villages with military barges to the Counties of Rubkotne,Leer,Guit,Koch and Mayiendit. Rubkotne elite who destroyed and planted hatrate, enemity amongst the leek community using each and every group to attack others.
  1. Stephen Salam Maluet, Nguen appointed Rubkotne commissioner, was engaged in a brutal life lost thoughout the Leek community, carrying out fire squarts on the civilian whom he accused of supporting SPLAIO, ordering arrests of civilains at military cells in Rubkotne army HQ, and later on killed by security organs.
  2. Appolo mayang Maluet, Nguen former apointed Rubkotne commissioner, was the first person to execute killing of civilian in early 2014, later on dismissed on April. 2015.
  3. John Juor Yoach, Bentiu City Mayor, he was very vocal on Bentiu FM radio warning about the cleansing of Leek land if civilians do not surrunder to Government.
  4. 1st LT. Duong Thiel, was a working as launderer with old SAF in several barracks in Unity States, he killed children, elders and burnt down their homes in and around Jezira villages, and Wathjaah Payam.
  5. Machar Dong, he killed many civilians and burnt their homes in algezira with order from Salam Maluet.


  • These group of malitia which was initiated by Gai Yoach Dong who had been with Khartoum Government before and after independence, they are running a parallel army within the Government in Nhialdiu Payam, they get their logistics from civilians by looting their cattle and foodstuff.
  1. General Gai Yoach Dong, head of stics recent malia who defected from SPLAIO and joined the Government,
  2. Matai Gai Nyoat, Gai Yoach’s malitia before south Sudan independence
  3. Bol Liep Guol, former logistician
  4. Riak Keke Tutroal, former malitia chief
  5. Nhial Tot Thoar, former taxt collector, killed people in Thanyang fishing camp,
  6. Lony Chuol, former taxt collector turned malitia,
  7. Gatbel Gatdet, former head-chief of Nor-lamwel Payam,
  8. Chartuot Nger, former Chief
  9. Laraka Rueah, former carpenter in Khartoum
  • Members of parliament and silence community members of Rubkotne County who had been loyal to former malitia group of paulino Matip and still remained loyal to kiir Government untill today. For these members, I would ask my fellow county members to withdraw our votes against them, it is our impressive move as a part of accountability.
  1. Hon. Mary Yoal Badeng, MP in South Sudan Legislative assembly,
  2. Hon. Goar Paul Ngundeng, Member of council of state
  3. Hon. Mabil Koang Dobuol, member of council of states
  4. Mangok Tap Diew, State MP
  5. Mary Paul Ngundeng, Sate MP
  6. Nyachieng Biey Tuet, Nguen appointed in several ministries in the State
  7. Elizabeth Gei Majok, State MP
  8. Mamoun Diew Kacha, silence killer who tells liars
  9. Koang Malual Kuok, To: Robert Ruai Kuol jal, SPLAIO appointed Governor of Unity State.


Cc: Leek Community leaders in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The author is the former Youth leader and lives Bentiu POC. He can be reached at

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  2 comments for “The Arrival of SPLM-IO in Juba an Important Milestone in the Implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement

  1. December 24, 2015 at 6:31 am

    We have many people who betrayed us and the question when will face justice because spla io under leadership of machar will never be interesting of going after who committed genocide against humanity unless we will have another leader rather than machar.


  2. Ftl
    December 27, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Yes that is right


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