GEYL: Open letter to UNSC, AU, (IGAD) and International Community

Map of South Sudan

Map of South Sudan

Dec 29, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —-We the Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL) in support of SPLM/SPLA In Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, and Gen. Alfred Lado Gore reject and denounce illegitimate President Salva Kiir’s creation of 28 states, renaming triple Greater Equatoria States in violations of signed South Sudan Compromise Peace Agreement.

We disapprove and denounce in totality the appointment of the said newly Governors who are loyal to government of SPLM/SPLA in the government who agitated the violence in the country, and keep on disorganizing the whole country in disregard to peace implementation for their personal satisfaction, greed and position seeking.

In this regard, the GEYL calls upon the citizens of entire greater Equatoria region that we must remain united and vigilant as Equatorians, stand against any divisive agenda that would not allow the much needed reforms for the entire people of South Sudan as enshrined in the peace agreement from not to take place.

We will always pursue and see that Federalism and reforms must prevail as the only viable solution to finally end the conflict and suffering among our people in this nation through well-established democratic restructuring in South Sudan.

The GEYL also takes this opportunity to seriously warn the regime in Juba that it must immediately show its commitment towards full implementation of signed Compromise Peace Agreement, and with immediate effect revoke all Presidential Decrees that has now created worries and loss of hope in midst of our people.

We also bring this to the attention of African union, UNSC, Africa Regional bloc (IGAD), International community, and Monitoring and Evaluation Commission to know that continuous violation of much needed peace by President Salva Kiir would push the country back to unwanted circumstances.

South Sudan is multi -ethnicity, multi -cultural and multi-religious, thus we would not accept to be subjected and founded under the rule of one ethnic group to influence the will and decisions of this country without full participation of its citizens. Therefore, it’s now roll of peace monitors to note that President Kiir proves to be the only threat, and endangering progress of peace implementation in South Sudan, in order to restore normal basic service delivery to the people of South Sudan.

Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership is the organization representing the Equatoria’s Youth in SPLM-IO

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