Gawaar- Nuer Community in Kakuma, Kenya, Congratulates Their 2015 K.C.P E and K.C.S.E Candidates

Children playing soccer in tarach river on the evening of December 29, 2015(Photo credits: Deng Elijah)

Children playing soccer in tarach river on the evening of December 29, 2015(Photo credits: Deng Elijah)

Jan 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- For the first time, Gawaar -Nuer community in Kenya registered one of the highest number of candidates in both Kenya Certificate of Primary(KCPE) and Secondary Education(KCSE) since the establishment of Kakuma Refugees Camp in North Western Kenya.

In Kakuma alone the community produced 47 candidates who successfully sat for KCPE. Out of 47 candidates, 7 were females and out of 7 females one girl scored 378 out of 500 marks.The girl who scored 378, Nyapal Gabriel Duop, is the daughter of former Ayod Commissioner and former Minister of Law, Maj.Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam who is currently a deputy chief of staff for operation in SPLM/SPLA in Opposition.

Based on these records, the proud elders of Gawar-Nuer community in Kenya, and Kakuma in particular, congratulate the candidates and encourage the industrious students to maintain their momentum while moving on to pursue higher education.

The elders call on the next candidates to pick up the challenge and make their families and community prouder by setting even more records for the upcoming generations.

The delighted elders, who witnessed these performances call on the community worldwide to lend extra support to the students, specially those who had scored very high and may fail to continue their higher education due to lack of resources, through any means possible.

The community regrets that it did not afford to convene a thank-giving prayer due to lack of finances in the camp but they are still hoping to do so.

To mention a few people who extend their congratulations to our candidates (listed below), here are the lists:

Gawaar – Nuer board Board of Gawaar Youth Board of Gawaar Women
1. William Nyuon Ket (chairperson)


Gatdin Kuet Dual (chairperson) Roda Nyabany Lony (chairlady)
2. Gabriel Gatluak Dak Yau


Gatjiath Gak Paul Mary Nyakoang Deng
3. Moses Machar Kai


Kuol Ker Toang Martha Nyadoang Khan
4. Mabek Gatluak Diu


Luat Tiptip Nyamai Tut Lam
5. Mary Nyaluit Chuol Gabriel Gatchin Top
1. James Tut Reath Keat (Gawaar Chief representative)

Some of Gawaar Elders and Youth

1. Gideon Tai Tudel 11. Pal Hoth Thorny 21. John Gatluit Puot
2. Manasseh Diu Yuol 12. Kuer Par 22. Machot Chuol Khor
3. Manyang Koang 13. Simon Padang Pat 23. Machot Chuol Khor
4. Samuel Tuong Gatwech 14. Koak Dak Lam 24. Nyatiek Lam
5. Thomas Riek Koang 15. Pajock Ruei Gai 25. Nyawanelou Gatwech Bang
6. . Moses Malei Nien 16. Martha Nyakul Gatwech 26. Nyatieka Machar
7. Puot Chuol 17. Nyabol Nyang Biel 27. Chul Gatwech Tuong
8. Warbek Koang Mojang 18. Nyaguong Bol 28. Rock Pouch Dak
9. . Gatluak Joar Riek 19. Gatluak Kueth 28. Moses Reath Chuol
10. . Par Yak Khan 20. Jany Gatkuoth Will
KCPE (Grade 8) Graduands- [names not in order] KCSE -Form 4 (Grade 12) Graduands
1 Mathiang Kueth Chuol 24.Maet Gathori 1. James Gatwech Ruach
2 Gatdin Kuet Dual 25. Tuong Mayain Gatkuoth 2. Simon Nuor Deng
3 Lony Puot Jiech 26. Philip Thai Wichjuong 3. Thomas Gatdin Gatmai
4 Nyaradio Gatkuoth Wan 27. Berget Liep Biliew 4. Michael Gatmai Yak
5 Nyapal Gabriel Duop 28. Biel Gatkuoth Kulang 5. Nyuon Mamuor Gai
6 Mathaing Gai Dak 29. Gatmai Diang Gai 6. Abraham Gatchang Chuol
7 Gatkhor Top Gatluak 30. Yien Both 7. Pajock Tuong Gatwech
8 Buomkuoth Yoak Jock 31. Yoak Ruach Biel 8. Stephen Makuonge York
9 Bidek Matai Biliew 32. Charlo Tang Jal 9. Kongkit Baby Chuol
10 Changun Koang  Wictuor 33. William Deng Daniel 10. Simon Kuol Riek
11 Nyagewa Khot Wangyong 34. Deng Duoth Chan 11. Manasseh Riek Mut
12 Nyabol Gatmai 35.Gai Gatjang Deng
13 Nyaruach Kuol Jal 36. Stephen Gathok Toang
14 Nyabijek Lony Gatdet 37. Thomas Nhokuoth Payoi
15 .Nyanhial Kuol Riek 38. Lam Turuk Deng
16 Gatkier Lam Gahgah 39. Nhial Gawar Ruach
17 Riek Koak Kier 40. Pal Makuong Teny
18 Gatbany Dak Nien 41. Chuol Puok Koang
19 Mayik Phar Malieth 42. Duet Khot Yieh
20 Batheng Lok Wuol 43. Gai Kueth Wiew
21 Isaac Malieth Chuol 44. Poch Jany Hoth
22 Lony Deng Phar 45. Dak Mayian Gatkuoth
23 What Koang 46. Tut Khan Mae

47. MA Yang Koang Kuon

To our graduands,  may the good Lord guides, protects and continue to provide for each of you in your next levels of Education.

This report was prepared by Gawaar Youth in Kakuma and distributed to media for publication by
Gabriel Gatluak Dak

You can reach Gabriel Gatluak and Gawaar-Nuer youth at or gabrielgatluakdak.ggd.ggd@gmail or on phone at +254705613122

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