The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Should Plot Their Sanctions For Top Leaders Of South Sudan

By Dhoal Larjin,


Jan 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- I am urging the United Nations Security Council to contrivance what they say, and they should not generalize the sanction to all field commanders in South Sudan. I think generalization of the sanctions for South Sudanese situation will mean UNSC is not serious of the sanction, and it will look like a threat. The powerful nations need to agree on common restrictions because they will be undermined if they cannot agree on their endorsements. UNSC will be undermined by many warlords in Africa because they don’t practice their constraints. They need to map their sanction to specific or top leaders of South Sudan. The sanction should target the principals of the civil war. The principals of the civil war are the two warring leaders, the president of the Republic of South Sudan and the rebel’s leader. President of South Sudan should be sanctioned and eventually indicted for the war crimes. UNSC proposal to investigate the war crimes committed during the civil war in South Sudan should be passed quickly. The parties have committed serious war crimes across the nation. President of South Sudan is responsible for killing Nuer innocent people in Juba and atrocities committed through his orders by field commanders in several counties across the country. Criminals must be held accountable to their actions. The Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan is on the list of senior leaders suspected of committing war crimes in the country.

UNSC should know the right of all humanities, not the top leaders. Members of the UNSC seem to disagree when the sanction is about the top leaders, but they tend to agree when the ban places restrictions only on the field commanders across the divide. That is not right because they are not solving crisis but increasing violence. I think they should focus on the top leaders not their commanders. I have a reason to believe that powerful commanders like Paul Malong Awan, Peter Gatdet and other senior commanding officers are all directed to act the way they acted by the principals (Kiir and Riek), and they should not be on the sanction, in my opinion. I would say the commanders should not be included in the investigation of any crimes because their top leaders know them. UNSC is named every commander because they are not sure of who committed the crimes. There should be a clear distinction between a commander-in-chief and the subordinates. Let them lift and separate the senior commanders from the sanction to penetrate the consent of the top leaders to reduce more tension of violence in the country.

UN and IGAD countries have tried to plot a sanction for the top commanders, but it did not lessen the civil war because the commanders are receiving their orders from the top leaders. Besides, our history proves that there has not been any country in the world that has stopped the violence because the leaders have been sanctioned. I want to point out that naming everybody will cause more violence because some of the commanders on the list will commit more crimes to protest their punishment and accountability for the crimes. Riek Macher and his senior commanders cannot be dismissed for the war crimes they committed during the civil war. They are suspected of having committed the war crimes and many crimes against humanity. They will face sanction and indicted for their crimes. Riek is not a free man from the war crime because he accepted to lead a rebellion. Many think that Riek is free from war crimes which are a bias argument because he decided to lead a rebellion that fights against the government and commit crimes. I believe he could be freer if he rejected the revolution and led the commanders to choose their leader and fight the government. That means Riek wanted to fight a civil war, but not win. He prefers to make a peace deal. He could have fight Kiir using the law after reaching Jonglei state, but he declares that there was no coup and establish a movement that weight rebellion against the government. His movement has killed so many people in the name of Riek Macher. It will be a competent body of law that will decide who is guilty and not guilty of war crimes in our country.

In conclusion, All SPLA field commanders should not be included in the sanctioned because the civil war is between the two leaders. They should be the one answerable to the consequences of the civil war. I would say the UNS sanction that restricting the assets of the leaders and the armed embargo is not enough because leaders will still do violence. They should also be indicted for any of their war crimes they commit during the civil war.

Dhoal Larjin. Dhoal Larjin is a leader of SPLM-IO II can be reached through email

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