To The Jieng Council Of Elders, Who Will Fight The Next War For Dinka In South Sudan?

Gatweach Naath,

Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik, chairman of the Jieng council of Elders

Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik, chairman of the Jieng council of Elders

Feb 08, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- As an ordinary southern citizen, I would like to ask the elders to answer this simple question, because I am sure that nobody can prepare himself for a tribal war and do not know his fighting force.

As people who are opportunists, they want to use their followers from other tribe to fight for them the next tribal war which may occur by the implementation of the newly created 28 states.

According to my own understanding the known Dinka fighters from other tribes may not be interested in future to fight for Dinka as the case before when the fighting was political between the government and the rebels.

Those who were on government side may not take that side this time, so there will be a shortage of Dinka fighting force from other tribes. The previous war, in essence was tribal as well, but curtained by the government to be a political one.

For your information you the destructive elders, any coming war in our new nation will be different from the past or the political curtained tribal one, because new fighter from your followers especially some soldiers whose lands are affected by the creation of the new 28 tribal stats. I think you know them well. I am not revealing and alerting your secret to you, but I am Excellences that: your sincere followers and good friends may side with their relatives in future, because this is a question of to be or not to be. They may leave you alone to fight your own planned tribal war, because it is a matter of land and not politics.

Even within your Dinka community, some wise Dinka from your fighting force may not be interested to fight for the annexation of other’s lands. Many may keep only their ancestors lands may not have satanic ambition for other’s lands. This big group of wise men from our Dinka brother plus your stooges is there and even you the Jieng elder’s council members know that.

So, carefully please deduct from your future fighting force some fractions from these sizable groups of wise Dinka and your former stooges from other tribes. I would like to bring your notice that, Ugandan forces may not come to your assistance; because your future war, will be totally a tribal war and you claimed falsely to be a big and strong tribe in the country. What brought Ugandans, Rwandans and SPLM/North?

So, if you are still insisting to annex other’s lands, please look for an alternative stooges before time, because when things will fall apart, you may not convince them to fight for you as it is the case now. Believe me or not, Iam sure many none Dinka stooges who were fighting for your government, may not take that option if anything unfortunately happen again in your hijacked undeserved kingdom of South Sudan.

According to my own simple analysis, if anything went wrong again in our beloved country, one of the following cinereous will be the option:-

1-The country will totally collapse. There will be no central government and H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit will be the first and the last Dinka president for the whole south Sudan.

2-Our beloved and united new nation will be divided by war lords into its former three regions

3-The UN may take the responsibility of ruling our young nation on behalf of us all, for some years in order to put anything in order again and rebuild it.

So, if one only of these three scenarios happens, what will be the benefit of the southern citizens and you as elders who are mature enough to know good or bad? Why you the elders don’t keep our country united, instead of making it a Dinka kingdom despite the existence of other 63 tribes.

My advice to you elders is to convince some members from your council to abundant working only for the sake of your tribe leaving the whole nation of the beloved south Sudan. Concerning the south Sudan, no tribe can be able to register the ownership of this country by its name. If so, please be a good example for wise leadership and not for what took place before and continuing now. To any leader in our country, you cannot destroy the whole country in order to build your tribe through conflicts.

If new states are needed in some parts of the country, let it not be mistakenly generalized to the whole nation. You can create or divide according to the interest of the people need it. Your misleading expression about the people’s demand for the 28 states is wrong because what is known to everybody is the federalism and not your tribal 28 states.

To the UN, TORIEKA, IGAD and AU, please don’t leave us alone to destroy this young nation intentionally through our misused powers. Give us a hand by helping us to work only for the implementation of this last peace agreement. If not, one may assume that you are all interested to take the responsibility of this young nation after its collapse.

Gatweach Naath is the author and  can be reached through

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  2 comments for “To The Jieng Council Of Elders, Who Will Fight The Next War For Dinka In South Sudan?

  1. Joseph Luri
    February 10, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    If they cannot pay the ordinary citizen’s salaries then how are they going to pay the expatriates who are just coming to loot. Do not Zimbabwe have needs for their teachers? We have thousands of qualified teachers who can teach as long as they pay their salaries


    • Julia Abi
      February 12, 2016 at 1:11 am

      Something is going astray in the country.
      How can you for GOD’s sake hire foreign teachers while we have Millions of unemployed teachers in the country?
      Revise your policies for a better Nation.


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