SPLM Has Broken the Virginity of South Sudanese People (Constitution)

By Kayier Ruot Reat,

South Sudan, Constitution cover image.

Feb 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The formation of the government without constitution is a great insult to our great nation and to entire people of South Sudan. Constitution is a vital document to which the country carries out its operations. It protects the rights of the citizens irrespective of their ethnicity, age, gender, religion and any other aspect pertaining to it.

Why it is important to have Transitional Constitution before the formation of TGNU, the prime function of the constitution is to lay out the elementary structure of the government bestowing to which the people are to be governed. It is the constitution of a republic, which establishes the three main arms of the government, i.e., the legislature, executive and judiciary.

Why it is important to have transitional constitution before the formation of TGNU, the constitution of a country not only outlines the powers prearranged to each of the three key organs, but it also significantly sorts a clear demarcation of the accountabilities assigned to each of them. It effectively regulates the link between these organs as well as the relationship between the government and her people. Why should a failed leaders opted to form and degree positions without viable laws for the nations that include the August agreement, this is a clear insult to our beloved Country and its people.

Why it is important to have transitional constitution before the formation of TGNU, as the country’s constitution stands superior to all the laws enclosed within the territorial areas of the country, any law enacted by the ruling government has to be in compliance with the supreme law. The nature of forming government without constitution that should incorporated the signed agreement will great insult our values as people of South Sudan. I fully understand that our government operates in lacuna system, yet that could not deny the nation supreme law that include the agreement.

Why it is important to have transitional constitution before the formation of TGNU, the constitution does not simply offer a recipe for well-organized government, but also deals with limitations on power. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a constitution is established to restrict the exploitation of power by those who conduct governmental functions, as it become business from greedy leaders.

Why it is important to have transitional constitution before the formation of TGNU, the constitution of a country lays down the national goals which custom the basic edifice on which the nation rests upon. Our pretending leaders has got no values on who we’re, and where we belong, they can’t buy a decision that can restore hope, stability, joys to the nations. As people, we have to stand firm to make this country a place to live again, BIG NO to formation of a government without constitution. It’s a great shame to have such imprudent leaders in our history.

I personally have only one message in this embarrassing situation in our Country that goes to Salva, Riek or whoever may pick it up, why the constitution is impartial a guideline is that, as the people of this lovely nation of the Republic of South Sudan, we don’t have one single object that binds us all together except our constitution. We are not a single ethnic group, we’re not a single religious group, and we have wide-ranging history as people of this nation. Please, constitution is the only source of our living, make a law that incorporated the agreement without conditions that’s what we objectively aim, that’s what will restore our broken virginity, that’s what will bring joys back to this Country, that’s why will make very happy.

God bless our nations!!

God bless the people of South Sudan!!”

Kayier Ruot Reat can be reached through cimalben2015@gmail.com

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