Nuer Community USA Condemned UNMISS CAMP Killing in Malakal, South Sudan.

By Goaner Bok Tut,
South Sudan's IDPs in Malakal following a SPLA backed violence in the ghost city(Photo: file)

South Sudan’s IDPs in Malakal following a SPLA backed violence in the ghost city(Photo: file)

Feb 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The Nuer Community in the United States of America has condemned UNMISS killing in Malakal, South Sudan. In a strongest word, we condemned UNMISS CAMP killing by Salva Kir’s tribal Dinka government who stormed and killed IDP in UNMISS CAMP  in Malakal. This is the a results of ethnically base creation of unilaterally degree of new 28 States. President Salva Kir & his tribal council of elders who runs the country are continues violets IGAD -PLUS peace agreement. Killing of Nuer is not going to stop as long as unilateral degree for the implementation creation new 28 States within peace process, is a violation of signed peace. Nuer Communty is here calling on IGAD – PLUS and international community to stop Salva Kir now from killing Nuer in UNMISS CAMP.

Th country is going back to war he continues  his daily killing mission. He is intimidated South Sudanese people for whoever  opposing his nonsense 28 States is a target. IGAD & international Community must make Salva Kir face the consequences because he’s still killing innocence people specially children and women in UNMISS CAMP in Malakal. Nuer communty believe Salva Kir is not up to the implementation of peace, this is why he ordered his forces to kill people in UNMISS CAMP. .would hold Salva Kir responsible for long-awaited peace by South Sudanese people if he violated and make it failed.

The  NCDS-USA president Nyanguok Gatloa & the whole Nuer community are call on UN Security Council to take immediate action against president Salva Kir for his continuation violation peace agreement. There is never be peace in South Sudan unless suspension implementation Salva Kir’s unwanted new 28 States is happened because ,it comes in violation of peace agreement signed august 16, 2015 . Salva Kir is now did same thing again when his forces killed Nuer in UNMISS CAMP in Jonglei state.

He will take South Sudanese people back to war. He is not respect peace agreement he signed. for implementing peace instead for him tryng to diverted it to second round of conflict .We (Nuer Community) are committed to honor IGAD – PLUS peace agreement. We strongly condemned UNMISS in Malakal; therefore, Nuer Communty would not sit silently while Salva Kir continues murdering them.

We urge IGAD – PLUS & international community to stop Salva Kir from violation of the international laws by killing innocence Nuer while he peace agreement. We are processing Juba massacres case for possibility to  hands over to International Criminals Court. The Malakal killing indicated that President Salva Kiir is not willing to implement agreement but we (Nuer communty ) is still proceeds the genocidal case to the ICC if he’s not committed to implement the peace.

God bless

Secretary information 

Goaner Bok Tut


Signed by president 

Nyanguok Gatlou Riek, 


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