The Fatal Application Of Dinka Padang Rule In The Newly Found Eastern Nile

By Gatweach Naath,

Bodies loaded on to the truck after Government's forces attacked PoC sites of Nuer and Shilluk IDPs (Phto/Nyamilepedia).

Bodies loaded on to the truck after Government’s forces attacked PoC sites of Nuer and Shilluk IDPs (Phto/Nyamilepedia).

Feb 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The subject matter of this article is the subject of laughter which is the savage Dinka rule in southern Sudan generally and the new tribal state of Eastern Bank state. Our subject of laughter these days is this savage and brutal leadership of this newly found state. The behavior of rulers of this state, clearly assured the saying that: Dinka Ngok and not Padang in general, are fools when reaching 40 years of age. This is a clear real fact when these natural fools killed 42 and injured 70 unarmed innocent civilians in in PoC sites in Malakal on 17th and 18th February 2016. The new Dinka leaders in Malakal, revealed their ugly tribal teeth by organizing a mass killing for IDPs in the UNMIS camp in Malakal mainly Nuer and Chollo tribes who are tribally considered to be the new enemies of Dinka Padang plus in the Upper Nile state.
This event became a subject of laughter because the natural fools did this in the UN compound in Malakal. Their tribal killing apatite is opened by Juba genocide of December 2013 which we all know. They were exercising their true Dinka habitual behavior of killing unarmed innocent civilians. One can ask, is this the beginning of the coming tribal war in southern Sudan? Of course, this is the beginning of the coming war if not aborted by implementing the peace according to the known 10 states instead of the new 28 tribal states.

As we all heard from many sources, guns and hand bombs were smuggled into the UNMISS compound by the tribal (Dinka) government agents to achieve their goal of killing innocent IDPs. The official tribal reason of the killers was that, they don’t want Nuer and Chollo in the new Dinka state of Eastern Bank anymore. They want to dismiss them through this savage and brutal means to leave this newly found tribal state.

Personally, I don’t understand where these people will take their tribal state in future if not revised? Their relatives and neighbors are Nuer and Chollo so; they cannot get rid of these two big communities in the upper Nile state, unless they should immigrate to north Sudan or Bahr el Ghazal or Rwanda where there advance team is settled permanently there by politicians last year. Their behavior is indicating that, they are people who do not want to live peacefully in their new found state. They are behaving as if they want to commit a suicide. We cannot blame them because it is the policy of the disgraceful Dinka Elders Council and their unfortunate leadership in Juba.

This savage general claimed to be a liberator of southerners by joining the liberation movement under the chairmanship of the true leader late Dr. John Grang, if he (Chuol Thon) benefited as a leader from that national duty, why killing unarmed innocent civilian in UN compound? Is this foolish Dinka governor immune of UN accountability or criminal court in the Hague?

By supposing the Malakal to be a Dinka Padang land, can this fact deny the right of Nuer and Chollo to live in Malakal as ordinary southern citizens? If the Dinka leadership in their new found state is wise, they should not bother themselves to dismiss the former citizens of Upper Nile state in Malakal because they were there before the recent government could create a tribal state for Padang Dinka. If they are civilized people, they could allow other tribes to live with them in their new Eastern Bank State. Many people who were recently targeted in Malakal UNMIS compound are citizens and residents of Malakal town who own houses in Malakal town. Why killing them in a UN facility after leaving their residents at a gun point? According to the new tribal division of south Sudan, Nuer and Chollo of Upper Nile state are considered to be foreigners in their own state and asked by the new Dinka Padang illiterate, savage and brutal leaders to leave to their new tribal states. Can this discriminative tribal order trigger the killing of these people?

Who deceived these savage leaders of new illegal Eastern Bank state to convince themselves to claim the tribal ownership of this state despite the undisputed right of Chollo tribe if the question is application of tribalism by using of force? If Dinka Padang are real warriors let them leave Malakal and go to Baliet, Adong, Abong and Gellachel which are now permanent camps of the Nuer white army inside the new Padang state. The cowards Padang militias in Malakal town should not waste their time by killing IDP in UNMIS let them go if possible and dismiss the white army which is now occupying Baliet, Adong, Abwong and Gelachiel. According to some sources from Malakal, both groups of Dinka SPLA – which is supposed to be the national army of south Sudan and the Dinka militia, were avenging themselves for their dead who were scattered and killed by the while army between Gelachiel and Lony in their way to Ulang County. The survivors angrily went to the IDPs camp and killed 24 from Nuer tribe and 28 unarmed Chollo civilians including women and children.

The savage tribal leadership of new Eastern Bank state together with their militias and the tribal SPLA army are enemies of peace and want to compel the SPLA-IO around Malakal town to chase them all away in one hour as the case always. But nobody now is interested among the SPLA-IO forces or the white army, to do that anymore. We need peace because these childish atrocities will not defeat our tolerance in a way that can let as do away with peace which is for all the citizens of the south Sudan and the Upper Nile state.

The Padang Dinka Governor Chol Thon Balok was quoted to say in his tribal secret meetings, if we found a government who gave us our long awaited right which is this state of Eastern Bank state, we should keep this state forever, and if anyone will try to take it from us, it will better for all of us we the Padang Dinka to die all instead of giving it back to anyone else.

If this is true, what about the other former owners, the Chollo? Mr. Tribal governor Chol Thon, personally I read the Padang letter to the Chollo which were published on south Sudan nation website but was not convinced by their reasons of their ownership of the land.

To your Excellency the Eastern Bank state governor, you know that southerners own houses all over north Sudan which is an independent country, if you are not a natural fool, what can prevent Nuer and Chollo to stay in Malakal as ordinary citizens?

May be you have a well prepared plan to do that in the near future because you cannot do this without a grantee. According me, your grantee is that, this time is a lawless time where nobody can let you be accountable for your savage tribal deeds.  We don’t see many stake holders in your savage satanic tribal behavior if there are any; they are your tribe members and followers who are benefiting from this annexation. All of you may not be able in future to achieve your tribal agenda and live peacefully between Nuer and Chollo in your new Eastern Bank state. To the Dinka leaders in Malakal via Juba, you are intentionally inviting the white army to chase you away again as happened on 17-18-2-2014 and 2015 when the patriotic Johnson Olony cut the chain of partnership and cooperation with your aggressive tribal leadership. You can also easily refer to the known Commando incident in Malakal. It is the same date which you commemorated by killing the IDPs on 17-18-2-2016. So take care this time because the white army may lose its temper and get hold of you all as happened on 17-2-2014.

To war mongers, please give peace a chance, because we are not interesting in killing our brothers and relatives, the southerners. No enough reason for a southerner to kill his brothers and relatives. As brothers in this God given country, we cannot be permanent enemies to ourselves. Let us only forgive ourselves and not magnify this family quarrel by hatred and greed. We still need one another as people of one country, let us not surrender to tribalism and hatred which is our main enemy. If we do not stop the vicious circle of attack and revenge, some parts of this country will not be inhabitable to all of us especially in the greater Upper Nile state.

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  2 comments for “The Fatal Application Of Dinka Padang Rule In The Newly Found Eastern Nile

  1. February 27, 2016 at 5:54 am

    Excellent article. Tribal states will never last, as they will become breeding grounds of hatred and a less unified nation.


  2. Wani Gatkuoth Odhong
    March 10, 2016 at 3:57 am

    To hell with who ever opposing new state, Malakal to Dinka Ngok Lual Yak for ever, Shilluk on the West Bank and those rebelion tribe (Nuer) in newly created Latjor state.


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