Who Is Against The Rights Of Tonj State Youth?

By Mawien Marko,


Warrap Map

Feb 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- One of our biggest problems we have the tendency for our mind to think in an irrational or unbalanced way. We need to be impartial in everything we do as intellectuals of Tonj state. We the youth of Tonj state need to be careful with the way we handle our things or else we are likely to fall in to the deep pit if we keep on looking behind our backs. I am sorry to say that but the situation made me say it. We usually see issues and other people through clouded and fuzzy perspective. I’m talking about Akec Tong Aleu, the current Governor of Tonj state, he is actually our leader as Tonj citizens and therefore, as youth of that particular state have rights to express our grievances to him through a right channel of communications, the media such as an open letter to Mr. Governor like what most of the opinions’ writers did to their governors.

I expect respects from my fellow youth of Tonj state and as well as our elders working in the government because that is the only way we can coexist and be able to live in a happy country. We shouldn’t keep on exchanging blames against one another to prove how smart you are to your boss but I rate this as being lack of professionalism in the delivery of services. Therefore, according to human rights law, each and every one individual has right of expression without being intimidated and threatened as I heard and read last week that Mr. Governor had threatened one of journalists based in Juba, such acts of threatening as others are unwanted. Threats and intimidations may lead to more problems, not at least they make life more stressful and depressing.

For your information, I am one of those who were die hearted supporters of Akec Tong since his appointment by President Salva Kiir as an acting Governor of the former Warrap state and so do I as per now. You can’t tell me you are his best supporter than I do but rest be assured that we are to tell facts, fictions; for as per now he needs to check himself where he loses directives. I don’t support people who keep on threatening and blaming others for their faults. It’s Mr. Governor’s fault for messing up with appointment of gubernatorial positions in favor of his relatives or based on family merits as written by Dawn Newspaper. If such claims are to be facts then there is a need for the citizens to call for his relieve, those reasons that may bring enmity, it is because of unbalanced sharing of the few resources among the people. I therefore, suggest to Mr. Governor to carefully check the way he distributed the state’s positions. Does it favor the three Counties of Tonj state?

I was told that he only appointed Mr Anei Madoor as a mayor of Tonj municipality and that is the only position held by Tonj North County. Does that make sense? I have read that several times on social media, I don’t know whether people wrote them to appease their peers on social media but that might be a fact. But bear in mind that I am here to respect public opinion but not to criticize what Mr. Governor did. I even care whether you support or you are against him it is none of my business but we are here telling facts. I expect a negative and a positive feedback from this very article of mine and I hope any negativity that comes out of it will move me forward. In this way, I always belief in constructive criticism and I urge our youth to do the same so that effective decision making can carry the day. Things such as knowing my objectives of argument with opponents, establishing and agreeing on process of how I can overcome my challenges, involving the right of the people to help in the decision making before jumping into the conclusions, making sure that opinions are heard through the help of others. All these ways forward I mentioned above need every youth of Tonj State and South Sudan youth in general to try forge some of them for steady progress of country.

I therefore, argue my fellow youth of Tonj State to remain respectful to one another than writing unhealthy and disrespectfully on social media with an aim of tarnishing state and leaders in general. I know sometimes we do them in order to appease our bosses to do us favors but need to be very careful in handling such irresponsible acts.

Conclusion: I remain supportive to any development and constructive ideas that would move our state forward rather than encouraging senseless decisions and hatred that may cause division among our people not knowing such acts can drag our state into the mud but pulling it out from the muddy clay will always be a tag of war to manage. I need our state to be a corruption free state among the 28 states of South Sudan. As a concern, I have this question, how can we get rid of corruption? It will be done through pointing out those individuals trying to misappropriate public funds mend for developmental purposes and those abusing public office. We can’t tolerant form of corruption in Tonj state. Rest assured that we have to continue to fight corruption cases and sectarianism. We should always try to give credits to hardworking leaders for the job well done, this will minimize corruption cases. My sincere thanks to those of you who have read this article.

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  1 comment for “Who Is Against The Rights Of Tonj State Youth?

  1. wen nyanwengdit
    March 7, 2016 at 5:48 am

    tonj state will never be stable unless there will be change in family governance, how can your body guard be from tonj south,presss secretary tonj south, all most all cordinators from the family, and on top he is threatening people in telling facts, am hopless in this state, a man from another state to rule in different state, he just coming kill people of tonj not rule, and later go back to his state


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