The Indirect Confrontations Between US Politicians And Russian President Vladimir Putin In Foreign Policy

By Mok Dei Gual (Kampala, Uganda),

Feb 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Before I start to air out what is going on between US politicians and Russian President Vladimir Putin in foreign policy then, I need to inform all the readers of this article that the US politicians fear the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to be the most powerful

Vladmir Putin, President of Russia (Photo:extracted).

Vladmir Putin, President of Russia (Photo:extracted).

politician in the world. His wish is to protect his country from other leaders who want to involve in his country domestic politics. He used to instigate violence in another country to divert the attentions of the US politicians from his country domestic politics .He had been accused of assassinating Nineteen Russian opposition leaders including Boris Nemtsov, but he had denied the allegations by saying that those who killed Russian Opposition leaders were criminals. He does not want what happened in 1991 to happen again when US politicians had broken up the Soviet Union diplomatically. Putin is the only leader who refused to bow down to US politicians in foreign policy. On the other hand, China had promoted bilateral relationship with thirty seven countries in Africa including South Africa.

China is on the move, telling US to leave Africa politically. In response, US started by accusing African leaders of dictatorship tendencies and the lack of term limits in their countries constitutions. In the United Nations Headquarter in New York, Four Ambassadors who represent their countries from United Nations united themselves against P5 plus Germany. Vitaly Churkin is the Russian Ambassador to United Nations and Liu Jieyi is the Chinese permanent representative of China to United Nations. Gholamis Khoshroo is the permanent representative of Islamic Republic of Iran to United Nations. Another one is Bashar Jaafi who is the Syrian Ambassador to United Nations. Those Ambassadors used to act against the interests of United States of America in the United Nations Headquarter. Militarily, Russian president Vladimir Putin also tried his best to keep all dictators in the powers globally. How Russian president Vladimir Putin involved in some countries militarily.

The events of conflict between Georgia and Russia in 2008 In April 9, 1991 Georgia declared its independence from Russian and within the same year, South Ossetia declared its independence from Georgia. Heavy fighting broke out forcing thousands to flee their homes. One year later, Abkhazia had also declared its independence from Georgia leading to armed conflict.

In September 2002 Russian president Vladimir Putin sends a letter to former UN secretary General Kofi Annan, UN Security Members and Members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation for Europe, stating that, Georgia must response to accusations they are harboring Checken militants or face action from Russians. In 2008 Georgia accused Russia of shooting down an unmanned drone over Abkhazia and in response, Russia denies the claim. Five days later, Russia sends more troops to Abkhazia to counter what it says as Georgia’s plan for an attack. Therefore, Russian also sends several hundred unarmed troops to Abkhazia, sayings that they needed there for railways repairs. Georgia accused Russians of planning military interventions.

In 2008 South Ossetia separatists begin attacked Georgia peacekeepers, ending a ceasefire then Georgian former president Mikhail sends troops into South Ossetia. Russian responds by moving its troops into the border, flying aircraft over Georgia and beginning airstrike from South Ossetia. Two days later, Russians also moved tanks and soldiers through South Ossetia and into Georgia proper, advancing toward the city of Gore. Russian troops attacked Georgian soldiers and the war broke out. Thousands of civilians were killed and many displaced from their homes town.

In 2008 the Russian former president Dmitry signed an order recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the two breakaway regions in Georgia. In response, the former US president George W. Bush released statement saying the United States condemns the decision by the Russian president to recognize as independence states the Georgia regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The border of Georgia must be respected just like the rest of countries. The objective of the Russian politicians on that war with Georgia was to liberate South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia.

Conflict between Ukraine and Russia The conflict between Ukraine and Russian is sometimes confusing most people around the globe. The rest might tell you that it was the issue of gas that pushed two countries into the conflict. It has been reported on social media that Russian had tried to prevent the Ukraine from exporting its gas to European countries. The real issue is the dispute which happened between Russian and Ukraine over the Crimean peninsula. Just like what is happening between Taiwan and South China right now. Both countries have claimed the one of Senkaku Island which located in South China while it’s the part of Taiwan geographically. Back to story of Crimean, Russians still claim the Crimean Peninsula as the part of Russia while Ukraine claims it too. According to story, Crimean had become the part of Ukraine when the Soviet leader Nikita gave the peninsula to his native land in 1954.After breaking up of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Crimean ended up as independent of Ukraine, despite the fact that sixty percent from its population identify themselves as Russians. In 2014 the people of Ukraine elected their business man Petro to be the president of the country. The man has started to promote diplomatic relationship with most countries now, despite the fact that Russian politicians do not have agreed with him.

Russia militarily interventions in the Syrian civil war Russian military intervention in the Syrian civil war began on 30, September 2015, following a formal request by the Syrian government for military help against the rebels and jihadist groups. The Syrian civil war has been waged since 2011 between multiple opposition groupings and the government as well as their local foreign support bases. The president Bashar Assad came into power after death of his father in 2000.The civil war in Syria confused most people for who are the rebels in the country? Who are the freedom fighters? Who are the ISIL and who are the government forces? The Syrian foreign Minister Walid Al Mallem was interviewed by the journalist about who are their soldiers in the country? ”He answered that the Syrian civil war confused most people and he went on saying that, their government shall be able to bring permanent peace soon in the country ,,Syrian Ambassador to United Nations Bashar Jaafi who is Ph.D. holder used to influence the people in United Nations Headquarter in New York that, their government is working very hard to bring permanent peace in the country.US Secretary of States John Kerry agreed with Russian Foreign Minister  Sergei Lavrov to stabilized the Syrian and pushing both sides to conduct the election for the citizens of Syrian to choose their president. According to report from CIA director David Petraues, 150,000 Syrian civilians killed since the civil war erupted in the country. According to report from former director of CIA George Tenet during Iraqi war estimated that 151,000 Iraqi died from violence in the forty months from March 2003 to June 2006.I wish this world to have permanent peace.

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  1. Bol Gatjang
    February 26, 2016 at 10:25 am

    I hate him (Putin) from top to bottom in all his reckless, heartless, dumb mind man who enjoy killing people. He started massacre people from Ukrain, Syria and South Sudan. The guy had been so dumb to think about human lives, he is kind of voracious. Putin has never care about his political errors in devastating and dehumanizing others human being. He is like an animal who rather have opposite choice against humanity to animosity ideology.


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