The Difference Between A Tribal Governor And A State Governor

By Gatweach Naath,

Map of South Sudan

Map of South Sudan

Feb 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- With reference to the newly created 28 states, let us have a close look to these states, logically, legally, socially, economically and administratively. The result is that, there are no legal grounds because they were created after the peace agreement without following legal procedures. The procedures were followed after the appointment of the governors. No tangible feature about the administration, social and economic aspects. Most states if not all, are tribal states with tribal governors. What is known historically in any civilized country is the state governor or states governors. No tribal governor or governors in Africa which is ruled by African tribes.

The appointment of tribal governors instead of states governors will cause many problems in many parts of the country. Our good example for bad, savage and brutal tribal governing is the so called 1-Eastern Bank State where two tribes (Chollo and Nuer) are not needed, and their properties (houses, shops etc) are confiscated and the new occupants of the Upper Nile state, the Dinka Padang, divided the properties among themselves. Add to this tribal states 2-Boma of Murle tribe, 3-Ruweng state of Ruweng Dinka or the time bomb which will explode at the time of the real implementation of the borders, because it is created (by grabbing Nuer land of unity state as follows: a-Bul Nuer 52 areas b- Leek Nuer 19 areas c- Jikany Nuer 12 areas. The total or the size of the new crime against the innocent civilians is 83 eighty three annexed areas.)

In addition to these three states, we have 4-Bor state for Dinka Bor which is considered to be relatively calm because Nuer and Murle are given their own separate tribal states, 5-Lajor state of Jikany Nuer, 6-Terkeka state of Mundari, 7-southern Liech state of Doak Nuer of Lier, and many more tribal states across the country, according to the unfortunate division of the poor young country. In these states any politician or military general, is a tribal governor instead of a bigger historical and respectable official one: H.E. the state governor.

To me a state governor is bigger than a tribal governor who is doing the work of a county commissioner by governing only his tribe. So what is the difference between the new tribal governors and Reth of Chollo (Chollo king), paramount chiefs and head chiefs in the native administration?  Please refer to the last unfortunate governors of the 10 ten states of south Sudan. No comparison between the scope of their administration areas geographically and socially. They were not tribal governors who may collide one day with the known true and natural native administration, because the tribal governor will monitor the official duties of the members of his tribe in tribal government institutions, in addition to his tribal supervision of the tribe as its leader in the state by virtue of being a tribal governor in the God (Intruders Dinka Council of Elders Council + plus) given new state.

If the question of more states in the country became unavoidable reality, please do not create tribal states as the case now where some tribal governors are asked by the creators of these tribal states to defend their states. The creators, who cannot create anything good according to their true nature, told them that: we created these states to you by all means and it is your duty to defend them from anything that may take them away from you. The tribal governor- Baba Maddan, of Boma state of Murle tribe said to his loyalists and followers that: ”this state is completely borne and it cannot be returned by anybody to the womb of the woman again.


I don’t know which Murle woman gave birth to the new tribal state of Murle. The woman who gave birth to this new Murle ugly child may be in the capital city of south Sudan Juba. I also think the midwives assisted this lady to borne her child in rainy muddy midnight, are three or four influential members of Jieng council of Elders. Some cripple tribal children who may not reach their destinations are also borne to some tribes by the same woman in Juba. The cripple children are supposed to walk to Nasir, Akobo and Fangak if possible.

I personally thank the current president of South Sudan for rewarding the politicians who stood with him politically during this terrible period. As an intelligent person, he is a wise leader who paid his friends their political pensions which they will not benefit of in the newly created tribal states of Nuer tribe.

The only four who benefited temporarily are the governors of Northern 1-Liech state, 2-Eastern Bank state savage tribal governor, 3- Boma state and 4- Bor state military governor. The three tribal governors of Lajor, Eastern Bieh and Western Bieh, will benefit from their political pensions later after reaching their tribal states; they have been paid this political pension by creating these tribal states, in spite of their zero communal backing and support even in Juba.  You can also quickly refer to the speeches of Ruweng state military commander who said to the citizens in a welcoming rally for their tribal governor  that: ”when things happened in Juba, nobody was able to come here to burn your houses, so you are save here under my protection.” No doubt he is the tribal protector of the citizens of the questioned Ruweng tribal state in Nuer land. To conclude one can only say these are very few utterances of the tribal leaders in their new tribal states, so this is not a simple issue to be ignored, it needs a careful political handling. For the readers information, these tribal utterances are official on the state own Television. The tribal aim is to send a direct tribal message to anyone who works of reversing these newly reated tribal states which replaced the historical clear administrative states of south Sudan.

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