Ayod Elders Reject Claim of “300,000 People Starving Inside Ayod town”, Calls On The UN and WFP To Disregard!

Press Release: Ayod is a Ghost Town!

By Jal Duop.

World Food Program having difficulties to access Ayod town in the past.(Photo: file)

World Food Program having difficulties to access Ayod town in the past.(Photo: file)

March16, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —– In response to Mr. Lony Kang Hoth’s false statement about some 300,000 people in dire need of food relief inside Ayod town, Ayod community elders, who are displaced by the current war, are calling on Mr. Lony Kang to stop begging food for the  stranded government soldiers in the name of civilians.

It is very unfortunate that the self-imposed government commissioner can mislead the people of South Sudan to beg the United Nations and the World Food Program to assist them for a war they created them.

“Tell me, if Ayod town has such a population alone then what would be the population of Ayod County?” Asked en elder who refused to accept Lony’s plea.

Other concerned elders of Gawaar community in Uganda have also denied the propaganda of about 300,000 people in the town of Ayod County, clarifying that Ayod county as a whole had less 200, 000 people during the 2008 census and noted that most of the civilians are currently protected by the youth from the government soldiers in liberated areas outside the town.

Stephen Wat Bipal, a community elder in Uganda, dismissed the claim as a mere fabrication that must be condemned by the community in the strongest terms possible.

“We contacted people on the ground, this is a white lie and how will the civilians go to military barrack because Palith is a military barrack for stranded government soldiers. There is no single person who went there since we talked to people there. I don’t know the reason the very sensitive people of Ayod County would join the genocidal forces. This is not true and our civil population are still waiting for peace to come so that they can start their normal activities.” Said Stephen Wat Bipal.

The elders accused the Salva Kiir government for derailing the peace agreement because of unconstitutional 28 states.

“This peace agreement is based on10 states of South Sudan, not 28 states as some people beat the drum of war due to 28 states. The issue of unilateral creation of 28 states needs to be discussed properly because it was introduced after the peace agreement was signed in August by two rivals parties”. He continued.

The elders assures the Ayod population worldwide that the idea of 28 states created by Salva Kiir will not be extended to Ayod.

“As witnessed so far, these 28 states are not functioning, notwithstanding that some of them such as the so-called Fangak State or Western Bieh State will never be established. I urge you the enemies of peace that don’t preach this war instead of national building through peaceful co-existence.” Said the community elders in Uganda.

The elders call on the world food program and other NGOs to ignore the propaganda.

“We calls on the WFP and CRS not to give food to soldiers who have buried their uniforms and guns to beg food in the name of Ayod population.  We have no civilians in Ayod town and if there is any civilian that civilian will be fed by Kiir who derails peace agreement”. The elders speak.

Riek Kuol Ngundeng, a member of Gawaar Community in Kampala, condemns the raping of five women in Tehem suburbs near Ayod town by the government soldiers.

“This is a very clear violation of peace agreement signed in August last year by the two warring parties. We appeal this to the International Community to take action against the perpetrators.” Riek said.

“If South Sudan government is genuine, why is it breaching the agreement by moving out from their position to rape women and rob food from civilians. These are the same people begging food again from the United Nations in the name of Ayod civilians” Riek continued.

Lam Tut Deng Bieh, a member of Ayod community, rejected the allegation and called on Lony Kang to stop reporting false information.

“I don’t regard him as a person who should represent the people of Ayod County as minister as alleged by Sudan Tribune.” Lam said.

“We communicated to local chiefs on the ground and they said no civilians joined soldiers inside military barrack. These local chiefs have also urged the unconstitutionally appointed governor, coward James Kok Ruey, to never think of coming to Ayod County or Ayod town that was dubbed to be his headquarters” Lam reiterates

You can reach Jal Duop and Gawaar elders at jalduop7@gmail.com

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