The Ten Who Became One

By Gatwech Naath,

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the troubled president of South Sudan(Photo: Ellen)

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the troubled president of South Sudan(Photo: Ellen)

March 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– This is an argumentative article, where figurative meanings are used to signify some events in our daily political life. The ten who became one can symbolize ten events during this crisis which were seen to be impossible to be accepted by those who were responsible in the events making in south Sudan.

For instance we were having some political issues which were promoted to be political problems which could not be altered by all means even if it is for the sake of the people of south Sudan or peace agreement.

For example, waging wars, killing, raping, confiscating, stealing, hatred, tribalism, nepotism, corruption and anarchy or lawlessness. All these ten can be one in the real sense, and that one is, good and transference governance because it is better than all these bad things which have been happening and still taking place in our country.

Take other ten who can simply be one at the end of the day. Take only ten members from the Jieng Council of Elder, beginning with Bona Malual, Joshua Dau, Aldo Ajuo, Ambrose Ring, Joseph Okello, Amos Agok, Stephen DheDau Ayiek, Ateny Awek Ateny, Paul Malong Awan, Kuol Manag. These ten cabe only one in national or tribal decision making of this unnecessary tribal council. The only effective element in this council is the head of the country their boss, Mr. Mayardiit who is the most intelligent of all the other members.

His (intelligence has nothing to do with the existence of the tribal elders council, but it is his own because he is the master mind of all what took place during his present leadership).He only consults the tribal council for tribal approval and blessing.  Believe me, this Mayardiit is very intelligent and know what to do accordingly in regards to the welfare of Dinka tribe in south Sudan. In fact he faithfully did his job as son of this southern tribe.

If this tribe failed to maintain what is done for its favor by Mr. Mayardiit, let them only blame their fate, because the work which is done for their benefit by their son, is a poor human capacity which can succeed or fails. His works (Mr. Mayardiit) are earthly like his power; he should not be blamed as a human by those who used to blame their tribal heroes. I admire the way he served his people as a tribal leader who has nothing to do with the rest of the nation, because his didactic way will teach people for self-reliance and not to depend on others as slaves in their country.

Take more ten who will eventually be one are the defected generals from the SPLM-IO or VIVA. Take the moving Amjad (small minibus in Khartoumit is different story and some of the readers may know when this name used when Makuach was in Khartoum as minister) Makuach Teny and those who went to Juba like Michael Mario, Timothy Tut Chol,  Gebriel Yual Doak,  Gatweac puoch, Malith Galuak, Lul Ruea Kong, Biel Torkeach, Garhouth Garkouth (who
according to his mission of going there, will claim in the near future, the governorship of Latjor State through a friend in Bilfam* *of Juba)
  and the illiterate  Gluten Gach Yoach.

Please make a short brain storming by comparing these defectors to the chairman of the SPLM-IO. No comparism, but the only relation with Dr. Riek Machar, is that, they are all Nuer and speak the same dialect.

With my respect to any reader, I can advice you of not making any kind of
comparison between those and Gatmachar. He differs with then in everything
except the tribe dialect.

So, this ten or one hundred can only be one who is Gatmachar, because they defected from his camp and were under his command. They are nothing and nobody can be kind enough to donate anything for them because they left their positions willingly in the opposition side of Dr. Riek Machar.

These ten are nothing, because we have only one person who signed the agreement with the government of south Sudan according to his official title as the only Chairman and commander in chief of the SPLM-IO. Nothing aside from this, except those who are addicted of conspiracy everywhere they go. So the new recipients (the government) of these comers are kind enough to contribute something to their guests specially those who are not members of parliament and  ilitary personals. They can help them outside the signed agreement because anything is divided between the opposition and the government.

All these three examples are similar to a well known story of somebody who gave ten pounds to someone as a loan to be refunded to him later. When the time came for refunding, he went to take his ten pounds from the man who borrowed the money. The reply was that, there is only nine pounds. The man refused and said he needs all his money the ten pounds and not nine pounds. Again he went back to claim his ten pounds, this time he was given eight pounds and again he refused. They went on like that until at last, he was told that there is only one pound as the only cash available. Being tired of going and back, he took one pound and went back to his home swearing that he will not come back again for the remaining nine pounds.

So, this is the same with these three examples of different thirty numbers in total. What will remain as the only cash available is PEACE and the rest are nothing and trivial. So, let us implement peace as it is for the benefit of all the southerners in the young country of south Sudan.

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