Equatoria’s Community in USA Disappointed by The US State Department For Mistreating Machar

By Kaluma Madigo,

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/SPLA(Photo: file)

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/SPLA(Photo: file)

April 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— We members of concerned South Sudanese Equatorian Community in the USA, are taken by surprise and received with profound disappointment the reckless and irresponsible decisions and utterance by the spoke person of the state department Mr. John Kirby, Faulting Dr. Riek Machar on his failure to return to Juba.

These utterances unfortunately seem to be now an official stand of the Obama Administration. We are also deeply concerned that the administration withdrawals of funding for the flight for the 1st vice president designate from Gambella Ethiopia to Juba if true is impulsive and regrettable.

If Mr. Kirby and the Obama administration are not already aware, we would like to point out the current security risks in Juba to which Mr. John Kirby wants Machar to return to without security guarantees, as Machar was demanding. On the day of Machar’s first blocked attempted return.

The UN and other NGOs in South Sudan raised security flag to 3 (meaning serious) calling their staffs to stay home on the anticipated date of Machar’s arrival, because they fear the arrival may result into violence in the town. Guess who is the prime target and by who?

  1. Several people were rounded up and detained by the security agents prior to the expected date of Machar’s arrival. Several more were rounded earlier, prior to the arrival of the deputy of the Chairman. Those arrested are perceived supporters of IO. Your administration was mute on this gross abuse of power and your statements and actions embolden Kiir’s tyranny.
  2. Members of the advance teams were prevented from receiving their boss. Only five were initially allowed to go for the reception. The number was later increased to 50, when IO protested.
  3. The public was banned from meeting the chairman at the airport. People who attempted to go to the airport were dispersed; some were beaten up. And Mr. Kirby you were mute through this and more fundamental human right violations by Kiir.
  4. The soldiers of IO in Juba were not allowed to go with their weapons to meet their boss. Later on, after intense pressure, a few dozens were allowed to go to the airport.
  5. Clearance was refused for the chief of staff of the chairman to come to Juba with his bodyguards of about 200 men and their weapons.
  6. Juba had been militarized heavily the previous days leading to the planned return of the chairman rather than to the contrary as demanded by the signed peace deal.
  7. The posters with the pictures of the Chairman with message of peace, which were put days earlier in Juba, were removed overnight by Kiir’s invisible “unknown people”, who have caused security havocs in the capital since Kiir came to power.

Mr. Kirby, how can the Chairman come into the above-described environment of high volatility, which can explode at anytime, without ability to protect himself?

It is important to realize how the Chairman escaped Juba at the onset of this unfortunate and devastating war. The tragedies of the last 2 years have been orchestrated all in attempt to kill him. His People, the Nuer, have been killed as a sideshow; with the big price for the Kiir government was and still is Dr. Riek Machar, because as long as he is alive, the tribal agendas of kiir and his kin for south Sudan shall not succeed.

Until you and your administration understand this tribal dimensions of the Juba government and pressure Kiir to make the environment as safe as possible for Dr. Machar to return, then you are simply setting the ground for his demise and a massacre of Rwanda propositions.

We are gravely concerned your reckless statements emboldened Kiir’s Tribal tyranny and agendas and your naivety and failure to understand the tribal dimensions of Kiir’s motivations and actions demonstrated to date, has set our country in the path of Rwanda.

You are heavily lobbied by Kiir henchmen in Washington DC and we are keenly aware of this, when was the last time you talk to those who are opposed to Kiir genocidal regime? Kiir has our national resources at his disposals as evident by him averting sanctions by lobbying Russia and now you, Mr. Kirby.

How could you not notice, the man, Riek Machar, may have PTSD about Juba from the traumatic manner in which he escaped with only his life from and the same killers are not only still positioned but re-enforced, fully armed to the teeth, and yet you senselessly demanded he show up without security guarantees?

Without his men and weapon who will protect him? Will you? Was it not your administrations that dispatched Africa’s strongman, Musseveni to hunt Machar down? Is it any wonder then your administration is anti Machar?

Was it not Machar the first one to sign your Peace deal when Kiir danced around it and you finally took it for him to sign in Juba without any harsh words coming from Washington DC?

Was it not Kiir who signed the deal with reservations and immediately threw the biggest hurdle on the path to peace with his 28 tribal states, you demanded him not to proceed with it but he ignored you anyways, have you use such strong languages?

Does Kiir in your book look like one who wants this peace to succeed?

Concerning Riek Machar at the time of your reckless words, didn’t he dispatch all his brainpowers to include his deputy to the nations Capital? If he wasn’t serous about peace, will he do all these things? On the other hands, what true concessions has the Kiir government done without arm-twisting to show they are serous about peace?

As reports are coming from home, Juba is fully militarized by kiir and you are mute about this. Have you ask why would he do this?

Mr. Kirby, our greatest fear is, kiir will continue to derail this peace and your administration continues turn blind eyes, because he is clearly your boy and you treat him with kids gloved, that our country shall not see peace because you and the world will continue to give him a free ride although in our book he is a criminal, one who lied about none existent coup, one who triggered unnecessary loss of lives, one who is an ethnic cleanser, one who interned his fellow citizens for two years in a concentration Camp a mile away from his residency, one who has an ethnic agendas against all the ethnic groups of south Sudan not just the Nuer epitomized by his 28 tribal states.

Unless you emergently realize the path to peace in South Sudan goes through Jolting Kiir to his senses, south Sudan is on its way to Rwanda, with Kiir on the Driver seat and you and your administrations the cheerleaders!

Profoundly disappointed Members of Concerned South Sudanese Equatorian Community in the USA

Undersigned by Kaluma Madigo: Kaluma.Madigo@aol.com

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