God Created Dinka People As Human Beings But Gave Them Evil And Devils Hearts

By Gatwech Kuan,


The Dinka culuture show in Juba South Sudan .....

The Dinka culuture show in Juba South Sudan …..

July 31, 2016( Nyamilepedia) —— If human being can blame God, I think I would be the first one to blame him ( God) for creating Dinka on earth, but no way I can’t do that because no one is above God. He is the creatures and no one knows his plans, only him and his son Jesus. He created Dinka, but gave them nothing, only lies, fabrication and distortion. I can’t believe why Dinka community can go on street, rejecting the called for all south Sudanese and international community for intervention forces?

This third forces is good for the country at large because their mandate is to protect the lives of innocent civilians being lost everyday and furthermore to stop the bloodshed. South Sudan is the part of international community, therefore if we are struggling to solve our own problems, regional and international community have obligations to intervene to prevent more violence, but that is not the case, Dinka just go on street in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, demanding international community not to intervene while more than 2.5millions already left the country and the looming famine threatening the lives of South Sudan population who remained in the country.

What is wrong for the intervention of third forces? It is clear that, their mission is to protect civilians and the leadership which is now running the country. Since the Transitional government of national unity was formed, nothing has been done so far, parliament has not been reconstituted, states government have not been formed, security arrangement stuck in between because Juba, the capital city has not been demilitarised as stipulated in the agreement, among others.

If the leadership has not provided anything as I have mentioned above, why would somebody should think that, the intervention of third parties is wrong?

Kiir has driven out Dr. Machar from his residential area which was built by international community’s and it did cost them millions of dollars from their citizens taxpayers  and the August 2015 agreement of the conflict resolution of South Sudan has costs international community a lot money and their aimed was to bring peace to South Sudan.

If the devil work day and night for the collapse of this nation , God of our creator is there and will see who is destroying this land which claimed 2. Millions lives to get it. I can’t imagine why someone or some people like Dinka would have a desire to destroy this  land? Our great and grandparents and father fought for this land before these  current generations were born and then continue by this generation and the aim of the struggle is to have country called South Sudan.

International community will come by all means because south Sudanese people failed to address their own issues and as we are part of international community we need help from outsiders.

Viva South Sudan
Viva Dr. Machar

The author, Gatwech Kuan, can be reached at gatwech@hotmail.com

  4 comments for “God Created Dinka People As Human Beings But Gave Them Evil And Devils Hearts

  1. Deng Deng
    September 10, 2016 at 5:53 am

    At Gatwech Kuan, i can not blame you by saying(“If human being can blame God, I think I would be the first one to blame him ( God) for creating Dinka on earth) because you came from Community that do not understand others and themselves,if you could understand yourself, you could have appreciated God for creating Dinka as your peace lovers, fighters that brought South Sudan out from Sudan when Nuer community enjoying Arab Services in TownLike So Call Riek Machar and the rests and have heart of forgiveness and foregone people you will never get on this world therefore,for your information,Nuer is not fighting with Dinka, Nuer is fighting with government only yet they are still now enjoying government services while some others Nuers are doing evil things,who are you Nuer? how can you milking cow while you are cutting other part of it.
    Nuer community have following Ministries in National government: 1 Ministry for Finance,2 Chief of General staff 3 Ministry for Health 4 Speaker of palm 5 Deputy Vice President and so on apart from positions you have now.what do you still want again Nuer, otherwise rebellion is in your own blood you cannot be blamed.


  2. Lokoyong Mogga
    September 15, 2016 at 11:18 am

    you are right buddy. they are actually not humans. they only resemble humans but are animals in their nature. can you see the way they murder innocent people? can you believe that salva kiir who is the evil of the nation order for killing of Dr Riak? can you believe that idiot malong tells his mathiang to either bring Dr Riak alive to him or bring his head only. are humans behaving like this really? they people are not humans at all. but the end is at the gate. no more jieng anywhere in south sudan accept in their villages eating the feces of their cows. they think they can fight and defeat every tribe in South Sudan which all together a false believe of idiots, uncivilized devils


  3. maku jolo
    September 22, 2016 at 5:17 am

    hello gatwech,
    i do not think your article headline can promote peace to last in south sudan. every tribe in world did not choose who they are….we are all mixed up bad and good people with different thoughts and feelings. It is not wise for someone like you who have been to classroom to post such heading.if even dr. machar himself cannot think in a way you are thinking. Let us stop posting such messages and make use of knowledge we get from schools….
    that is why we go to school.


  4. September 26, 2016 at 7:18 am

    I can blame you guys who are against Dinka. where were other tribes when we were fight Arab. Now, this is the time you are calling Dinka bad human when they had brought independence to s.sudan. Anyway, you are just like mosquito which thinks that it will sacked all the blood in Human.


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