White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA)-interim office GHQs,

Press Release,
By Panoum Kor Chagai,
The White army from Nasir matching to retake Malakal in March(Photo: files)

The White army from Nasir matching to retake Malakal in March(Photo: files)

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— White Army of JIKAANY-Nuer and through coordination with White Army Lou-Nuer hours ago conveyed a very strategic fruitful meeting in their unknown undisclosed location. Further to their meeting, the top freedom fighters such as a young brave captain who only wanted me to write on Facebook as Capt. BineiChop explained how eager their are to step foot into JUBA city for rescue mission of their starving brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in the UNMISS and around elsewhere in South Sudan.

Through his very own tone, this young soldier reiterate that what keeping them far away from JUBA is their command an their command instructions comes from the top office of Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon otherwise they would be roaming all streets and corners protecting civilians life and their liberties.

Dear all, as a concern member of SPLM/A IO under Dr. Riek Machar Teny, on behalf of White Army Homeland and Security Affair office under caretaker of political activist and journalist Mr. Èlbòw Çhûól, I Panoum Kor Chagai do hereby issue this as a precaution from the White Army Youth who are tired of unwillingness of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong regime and their supporters of wrong doing in the capital city JUBA to immediately respect demand of:

  1. AU intervention force in the capital JUBA to allow the return of FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny to fulfill his duties,
  2. We the White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA) rejected the partial implementaion of unwarranted installment of former Minister of Mining in the TGoNU General Taban Deng Gai because it has completely violated the rule of engagement which was pinned by the high command of SPLM/SPLA In Opposition GHQs,
  3. We WAHSA do hereby call upon intellects sons and daughters from Greater Uppernile State to shy away from this dirty politics in South Sudan that is continuing to change directions like wild wind although we encourage to participate in discussion of our nation affairs, we encourage you all to let go the support toward any disgruntled renegade such as Ret. General Taban Deng Gai and, 4. We the sons and daughters from the White Army Homeland Security Affairs WAHSA who buried their massacred family members do hereby make it clear if the AU intervention force does not act according to our perspective then we have no choice but to utilise our military capability and capacity to storm the enemy and take control ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is unfortunate that the people of the Republic of South Sudan continued to endure this painful journey through the hands of a surviving lonely wolf General Salva Kiir the imposed military president of South Sudan. We acknowledged the need to fully implement a peace deal so that the suffering be reduce or contain according to the wishes of the people of Southern Sudanese people.


  • Interim White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA) Leader Mr. Both Chol Gakah,
  • Interim White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA) Activist Mr. Panoum Kor Chagai
  • interim White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA) diaspora coordinators

Written and edited on behalf of the White Army Homeland Security Affairs (WAHSA)-interim office, I Panoum Kor Chagai, do hereby acknowledged the source as creditable and factual for media consumption purpose. I can be reach at panoumkor@yahoo.com.

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