Nuer community Must Cease Clan’s Retaliatory Revenge

”Something has to be done, and it must be done, cause if it is not done then we are done,” wise construction of words by one of great scholars Dr. PLO Lumumba.

FILE - A man from the Luo Nuer tribe carries his gun in Yuai Uror county, South Sudan (Photo: VOA)

FILE – A man from the Luo Nuer tribe carries his gun in Yuai Uror county, South Sudan (Photo: VOA)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — This is the unfolding tragedy among my Nuer societies. The well termed retaliatory revenge, the killing of my fellow Nuer scholars in the name of equal paybacks among clans or sub-clans within Nuer dynasties. This has to stop, and must be stopped not later than now.

We, the Nuer intellectuals collectively condemned these barbaric routines of targeting the educated with the strongest words possible. We openly and widely declared it a societal disaster among the vast Nuer community at large, and should jointly be cabbed with equal and safe measures of justices not later than now, and right now.

The recent assassination of Mr. John Gatkuoth Chan in Akobo County, a scholar and a member of Young Nuer Intellectuals Forum around the globe, has shocked the entire fraternity with regrets. We are left in a pool of confusion on how my Nuer community values their own assets for the change and developments, we all came to seek. We have to rethink again.

However, this filthy act it is not happening only among the bereaved Akobians or the Lou-nuer society, but also among the eastern Nuer, Jikeny  societies, as well as other Nuer clans or sub-clans. This epidemic has to stop.

How many fronts do we have to fight, my Nuer people? We are now the target from the other 63 South Sudanese tribes if not the whole world, and else we are busy trying to finish ourselves from within. Something has to be done.

Who will come into our rescue and fill in the intellectualism gap we are busy creating and widening? Targeting and killing of our own educated boys and girls, our top layer creams is what we can’t afford to watch and entertain without condemning and putting an end to it.

It is only Nuer people among the other tribes of South Sudan who have heightened with strict qualifications the competition of killing themselves from within; so where are we heading to after this league?

This is killing the very change we all came to seek from diaspora. What is the need then of going to school, when your death plans are being calculated from within the circle of one’s existence?

The Nuer Community has to cease their habits of Clan’s Retaliatory Revenge.

The sad news of the sudden death of John Gatkuoth Chan has broken our spirits as Nuer youth and our colleagues at school. It has failed our hearts. Yes, the trap of your death may be waiting for all of us (Nuer Youth) in one way or another. If this selfish mindset’s disease is not cured once and for all then we heading to a no-go zone. As goes Swahili saying, and I quote,” Ukiona mwenzako akinyolewa tia zako maji.” which means,” when your fellow colleague is being shaved, get prepared, because you may be the next on the line.” Think about this my fellow Nuer youth.

We want a world-wide campaign among the Nuer communities, back home and in diaspora against the rising killing of Nuer scholars in the name of retaliatory revenge.

LAMENTING over the wasted fruits, top-layer’s creams or energies in my Nuer society

Rest In His everlasting Peace brother John Gatkuoth Chan

Your loyalty for your beloved community and country was pure, and now a legacy.

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  1 comment for “Nuer community Must Cease Clan’s Retaliatory Revenge

  1. October 19, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Mr writer ,we all want peace in our country but peace cannot work on one side who are the victims


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