Political Issue Which Are Currently Facing South Sudan

Part one:

By Hon. Aguer Rual


Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Let me brief you about what I felt have been an issue facing our country and the government before and at the moment.

  1.   Leadership:-

South Sudan who has been fighting for their sovereign state has proven to have lacking leaders and practical skill that encircling the ability of an individual or organizational to “lead’ or guide other individuals or entire organizations. For example The current South Sudan political, economical and social crisis which is suppose to define leadership as process of social influence  in which a person could have to take into account the environment which support others in the compliment of the common tasks. Such South Sudan leadership approach doesn’t take into account the leader whose intention has not only dealing with communication goals but also by searching for personal power. For example leaders who doesn’t realized they have trait of situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma and intelligence, could be consider as fail leader. Riek Machar and Lam Akol are the good example of failed leaders.

  1.   Organizational: – SPLM

The SPLM/A whose basic aim was fighting for Independent to achieve sovereign state have now have overwhelming vote of 99% in a referendum 2011.

It has been realized that the new SPLM organization has been factional without clear policy, clear organizational structure, vision, objective and aim and without basic program, and project as well.

  1.   South Sudan not established:-

Due to lacking skills and statehood the country has not been established its institutions yet.

The question is, how you would provide services across the country, while you have not established the national institutions including census.

How would you punish criminals whilst the country has not yet finished constitution which can regulates the conducts of individuals and defends its sovereignty from external political invasion and internal wars? For example if we would have laws then we recommend that those who wage war in 2013 and 2016 in against the country and its people should have been brought to the book.

How would you make budget without clear financial standing or without knowing your Resources for example: – oil, mining minerals and agricultural and animal’s products

What criteria have been used so far as to determine the appointments of political posts and civil servants, now I can see only something like tribal representation being applied in most of the government institutions for example ministry of Labor and public service from the top to the bottom all staff are fartit from Wau only?

Another good example where there is no national-hood is the SPLA army as from 2005-2013 majority of these army were Nuer nationals only ranging from minister -chief staff down to commanders. This is not true the state national army should not constitute one ethnic group.

Can a state be able to recognize and held accountable those who have taken part in the conflicts and that person was found might have had committed crimes against humanity, state crimes, war crimes and crimes that related to corruptions.

Should the state reward such criminals with big political post and also by promoting criminals into the army high ranking?

Why should the government accommodating and paying these criminals huge of monies while they have contributed to dire humanitarian and forcing people from their homes?

Should the government held these criminals accountable for their crimes they have committed during the time they were warring with government. Good example is General Bapiny. 

It is worthwhile to note that South Sudan has not been able to address its contentious issues on socioeconomic and political aspects that have been seen one of the things which has caused the conflict.

The lack of addressing such an important issue has brought the current political antipersonnel to the current dire humanitarian, insecurity and forced immigration of our population from their homes. Schools, health which are essential and are very important aspect of the lives were been destabilized by the current conflict.

As Equatorian have taken the law into their hands, by massacring, murdering our children and women targeting an ethnic group particular Jieng who liberate them from the Arab for two centuries. We have felt nothing we can do but to condemned the barbaric act as a clear violation of human right laws. A good example is Juba Yei, Juba Torit incidents which has slaughtered more than 30 Jieng children with their mothers in the middle of the road recently.

The current tribal killing on Yei road and Juba Nimale road and ethnic targeting by some Equatorian if it not taken into consideration seriously it will get worth because the situation will be out of control and would contorts. There will be no laws, if the current Equatorian political and military leaders whether in the government or in the SPLM IO, are watching on Dinka children are being slaughters by their native supporters. ‘This is not humaneness way treating Dinka citizens if they are like animals.

Because our government is not protecting our citizens from Equatorian, for this purpose, we are calling all Jieng to take arms to protect themselves from their prominent enemies.

Division of three arms at federal level:-

Under the new federal governance it seems that there was no clear division of the three arms of the federal government in South Sudan namely: – executive, parliament and judiciary systems.

In South Sudan federal system of governance has not been introduced and structured yet. How would the state provide essential services to our people without central government who have  clear division of powers among the three level of federalism such as:- federal government, state government and local council government.

Because there is no central systems that have clear vision, that can effectively and efficiently delivery services accordingly. This central system of governance if establish it can be recognized as body that can hold all parts of the country together. Because there is no such a holding body have been established in the past, we seeing this as a reasons for South Sudan is falling apart now, we have nothing to be referred to, we only referred to people not institutions.

The current political conflicts, which have caused dire humanitarian and economic hardship in South Sudan was seen as because there is “no system holding all parts together created “. Thus we can’t have a nation whereby services are being provided to one people in one nation without body that hold all part together. For example there was plan for establishing federal governance with the agreement to provide services such as schools, health centers, hospitals and infrastructures, security, government institutions as well as national army…

The question is which body that can hold all these institutions together essentially to be establish in the South Sudan?

To my understanding, I think what they country is facing now is the lack of body which can be referred to instead of relying on individuals or elite group. For example constitution, regulations, laws and the government that representing the country is an example of body which can be used to tie up all institutions together.

The failure of the Agreements on the resolution of the conflict of South Sudan.

South Sudan does not respect and honor their agreement they have signed due to the individuals high and personal demands for example Anya -Anya -1 agreement was not honored by Joseph Lagu. Another example is Anya Any 2. Where Riek, and many others have failed to honored their agreement, but choosy switching sides have contribute destruction of dear people’s life and properties.

Who is to be blame on the dire humanitarian, force migration, financial hardship and many lives have been lost and properties damaging?

Author can be contact on aguerkuot19@gmail.com for more information.

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  4 comments for “Political Issue Which Are Currently Facing South Sudan

  1. Bismark
    October 15, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Mr Aguer,

    Do not change the course of history. Misinformation and lies will lead you and the people of the country to doom. Why are you feeling much pain when twenty Dinka people are killed? Were Nuer not people when they were kiklled in Juba? What about those Muru killed in Mundri, Lui, Amadi? How about our people killed in Wonduruba, Lanya, Yei, Morobu by those dinka soldiers in Government uniforms? All in all if you are apatriotic South Sudan and have love for South Sudan in your heart, you should condemn any killing of any human being in South Sudan and should stop spreading lies about General Joseph Lagu of Anya_nya 1. During his time no South Sudanese died like it is today under your Kiir. We can not say we want to build a nation state of South Sudan if we continue the way we are doing things in your J1. The country needs every one of us to prosper and not Dinka only. Where on earth is Fertit in control of an institution in Wau while the geedy Dinka stands aloof? Repeat your lie so that I can contemplate to agree with it. Our problem is you evening Khartoum Comboni students want to lord over us without knowing the consequences of it. You and your likes should rule your cows and forget about leading our country to hell.


  2. Whortti Bor
    October 15, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    You see, the characteristics and traits of Dinkas:
    -self denial and
    -pointing fingers and blaming others.
    Why you have only examplified Lam and Riek as failed leaders? What about Salva Kiir? Because he is a Dinka that’s why he is immune. You idiot you have nothing to say


  3. Angelo
    October 31, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Rubbish! blaming only none Dinka you don’t see where your godfather got it wrong….


  4. Simon lugalla
    December 7, 2016 at 2:29 am

    My dear.You proved to me how educated Dinka is all the same. Dinka never liberate equartoria from Arabs.we fought together.IO is out laws people ,they do not represent equartoria. If they finds me they will kill me too.IO are kill equatorians.governments are killing equatorians. What the hell in you minds for God sack .


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