The Painful Truth

By Yien Lam,

The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang who recently re-join the regime of Salva Kiir crawls in front of Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang who recently re-join the regime of Salva Kiir crawls in front of Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As Nuer myself, it is hard if not bitter to swallow the truth. But as I have been reading the news media since the beginning of this civil war, I have seen Nuers categorically being named with names that are badly now sticking on them. And in fact, we are proving our cousins Dinka right with what they have been saying as “Nuers are temporary brave, Food lover, money lover, haters to themselves and do not like their fellows Nuers to rule them” Are these true or not? To me as Yien, I approved Dinka Messages as true and I particularly appreciate my brother if not distance cousin in the IO by the name Jesus Deng Mading who veraciously telling the Nuer in general the truth. But Some may take Jesus Deng words differently because of who he may be. But his sincere and honest straight talk on Nuers issue is reality in my analytical viewpoint. I sincerely believe there are majority of Nuers if not most who are judiciously thinking like me

In this case I believe for certain, Jesus Deng is rational person who honestly talking from the bottom of his heart and thinking outside the box by expressing what we supposed not to be doing as human being in our lives  as well as his respectful South Sudanese. Believe it for certain, Deng is a South Sudanese that thwart to drown or submerge in the water of tribalism. he is a true friend in this regard because a real friend tells you your weakness. Anyone who takes Jesus Deng words erroneously and out of contact must be considered as a member of the regime encircle because reality must be told as it is.With in this case, I sincerely think nobody could repudiate the said individual words of reality unless one is affiliating with the Regime and its fake IO or one has an issue that needs a medical attention. Other than that, a sober individual cannot bother to ask anything because all facts are being laid out.

With this regard, I would like to remind us with what Kuol Manyang Juk said about Nuers by the year 2014 in Bor town. At that gathering, he said, “Nuers are like your own dog that you beat up and runaway. when it comes back, it will wag its tail and watches you with the same eyes that it has before leaving. They will come back don’t worried about their rebellion.” Not only that, he also said “Nuers are resemble to doeling goat that run up and down, back and forth for the whole day with Bucklings or Billy goat refusing breeding. But at the end of the day, it gives it all up easily.” Are those the true definition of who we are in your view giving the Taban and Lol scenario?  Of course, those are true unless one is retarded in South Sudan crisis. These are  the living reality and I don’t know if Nuers of Taban still know what those words mean at the moment? If no, as I think they don’t? what would prove wrong Kuol Manyang in your rightful mind?

In my view, I would say it is painful truth and there is no logical argument to defeat those facts because the sole living example of Kuol Manyang’s words is Lul Ruach Kong who was on February 18,2015 prodigally returned to Juba and broadcasting around the East Africa. For that matter, if you’re Nuers by nature, what would you say about Kuol Manyang Dog words. was that not a living proves? To me, it is.

Not only that, to make matter worse, on April/01/2015, Lul Mother in-law shamefully crawl as the toddler in front of kiir while lul was watching helplessly on. In this scenario again, if you’re a Nuer as kuol said, what would you say to Jesus Deng Mading as well as Kuol himself? Can you say that was not true or what else can you say in your own judgement? people, Fact must be told and truth must not be blindfolded by hatred and money. Lies can only survive for limited time, but truth lives on for years no matter what it takes.

In addition, the chief negotiator Taban and his friend lol suddenly took a very Uturn that perfectly land them on the regime that jailed Lol, chased Taban and killed innocent civilians in December 2013. Again, can you prove Kuol Manyang wrong with his words? I think not  unless you’re witless person if not psychologically retarded. These are the living facts that cannot be negated by any rational person in this generation of ours.

Furthermore, to advice the Nuers who are bad mouthing their fellows’ brothers and sisters in other side of the coins because of personal gains, I would say this to you, stop bad mouthing us. Believe it or not, you cannot be better than your fellows brothers and sisters by your Cousins unless that cousins of yours is using you for their own benefit. If not so, how can you be better than your siblings? Believe it or not goofy siblings of us, we will not rest until your God father Kiir and JCE are gone. Divided and ruled system was invested in our government  since the Sudan independent will never work in South Sudan. Kiir will only use gluttonous folks who stupidly call themselves “Good Nuers” But at the end of the tunnel, the killers with inject them with poisonous venom if they are lucky of not being killed.

Lastly nowadays, Taban, Lol and the predictor Kuol Manyang are running around the world with suitcases full of money to bribe their own people with the money that belong to them. Can you still disregard Kuol’s words? This is nonsense to whoever deny these facts. I think only Tabanists and regime sympathizers who are so blindfolded  by hatred and money that could negate this reality. Other than that, no living human can be able to say no to these facts because they were broadcasting live.

Finally, as Nuer, we must accept and negotiate our weakness in order to correct our past for the future benefit. Kuol Manyang and Jesus Deng mading are true heroes of my world because they told me exactly what some Nuers of today do in their daily lives. This is the reality and we must live with it until we prove them wrong otherwise.

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