Donor Countries no longer trust Kiir’s administration – US official


US Ambassador, Amb. Tom Hushek, presenting his credentials to President Kiir at the State house (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 17th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)- The US ambassador to South Sudan, Thomas Hushek, has said it would take some time for the international community to restore confidence after losing faith in the Salva Kiir administration, due to its corruption and mismanagement of the country’s natural resources.

“We the international community, I can’t speak on behalf of the United States, but we have had a hard time trusting the government for the last several years, and it is a very hard thing to overcome.”

Speaking during a public gathering the US official stressed that trust is an essential component when it comes to building international relations between countries.
Trust is one of the ingredients when it comes to fragility in relations or in a country. But it is hard to take those first steps,” Hushek noted.

The United States is one of the major donors countries that spends millions of dollars on humanitarian assistance to South Sudan.

Last year, the White House threatened to cut its budget, citing that the South Sudanese government has lost credibility and that Washington will leave no choice but to reduce its spending on South Sudan.

For his part, South Sudan’s Minister James Hoth Mai said the international community has a very good reason to lose confidence in the country because of the mismanagement of humanitarian aid in the country.

“They are really pouring in a lot of money into helping us here, whether in terms of humanitarian and capacity building before, and they have not seen tangible results,” he said.

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