Opinion : What a misled UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres



António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)


September 17th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)-By T. T. Shaka, Throughout my life time, I have never witness a single UN Secretary General instead of looking for a solution, stirs the waters before it settles down.

Mr. AntonioGuterres, it is very unfortunate that you have been failed by your field staff in South Sudan because they ill-advised you. Even though, was it necessary or wise for you to come up with a statement like “NAS led by General Thomas Cirilo is no longer a thread to the peace process in South Sudan” Which peace is in progress Mr. Secretary General? A paper signed by Machar is duress because it neither addressed the root courses nor it involved the Southerners in pains.

Many times I wrote Mr. Guterres, your organization, IGAD, AU and all involved in South Sudan are just using the country as a source of employment but not to get our problems solved. It is a true fact as long as the war continuous, employment is secured. Machar and Kiir isn’t the South and as long as you go on supporting them but not looking at the issues behind the walls, our war will always remain fresh.

Please remember, Thomas any anyone against the system in the country may go today but the war will remain until an acceptable solution is reached. Don’t forget we know all the peaceful countries in the world have passed the route we are taking. Therefore we shall not give up in search of that peace. One day all those who have joined Kiir and his government in looting our resources will also go.

Mr. Secretary General, it is not a pride for the world to say South Sudan as the largest camp ever known in this world under UN. Does the world know that this is imposed camp? Who on earth would love to live under such conditions by choice? It is definitely a fuss to think Kiir and Machar are in the right direction to peace with the kind of agreement.

Metal and wood are two different materials with different properties. Machar is just like those under you in your camps.

He is toothless to effect peace in the country while you allow Kiir to bull him. You guys have made history by putting someone fighting for his rights under house arrest.

Can you imagine how painful it is to be considered valueless as the world considers us in South Sudan? I bet, unless you listen to the call of the people of South Sudan, you will be postponing peace in the country.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese living in South Sudan, he can be reached atgabrieldaniel

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