Breaking: 12 SPLM/A-IO’s senior officials defect, join Maj. Gen. James Ochan’s splinter group


Major General Ochan Puot Buop, pictured after taking over Maiwut from government forces ( File/ Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 27th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)-Around 12 senior officials of South Sudan’s main armed opposition group, SPLM-IO, have pledged their allegiance to a splinter group led by former deputy commander for the SPLA-IO’s 5th Infantry Division Major General Ochan Puot Buop.

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia on Friday, the SPLM-IO senior officials including foreign representatives, heads of mission in the diaspora, said they had made a final decision to join the defected commander, Ochan Puot, leader of the Provisional Military and Political Council of SPLM/A-IO Splinter Group who announced his defection on September 22 in Maiwut.


Statement On the Declaration Of Allegiance To General James Ochan Puot, Head of The Provisional Military and Political Council of SPLM/A-IO Splinter Group.


  • On Sunday 22/09/19, Maiwut County has witnessed an unprecedented event in its history since the outbreak of war after Major General Ochan Puot declared his dissatisfaction with the SPLMIO, aligning himself along with his forces to the ruling Party. This started as a result of the internal disagreement between Maiwut civilians and former governor of Adar State, with the help of Division 5 army which mandates were to protect the civilians in the area.


  • The violent confrontations resulted in the capture of Maiwut headquarters SPLMIO ARMY, plunging the civilians to flee for their lives. Once it secured the town SPLMIO army started with killing everyone indiscriminately and looted properties. During the onset of hostilities, we appealed for calm and for the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar take drastic measures to withdraw the occupying SPLMIO army from town and to the civilians to return to their homes, but in vain. The leadership showed no interest amicably nip the situation until SPLMIO Division 5 army was forcefully dislodged from the town, leading to the capturing of the surrounding areas of Merdiet, Meth and Payams by WADU white army and Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot’s Forces.


  • In the last six years, the people of Maiwut and Gaatjaak stand in solidarity with other communities against the government after the Juba massacre of Nuer clvilians Maiwut became the center of the struggle. The citizens welcomed SPLMIO and everyone to live in their homes. The town was made the headquarters of Bilpam 2 recruits.


  • Gloomily enough, these gestures of goodwill were forgotten by the leadership SPLMIO, instead, it turned deaf ear rather than listen, and allowed small differences to degenerate into violent confrontations. After many appeals and countiess advises for leadership intervention were ignored, it became clear that SPLMIO system has hand and condone these inhuman actions of its forces which targeted a heavil populated civilians center. Therefore, General Ochan actions was to protect the civilians and their properties from the SPLMIO ARMY assaults on the town, and to bring to an the hostilities by allgning with Juba. He was doing so to give peace a chance, and expeditiously endorse the Khartoum Peace Agreement through RARCISS, but under Dr. Riek Machar Teny who allowed his army to terrorize the civilians on his watch.


  • As senior officials in the SPLMIO, technocrats, leaders of Chapters and who from Maiwut cannot sit while our constituency which we vow to protect
    under military assault by the same people it has stood with in the last six years of the war.


  • Fellow SPLMIO members both home and in diaspora; brothers, sisters comrades in the struggle; we the undersigned officials have come to this decision and to alert everyone that we stand in solidarity with the people of Maiwut and support the declaration of Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot and his Political, Military and Provisional Council.

In light of the above note and as of today, we tendered our resignation from the SPLMIO of Dr. Riek Machar Teny with immediate effect.


  • 1. Cde Col. Gatdet Bol Bangoang. SPLMIO Representative to Japan & Former Commissioner of Maiwut County.
  • 2. Cde Col. Reat Nhial Tuany, SPLMIO Representative to Nigeria and Former official at the Ministry of Interior GHQRs.
  • 3. Cde Col. Khon Kueth Mar, SPLMIO- USA National Coordinator of Veterans League & Former Adar State Secretary Finance Resources Mobilization
  • 4. Cde Lt. Col Riang Ruey Dup, Former Secretary Division 5 HQs & Former Airport Manage South Sudan Civil Aviation
  • 5. Cde Col. Ruey Yoa Yat, Former Acting Director Presidential Advisers, office of President
  • 6. Cde Jacob Both Dat, Chairman of Youth League, USA
  • 7. Cde Dr. Tor Dojiok Gach Former SPLM 1O Chairman Alaska State chapter, USA
  • 8. Cde Chuol Bur Tang former SPLM IO North Dakota State chairman, USA
  • 9. Cde Dep Nhial Tuany, Director of ROSS, Western State USA & Pioneers Humanitarian Operations in Upper Nile Drilling Waters, South Sudan
  • 10. Cde Nyayak Lul Duot, Former Women League Chairwoman of Califomia, USA
  • 11. Marol Wichduel Deng, Former Chairman, Alaska State Chapter 08-12 & Coordinator of Western States, US
  • 12. Cde Malakal Deng, Former ROSS Country Deputy Directar, USA.

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