Dear uncle Aldo Ajou, I respect you in vain!

By Nyin Baai,

Aldo Deng is a former Sudanese politician and father of the former NBA player, Luol Deng.(Photo credit: supplied).
Aldo Deng is a former Sudanese politician and father of the former NBA player, Luol Deng.(Photo credit: supplied).

July 5, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Response to my uncle Aldo Ajou Deng-DengAkuei Dear uncle that is how people lose respect.Let me a sure you right away from now you will lose respect that we have on you.There is way ature minded people use to talk.

People of your type deserve all kind of respect from all sectors why do u still carry that old policies of NCP. I beg you in the eyes of our great ancestors to refrain from such thing if not our ancestors will deal with you. Why is it nice and honey the time your brother son is the one leading and it become sin now?

We all know went you people come to Abiem and what force you to come here. I know your background very well if it’s not matter of respect of been our elder I could have skin you now but I swear before God and our ancestors if I may come across any senseless post or article I will skin you a live. My uncle you need to go for medical check up or you need seriously prayer.

I have seen Pajouthori feed here and they are not happy for reappointment of Honorable Tong Akeen Ngor. Uncle certificate must stop now we are after development not nepotism and segregation I have seen from u peoples. Foreigners has gone for all. He isn’t leading people but his own family members. That why you have not seen any kind of development in Aweil East. So we are not in need of such type of people. They must go to Canada where they come from. Your recommendation got expire and that why you are not happy with decision made by the President.

You are not there to recommend peoples to position. The so-called JCE is doing nothing and it must be dissolve. We better have South Sudan Council of elders (SSCE). JCE is a useless Organization and they are doing useless things that’s why we are separated like this.

Am not a Triblist and tribalism must come to an end if we are badly in need of development. Those who are not happy for the appointment of Honorable, the man whom I term to be people’s servant, must go to hell.You are the enemy of progress!

Nyin Baai is a concerned South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached for more information through social media.

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