Dr. Riek Machar’s recent briefing to a congregation on his COVID-19 Status

South Sudan's First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and his bodyguards post for a picture after holding a press conference on his COVID-19 status(Photo credit: supplied)

South Sudan’s First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and his bodyguards post for a picture after holding a press conference on his COVID-19 status(Photo credit: supplied)

May 24, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Briefing a congregation in Khartoum through phone in Nuer language from Juba, South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar and Angelina Teny spoken in-depth but in summary these are the main points from Dr. Machar’s speech. This translation is nearly verbatim. For better suggestions or improvements, please leave your comments below or send me an email.

Begin the translation …..

1.We [ Dr. Machar and Mrs. Teny] were tested on April 27 for COVID-19 and the results turned out negative. We did not contract Coronavirus at the time.

2.Those who worked with us [The High-Level Task-Force] are many and they come from different institutions. Some of them are from Parliament [MPs] and most of them are ministers, so they meet with a lot of people at their various capacities.

3.On May 10th, we were told one of us from Parliament tested positive. He/she had COVID-19. I called my team and advised them that one of us has tested positive, he/she has COVID-19 and therefore we all need to go and be tested. I was just tested a while ago but I will come to be tested with you all.

4.On May 13, 2020, we were tested by doctors. On May 17, the Minister of Health and the Doctor, the second most senior in the ministry, came to my residence. They informed me that our results, Maan Teny and I, have turned out positive. I told them, alright, it’s God’s will. They advised me that our tests were ran three times to confirm if the results were true or false. All tests turned out that we [Maan Teny and I] have contracted the Coronavirus.

5.When I thought about it, I came to conclusion that no body knows God’s plans. I thought if we keep this to ourselves, what if it leads to death? Our people may think that it is a conspiracy that is done here [in Juba or J1]. I decided to call a Press Conference to inform the world that Mrs. Teny and I have tested positive to COVID-19. We shall isolate ourselves from the Public and stay home for 14 days until we are fully cleared by the doctors. Right now we are at home and we are doing well. We are healthy.

6.God knows what He is doing. The most difficult part with this virus is that when it gets into your system [lungs], it becomes very difficult to breathe.That did not happen to us. I only had headache for half an hour and fever for one hour only. Right now, all that is gone. Now that we have prayed together any little residue that might still be hanging around will also be gone.

7.People have been calling me and some of them have asked me: “where is Maan Teny?”. Sometimes, when she has gone to the kitchen, I tell them she has gone to kitchen because it’s like she has recovered- she has gone to kitchen to discharge some of her duties, the duties our women do. We are healthy. Me too, I’m healthy. Please tell our people not to panic. I have doctors, a lot of our people, especially our doctors in the United States have been calling our doctors here and direct them on best practices. I’m confidence nothing bad will happen, they have done their part. I’m healthy. With this prayer, God will hear us and we will meet in peace. I’m glad we have prayed today. Inform our people that I’m healthy.

8.When the time [14 days] that has been agreed upon by the doctors comes, they will come to test us again, just like two doctors whom I trust a lot came to visit us today, together with our doctors from the US – they have tested it. They tested blood samples to determine how best they can help. Please inform our people, we are doing okay, I’m healthy and maan Teny is also healthy. We will leave the rest to God.

9.In addition, I’m confident that the military that is being trained will be graduated in one month. South Sudan will soon have one army. Those who have not been trained will also be trained. It is true that within this month or by the end of the month, the army should be graduated. Because we are left with 14 days to graduate the forces, there might be 7 days delay. All our leaders are at work to ensure that South Sudan shall have one army. Don’t panic or worry, we are okay!

10.I’m not hiding anything, I can’t keep you in the dark over a serious illness like this. This is a global pandemic but it heals within 14 days!

This speech was translated by Deng Elijah. Deng has interpreted Nuer and other languages to English and vice versa for over eight years in British Columbia, Canada. He currently works in the BC Prosecution Service in the department of Criminal Justice in the Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs. He can be reached through his email at dengsimon2000 at yahoo dot com or followed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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