South Sudan: Fighting for freedom


Date: December 23, 2013

Dear Fellow Equatorians,

On behalf of our departed and murdered freedom fighters of SPLA/M in the government of South Sudan and innocent Equatorians killed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on December 15, 2013  and now on going, three Equatorians Police Officers killed in Yambio Western Equatoria in November 2007  ( Major Joseph Azende, Major Joseph Areneo,Col. Joseph Abud), Madi Paramount Chief in Nimule, an Engineer and a Doctor in Yei and all senseless killing of Equatorians by the government of President Kiir and its Equatorians agents in the government and oppression, inequality, unfair justice and under representation of Equatorians, lack of freedom for Equatorians, Equatoria land grabbing example in Nimule and Juba plus all in human treatment of Equarians in their respective native God given land. All the above sensless and uncalled for killing of Equatorians went without justice and the killers are moving freely in all cities of South Sudan in joy while we Equatorians live in fear and subjection.

I do hereby strongly condemns the government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and its oppressive policies towards Equatorians and the minority tribes across South Sudan and the people opposing its corruption tendencies above all abuse of the national Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan. We Equatorians can not remain silent or neutral when the government in power is committing genocide against its own people like the Nuer tribe killing across South Sudan cities under the control of President Salva Kiir and its security officials in in the govenment. I call upon Equatorians to join us the people’s movement to stop this genocide committed by the government of President Salva Kiir against Nuer tribe and Equatorians in Juba who are opposing undemocratic policies moved and practised by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and its supporters.

I call upon President Kiir and its government in Juba to immediately release all Equatorians and all other tribes from South Sudan arrested for supporting Former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and First  Deputy Chairman SPLM Party. It is our duty as concern citizens to always defend the right cause for our country and it is therefore a duty for us Equatorians tribes and as a region to continue to defend the freedom, democracy, equality, fair justice,and freedom of expression that our forefathers planted in August 1955 and during the SPLA/M struggle and through the ballots casted for independence of South Sudan in January 09, 2011.

You Equatorians can not tell the world that you are neutral when you observe the government in power is murdering its citizens and Equatorians in cold blood. As  a concern citizen and Equatorian I choose to join the SPLA/M forces and Former Vice President  Dr. Riek Machar because they want to stop genocide in South Sudan and bring real democracy and equality in South Sudan. When Dr. Riek mutineed in 1991 more Equatorians were promoted because of their qualifications and capabilities compared to Equatorians who where demoted compared to their skills , abilities and contribution towards the liberation struggle. When peace was signed more Equatorians were left without employment and deployment, others like Lt. General Isaac Obuto Mamur Mette were jailed and tortured to keep his mouth shut and be loyal to undemocratic practices of the government and today our brother Isaac Mamur is  a loyalist of President Salva and are now campaingning against democracy, freedom and  fair justice for the people of South Sudan but promoting genocide in South Sudan and leading the National Security in the Office of the President Salva Kiir. It is time for Lt. General Isaac Obuto Mamur to abandon President Salva Kiir and defend the freedom of the people of South Sudan that he defended in SPLA/M struggle. For we Itahile and Otuho tribes are well known for defending and practising democracy and equalities in our traditional system of governments and in formal government as representative of the people of South Sudan.

It is time for Equatorians to identify their positions in the current tribal genocide and come forward to support the people’s movemnet and remove murderous and tortureous government of President Salva Kiir in Juba and across South Sudan. We can stop this genocide by joining the SPLA/M soldiers and Cadres that took initiative to stop genocide by Salva and restore peace and order in South Sudan. Former President of the power nation of the United States of America George W. Bush Junior said  you are either with us or with the enemies ( Axes of evil). This is exactly what I am wondering a mong my people of Equatoria region, it is your national obligation to defend the Constitution and nationals laws but not to defend evils practises that are contrary to the people of South Sudan voices and choice. It is upto you individual Equatorians, States, Counties, Payams, Bomas, officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Men in uniform, Chiefs, Politicians and citizens to be with us in the People’s Movemnet under the leadership of  Dr. Riek Machar Teny or continue subjection, torturing, murdering and oppressing the people of South Sudan under the axes of evil of President Salva Kiir who is now committing genocide in South Sudan.

Together as Equatorians and all concern citizens and tribes of South Sudan and SPLA/M we can put an end to President Kiir genocide campaign against the Nuer tribe and other minority tribes who opposes President Salva Kiir occapation, divide and rule policies and abuse of South Sudan Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan and its citizens. President Salva Kiir removal from office peaceful through demonstration and defending his organized forces from comitting genocide is the only alternative left to you Equatorians and the people of South Sudan.

I am free and with concern citizens of South Sudan and the SPLA/M campainging to stop genocide committed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and its cabinent in Juba and across the unliberated states of South Sudan where genocide is now continously committed by the government of South Sudan as reported by the media and concern citizens nation wide. I call again upon Equatorians in uniform and in all organized forces to join Dr. Riek Machar and together we will stop genocide and restore peace, democracy, equality, freedom of expression and association and fair justice for all in the Republic of South Sudan. It is your choice to remain with devils in the government of South Sudan or stand with the freedom fighters who are fighting to restore the freedom abused by President Salva Kiir and its government officials. Now is time to act responsibly and accurately in defending the national laws but not individuals and tribes.

Freedom for all Equatorians and South Sudanese tribes is now coming and it is all our national obligation as citizens and native of South Sudan to bring this together and continue to protect it so that future generations do not go back to war but identify themselves as citizens of South Sudan and  to stand up as a nation to defend external aggression.

I salute all our forces across South Sudan, Commanders and President Dr. Riek Machar and our Diaspora for their committment in stopping genocide in South Sudan and restoring order. To our diaspora communities across the world today I salute you for peaceful demonstration in support of our movemnet and government. If the Tunisians, syrians rebels, Egyptians and other concern citizens in the Arab world, Europe, North American, Australia, Asian can stand up to defend their constitutions and their rights what a bout you South Sudanese people who fought for 191 years to bring together this nation? If Martin Luther King Jr can be assassinated for Equality in United States of America and If Nelson Mandela can under go tortuere in prison for 27 years to bring and restore peace, democracy and equality in South Africa, If retired General Joseph Lagu and Father Saturnino Lohure Hilangi stood up against the evils of Sudan and South Sudanese in the former government of oppressive Sudan, what can stop you from keeping Joseph Lagu, Ali Guatala, and Fr. Ohure  dream alive and all our Equatorians freedom fighters? What can you learn from them and what can you do in this genocide campaign committed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit against his own people and government officials and their families and above all the tribes of South Sudan.

Your choice and help as Equatorians is urgently needed  to restore law and order in South Sudan as our parents and forefathers did in the past. I salute in advance all today demonstrators across the world in support of our people’s movement and call for the world leaders to listen to voices of the suffering people of South Sudan but to President Salva Kiir and his minority unwanted corrupt, murdereous government that had committed crimes against humanity example Wau innocent demonstrators shooting  and war crimes in Juba  South Sudan.

Struggle Continues and Victory is certain

Charles Pioneson


Itahile Tribe of South Sudan

South Sudan Concern Citizens International Association (SSCIA)

Member of the New SPLA/M under Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny

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