South Sudanese Youth Are In a Big Dilemma During This Political Turmoil In the Country

Jock Nhial Both Kerjiok,



A member of white army carrying his gun to defense himsefl from government troops in South Sudan(Photo: file)

Feb 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Youth are not considered experienced and knowledgeable enough to understand the complex world of politics. That is why some people believe that the youth should not take part in politics. But when the government reduced the age of eligibility for casting vote from 21 to 18, the message was quite clear: that the youth should actively take part in this peace process.

The real power lies in the hands of the young people who elect the people who rule the country. It also gave the message that our youth are mature and wise enough to understand their responsibility and they would give their mandate after carefully considering candidates capabilities. Being young, they are not swayed by the old systems of caste, creed and other orthodoxy which had been the bane of South Sudan politics for quite some time in the post-independence era, After all it is the youth who ultimately will become the stalwarts in politics and one day will hold the reins in their hands.

There has been much debate and discussion in various circles across the country on whether the youth should take part in politics. Many people believed that the youngsters being of a tender age do not fully comprehend the intrigues connected with politics for which it is often called a dirty game.

If the youth get entangled in political activities, they will lose direction and purpose. Another fear was that middle-aged and old people dominate the politics. If the youth also enter the arena, there will be an atmosphere of rivalry. Belonging to different generations, there is a possibility of generation gap, misunderstanding and even rejection of one age group of the other those who of the opinion that those among the youngsters who are students and at the threshold of some career will suffer immensely if they go astray.

If they start missing their classes and take part in meetings and rallies, they will be left behind in their career
It is necessary to have a look at the situation prevailing in colleges and universities where elections are held every year for the posts of President, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers. The atmosphere is full of political rivalries and intrigues near the elections. There is canvassing campaign among the students presenting the qualities and plans of the respective candidates.

As such the atmosphere in villages, towns and small cities is always soaked in what is known as local politics. Few young people think about doing some productive work for the benefit of society and country.

The youth who are not students, who went colleges and Universities, the youth in cattle’s camps also engaged in their local politics; for them to take part in politics is more of a matter of interest rather than getting some position in a political party. Only a small number among them ever give a serious thought of becoming a party worker, attending meetings and taking part in campaigns

They better understand the political atmosphere in the country and are well aware of the demands of politics. The youth inducted into politics have matured into great leaders. Youth are not only enthusiastic and energetic but are also full of new ideas. They are able to instil freshness in the political affairs of their respective region as well as the nation.

The youth will bring the democratic system that wills governance the Country with true justice for all.
Jock Nhial Both Kerjiok.

The author is a student of post graduate -Certificate in Child protection and Student of Master in Youth and society –currently studying in Australia- easily be reach through his Email

  1 comment for “South Sudanese Youth Are In a Big Dilemma During This Political Turmoil In the Country

  1. John Jal Kuach
    February 5, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    wise decision for all, hard to file big gap be created by our politics from 2002 after now, promotion were dead with Dr.Garrang only few maj. promoted to lt. maj. and Col. to Brig. while youth maint 2 nd Lt and 1rst Lt no promotion from 2001 upto 2015 very gap, all post of politicals are taken by elders and all never you see MP attach with his/her community to bring urban to ural area,destroy own building from inhabit to East Africa only youth are outside S.Sudan be engage by education.


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