Latjor copyFeb 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I, as legitimate former chairperson of Latjor Community Association in Uganda (LCAU) in the Special way, I want to recognize and congratulate the legitimate new elected chairperson Mr. Both Gatwech and his board for their best decision that they made to serve their people.

  1. Both Gatwech chairperson
  2. Nyapuot Kowai Chawach Deputy Chairperson
  3. Sarah Simon Chol Secretary Finance
  4. Nyuon Sudan Nyuon Deputy finance
  5. Newland Khan Secretary for Culture and Sport
  6. Changkuoth Lam Speaker

I am very happy to see some names above and I would love to advice you that serving the community is a big responsibility. No excuses day and night you must be there; now just prepare your crown of love so that you can be able to carry all the burdens of the community on your neck.

With love you are going to solve big problems in an easy way, with love you are going to maintain our togetherness. With love you are going to win the pessimists people (people who always look at the opposite direction). With love and forgiveness you are going to finish your two years term very quick. Therefore, at the end don’t hesitate to call your beloved community and hand over the power as the same way they’ve given it to you. Keep in touch and maintain the relationship with both internal (4 communities in Uganda) and external (Jikany in Diaspora) communities.

As a conclusion I would like to appreciate the electoral commission (EC) of LCAU for the wonderful work they have done; specially Duop Luk Kuar, Hon. Mabil Ruot Chuol, Kueth Thowat and Kang Deng. God bless you and tam the way of your leadership with many blessings.

Thank you

Jol Jock Duop

Former Chairperson

And you can reach me with

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