Greater Twic East and Greater Duk communities’ Urgent Response Press Release!

Greater Twic East (Eastern Twi Dinka), and Greater Duk communities (Dinka Nyarweng & Dinka Hol) of Twic East County & Duk County, Urgent Response Press Release

Source: via Dinka Twic East

Source: via Dinka Twic East

April 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This is Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Youths. Today, we are here to respond to recently posted articles on Radio Tamazuj…/bor-and-pibor-trade-accusations-…) and Sudan Tribune (

According to our analogies concerning to those articles about incident, we have concluded that or finalized in our senses that the way the incident has been portrayed so far could be a make-up idea from Greater Bor/Dinka Bor/Bor County people to destroyed Murle tribe.

Why? Well, we related these kinds of set-ups with the recent argument being made between Bor County politicians and Pibor County politicians in regards to proposal of road network that would connect the Central Equatoria State to Greater Pibor Administration area. It was denied, and the finger-pointing was fitting towards Bor County politicians. To us, that road project might have dismayed the Dinka Bor people of Bor County who are jealous about that development to Murleland, whatsoever.

So to you our brothers and sisters from Greater Pibor Administration Area, the Greater Twic/Eastern Twi Dinka/Twic East County and Greater Duk/Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Hol/Duk County citizens have nothing to do with our neighbor ideal against you, you the Great people of Murle. Thus, you guys need to know that, Eastern Twi Dinka of Dr. John Garang de Mabior and Dinka Nyarweng & Dinka Hol are different sub-tribes within Dinka community. They even have their own Dialects that have much differences with Bor County citizens’ Dialect. That means, you people need to be aware of that history that identifies these communities as one entity is truly false.Visit these links for more:……/…/0197261469…/1954%20Map%20-%20Tribes%20of%20S…

Response to this quote: “We have been saying that all the insecurity in Greater Bor area is the work of Murle but they deny [it]. The capture of this man is another evident,” Ruuk explained, referring to Bor, Twic East and Duk counties inhabited by members of Greater Dinka Bor community.”

We don’t believe the Commissioner of Bor County, Mr. Mamer Kuur has said the above quote. If he has done so actually, and it has not been attributed to him. But if he has said the above quote, then we think he was driven by the identity problem between Greater Twic East, Greater Duk communities vs. his Greater Bor Community, and thus deviated from the truth that he knows. Therefore, we are afraid to say that he will be responsible for his hypocrisy which has caused more uproars to repeat ourselves. Furthermore, we think he shouldn’t have said the above statement because we truly know the histories of these communities, and due to his educational professionalism that has allowed him to become the Commissioner of Bor County he should have known better.

We still doubt, and our doubts was particularly based on the claims that these individuals are part of an army based in Mading Town. Time will tell, if this one is true or false.

As always, Eastern Twi Dinka people don’t trust Dinka Bor people over anything they have hands on.

“Dhaal ayur cï në bï luɔ̈i të yen tɔŋ ëgoŋ.”

Signed by Greater Twic East Youths in USA

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA will have Dr. John Garang Memorial Day and Fund Raising in USA would be on July 4, 2015. Stay tune.

“Të yin Twi ci coo yïpiɔ̈u keyin bi pig ëyï nyin eŋaŋ.”

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  5 comments for “Greater Twic East and Greater Duk communities’ Urgent Response Press Release!

  1. April 11, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Empty barrel make noise. Our brothers who call themselves USA twic east are very dumb to the lowest of dummies. Talking like this will not spare you from being attacked by enemies who at the surrounding, whether Nuer you are already try make a friend with or the murle you are now trying to buying their friendship. They do not differentiate us so you better keep your mouths shot. majority of your parents are not even at home you should think about who displace them.


  2. April 12, 2015 at 12:32 am

    Yes their parents are not currently at home due to Kiir invitation of Museveni’s troops who just bombands civillians’ areas in Jonglei state. So for everybody to return home and stays safetly, Kiir Museveni must go!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. micheal bol
    April 12, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    you Dinka Twic east you have peoblem,why are denied your own brother Dinka Bor.Without Dinka Bor you wouldn,t the light of south sudan.


  4. deng
    April 13, 2015 at 7:57 am

    leave this sick people alone. they are sick mentally. how can they purport to be supporting murle and nuer who are dinka enemies number one and who have massacred countless number of their own people in recent time. shame on you!!!. south sudanese have lost trust from you and keep dreaming of wild fatasies. no day nuer and murle will from any government in south sudan with dinka majority from bhar el gazhal. you are stupid indeed!!.


    April 14, 2015 at 1:56 am

    hey brothers and sisters of greater south Sudan,what’s this commotion talk you are practicing among yourself,we all need peace and love.please stop talking stupid dispute shit you all like.remember what Sudan govt say about s.Sudan during separation.there is no south Sudan without Sudan.for me no south Sudan without youths


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