SPLM/SPLA Calls On The Government Of Uganda To Respect “Cooperation Agreement”

Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino posts with SPLM/SPLA delegation receiving newly defected Brig. Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Puoch Mar (wearing red tie) in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino posts with SPLM/SPLA delegation receiving newly defected Brig. Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Puoch Mar (wearing red tie) and Cde Agel Riing Machar in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

April 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s SPLM/SPLA [in Opposition] calls on Museveni’s administration to respect the memorandum of understanding that the two parties signed on August 21st, 2014.

According Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, the Chairman of National Committee for Political Mobilization, SPLM/SPLA has been closely monitoring developments in relations to memorandum of understanding, named “Kampala Outcome”, however, to their disappointment the rebels’ faction has learned that Kampala disowns the agreement.

Dr. Oyet explains that the agreement, which is acknowledged by IGAD, Troika and African Union, was a landmark understanding aimed to bridge the gap between the two parties after the Ugandan Government illegally sent its troops to fight alongside Salva Kiir’s forces, however, Kampala has continued to disown the agreement.

“There are obviously certain unacceptable conducts that undermine the spirit of the cooperation agreement that we are not happy with particularly the continued military supports and reinforcements of the SPLA by the UPDF in different fronts in Upper Nile.”Dr. Oye explains.

The SPLM/SPLA [IO] blames Kampala for reinforcing Salva Kiir troops in the recent major battles in Upper Nile state.

“The recently concluded joint military exercise by Government of South Sudan’s forces and the UPDF was a serious cause of alarm and highly provocative and flagrant violations of the ”Kampala Outcome” which calls on the UPDF to play positive role in the peace process. This is tantamount to obstruction of peace in South Sudan in favor of military solution.” Oyet continued.

The rebel faction further accuses Kampala regime of harboring and feeding heavily armed Salva Kiir’s security intelligence, Mathiang Ayoor, Dotkubeny and Gelwengs forces which are deployed to Uganda on secret missions.

“Heavily armed Personnel from juba Military Intelligent, National Security Services and elements from Juba militia; Mathiyang Anyor, Gelweng and Dutku Beny are marauding in Uganda in search for kills.” Oyet Nathaniel Pierino said.

“These thugs are nesting in South Sudan’s embassy in Kampala and their satellite offices countrywide while enjoying close contacts and cooperation from elements of Uganda’s security and military establishment.” he added.

Oyet, the former head of political science department at Juba University, affirms that the opposition has obtained hard evidence that South Sudan embassy in Uganda has built a database, containing the names of IO officials and family members that are prime targets for hit and abduction in the neighboring landlocked country.

“Yes, we obtained classified evidence to the effect that Government of South Sudan through its embassy in Uganda has compiled long hit and abduction list which includes particulars top SPLM/SPLA officials and members of their family and has shared this with elements within Uganda’s military and security establishments and action may be imminent.” Oyet explains.

Media Hate Speech

The opposition is also concerned of “unfortunate media hate speeches and incitements by officials from the government of South Sudan on state own media and press outlets in Uganda”.

Dr. Oyet explains that the media hate speech has traumatized the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, leaving them in panic.

“Government of South Sudan’s officials through the embassy gives unequal treatment to South Sudanese and continues to polarize and divide the population along tribal and ethnic lines as part of the genocide policy.” Oyet explains.

The Opposition urges the government of Uganda not to be part of the fateful policy since relationship between Uganda and South Sudan is natural and extends beyond longevity of a regime.

SPLM/SPLA [IO] cautions the Ugandan media and government officials that any misrepresentation and misreporting of their grievances will derail thr little trust between the two parties.

“Security and intelligent misgivings and misreporting as well as judgments clouded by greed and power is to blame for the unprecedented collapse of trust between Ugandan and South Sudanese political forces both in the SPLM/SPLA and those currently within South Sudan.”

According to Dr. Oyet, SPLM/SPLA is committed to maintain peaceful coexistence and spirit of Pan Africanism with regards to integration, trade, commerce and prosperity of South Sudan, Uganda and the region.

  12 comments for “SPLM/SPLA Calls On The Government Of Uganda To Respect “Cooperation Agreement”

  1. Riek Koang
    April 11, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Oyet Nathaniel Pierino is giving false and misleading information to confuse South Sudanese in and around the world not knowing Nuers of Riek are using him and Ladu Gore as Condems which will be thrown later after they get its good part.

    These disgruntle and power hungry equatorians are wasting time in support of Riek, they will later see the true colour of Riek after getting what he want, Uganda should assasinate them. How can you talk ill of Uganda while you are within Uganda. Yes lots of names are on the list for Assasination including your self Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, watch you, you may die for some one’s problem.


    • GatNor
      April 12, 2015 at 6:35 am

      If Riek was to be out of the picture today I am telling you things would be hard to contain giving you and Juba no better option but to vacate the country and run to Uganda. Riek is talking peace and many others want to war. Ofcourse you don’t get it.


  2. Chiang Toomuch
    April 11, 2015 at 11:52 pm

    Who are you traitor and sellout moneylover” Riek Koang” to say that opposition are misleading people about situation in Uganda. If the information come up for assassination of all opposition family members people should be careful about these genonical regime. Better make your mind up whether you like or not Riek Machar is going to come as President or Prime of South Sudan.


  3. April 11, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Riek Koang, that is exactly what your tribal regime did when he pretended like representing others tribes in the government as apart of blindfolding others and later on shown it color by killing civilians and fall coup announcement. We are not criminals and greedy like you thought. Look! South Sudanese are more open minded to be fool. They cannot be fool like others African countries. We are 21 century people, not 19 century like you thought. Riek could be weak on others things, but not a tribal like you.


  4. April 12, 2015 at 12:09 am

    Hey, ya Salva Kiir’s wife called Riek Koang. Wake up in order for to you see bad things being practice by your corrupt tribalist Juba’s illigetimate president so called Kiir Mayar or otherwise, you will be blown off by post-coming monsoon wind together with him.


    • Riek Koang
      April 12, 2015 at 3:54 am

      You all based your comments on tribal line ya fool illiterate Nuer cow boys, what has Riek did in South Sudan when he was vice president other than looting the resources and kept it in foreign banks????

      Kerker, Kai Daang and Chiang: all deseverd to be in the cattle camps, who has authorized animal oriented people to give comments on modern technology?? you are yet to get modern Civilization before talking about politics, your people still move naked in the cattle camp. for you the three only copied the culture of putting on clothes from Equatorians, Equatorian deserve to be president of South Sudan to organise you the animals.

      Salva Kiir never kill too much the way Riek did, what you already put in your empty skull which contained toxic blood after removing the right one is only hatred: heheheh Nuer must rule this country, who are you??

      Continue enjoying your free given food from UN at UNMISS camp in peace than talking nonsence all the time giving an impossible demands which couldn’t happen. Riek is finishing Nuer youths for nothing and Nuer are confortable dying for him, please start counting your population now and make decision, if you think Omar Albashir your usual husband will continue helping you.


  5. Madong Kuoth
    April 12, 2015 at 2:34 am

    I never seen,who this lover money called himself Riek Koang! How much exactly that this bloody money Riek Koang is getting to pay. Shamefully on him. Freedom Fighters are not criminal foolishness Riek Koang so put in your dumber minds that Freedom will come to South Sudan through by all necessary means period by Freedom Fighters.


    • Riek Koang
      April 12, 2015 at 5:19 am

      Continue advocating for other people to die while Foolish Madong Kuoth with is rings on his fore empy skull is hiding in UNMISS Camp, eating free food from UN and rapping women there, please come out and go to experience the real battle in the frontline before you give out your useless comment with your traitor husband Fool Riek with his forzed Doctorate used for killing South Sudanese. Riek is your husband but Criminal Albashir is the overall husband of all Nuers who are supporters of Traitor Riek.

      Riek and his group are trying to resale South Sudan to Omar Albashir because they couldn’t feel pain of Independence since they never fought for it. Garang and Salva were busy defeating the Arabs while Riek and his current associates are busy confusing the movement by attacking them from the back after been bribed by Omar by oil money. Riek and his groups were used by Albashir as protective Militias to protect the oil fields on behalf of Sudan Armed forces. Riek and his group will never claim for any thing in this country.

      The problem with Riek and some Nuer traitors is that, its easy to decieve them by giving money then they change their minds, see now Sudan is seriously Training and Arming Riek’s Militias thinking they will succeed to tople the Government militarily, shame on you Riek and Madong Kuoth, can’t you feel ashamed when returning to ask to be forgiven? but am afraid will be very difficult for South Sudanese to forgive this time, unless they send some to answer criminal charges before God in heaven.

      Doom Doom Doom Doom Nuer rebellion with no Objective, only positions and Oil, what a country with these cow people who value animal life to human?? Cursed people on earth, their ending times are nearing now.


  6. April 12, 2015 at 5:09 am

    Thanks you Dr. Yiel for your right decision of meeting Mr. M7 administration although he had saled the country troops for his interest.

    The faction has been seriously busy to reinstalled Peace in the country’s whose messed by in feted president who will recently regret and end up soon via international community should make amicable decision on those carrier crimes involving of innocent killing.

    However Mr Riek was locking by anesthesia and insomnia whichever force him to lobby for gained rather than miserable massacres of 2013.

    I personally thank for publishing his interest nor people, but he is finished thought their bribed allies will go back soon and get money for slaughtering him once we have back home.

    Therefore hold a responsible of siding interests yet you will shortly saw red gland whereas Nuer are none biblical with an amino sucker bloodthirsty.

    Maybe he is awaiting for yesterday metabolic and/or orphans can’t Exocet income for his family.


  7. Madong Kuoth
    April 12, 2015 at 10:15 am

    I am understood this name Riek Koang is Nuer’s name,but he is not Nuer so just pretended to Nuer on media house,but he is not. For your information dumber Riek Koang so that you have no idea where I am why not using your really name instead give us false name. Shameful on you.


    • Deng II
      April 12, 2015 at 3:53 pm

      Madong Kuoth , back off from this guy called Riek Koang is dangerous on both side,by writing and fighting through hand battle or AK 47, if I were you, I would not need his really name. if you like to fight in the web then, write what is in your shallow mind that compose with empty an ideas, and full of nonsense, absurd outburst of temper or go to frontline.
      So where you going to fight in South Sudan? Unity State? Upper Nile State? Jonglei State? UN Camp so that to throwing food or bean to each other?


  8. April 13, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    I have never heard polish tribe like Nuer in Africa.
    why do you finished your young generation?, because of one person ( Riek Machar), no other people with PhD in Nuer tribe?.
    Or if the name ” Riek” has significant aspects in Nuer’s Language, why don’t you advocate or stand with Riek Gai ( who has clear records in the history of South Sudan ) to be a president of South Sudan? When I said , ‘ clear records’ I mean someone who did not kill South Sudanese.

    There is a phrase in Nuer language “Wenthiin”, figuratively, it refers to ” let’s go, let’s do it”, no matter whether they want to kill a person,set a house on fire or any others anti social behavior.

    In Nuer’s language, there are no words like ” clarification, explanation, description and elucidation etc”, and everything is dialectical and taken for granted.
    Nuer ( I mean people here) do not ask questions such,as, ” Why do we want to do that, what will be the consequences of that action?”
    Therefore, if Nuer does not change this anti social norms phrase, I believe they will finish in the near future.


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