AK47 Gives a Right to Say Not Only a “No!” but a “Big No!”

Members of South Sudan's SPLM/SPLA-IO fighting against Salva Kiir regime (Photo: Peter Biro/IRC.)

Members of South Sudan’s SPLM/SPLA-IO fighting against Salva Kiir regime (Photo: Peter Biro/IRC.)

April 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) has been resisting the genocide and tribal government of Salva Kiir for more than 15 months. Though the SPLM/A-IO believes that the only rightful means to halt Kiir’s made war is through a genuine commitment to a faithful and honest negotiation, yet it is equally our conviction that Salva Kiir’s unwillingness to negotiate peace in good faith is alterable through AK47.

AK47 is a last resort to force Salva Kiir to negotiate peace genuinely and honestly. It is through AK47 that the SPLM/A-IO gains confidence to say not only a “No!” but a “big No!” on the face of Salva Kiir when he attempts to misbehave. This article is a response to Mr Luka Biong’s latest opinion which I believe is a negative contribution to a genuine search of a lasting peaceful solution to the crisis in South Sudan.

The Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) has been mediating peace since 01/01/2014 but this effort failed to achieve a lasting peace on 06/03/2015 due to Salva Kiir’s stubbornness and deliberate refusal to strike a peace deal with the SPLM/A-IO. As a result the SPLM/A-Juba had been and is still engaging in a tribal and deceitful politics.

In his article dated April 7, 2015 “IGAD: Another deadline for peace in South Sudan” Mr Luka Biong refuted the idea of two armies. Instead he proposed the extension of pre interim period as a gesture to build trust and consequently convinced the SPLM/A-IO that their security is guaranteed.

Mr Luka Biong got to understand that the issue is greater than security guarantor. In addition to their security, the problem involves trust.

Does Luka Biong think that SPLM/A-IO trusts Salva Kiir and his thugs after they have killed innocent non-political civilians of Nuer ethnicity? And do you think SPLM/A-IO believes that Salva Kiir and his criminal colleagues will implement the terms of the agreement honestly and faithfully when he rejects the involvement of United Nations in the election process after two years of transitional government?

The fact that Salva Kiir violated the terms of South Sudan temporary constitution; coupled with his cunning attitude to orchestrate a ploy to justify his premeditated crime against innocent civilians in the capital Juba are sufficient evidence to justify SPLM/A-IO withdrawing confidence from his leadership. Rather than condemning Salva Kiir’s failure, Mr Luka Biong blindly supports his racist and brutal government suggesting the extension of pre interim period. The SPLM/A-IO would like to put it clear to Mr Luka Biong, Salva Kiir’s government and indeed to the international community that the concept of two armies involves safeguarding and protecting the peace agreement; and providing security to the SPLM-IO supporters.

Luka Biong should recall the history of Sudan and South Sudan in particular. Remember that the 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement signed between Jaafar ElNumaeri, the president of Sudan and the leader of Anya-nya movement General Joseph Lagu which ended a 17-year old civil war in Sudan was dishonoured by Jafar ElNumari himself in 1982. This happened because there was no army to protect the agreement. And this led to the 1983 civil war which lasted for more that 20-years.
The 1972 peace agreement cost South Sudanese and indeed the whole Sudan 4-million soles in the quest for a lasting durable peace.

As a nationalist and a peace loving individual, Mr Luka Biong should have supported the notion of keeping two armies separate because this AK47 is the only guarantor and hope SPLM-IO have to resort to and say “No!” and a ‘big No!’ to Salva Kiir and his cohort if they attempt to violate the peace agreement. Thus the SPLM/A-IO will never allow Kiir and his Dinka elders to violate the agreement and lead the whole country again into another civil war in the future.

Therefore Mr Luka Biong’s proposal supports war which Salva Kiir longs for as a means to end this crisis. His suggestion promotes a bad peace as it will breed war in the long run.

SPLM/A-IO dreams of a peaceful South Sudan where all citizens are equal under the law. All citizens are first class citizens of equal importance and value. But Salva Kiir dreams of a South Sudan where citizens are classified as first, second and third class citizens in their own nation. We will not allow this to happen!!

The SPLM/A-IO suggestion for two armies during the interim transitional government of national unity involves a genuine and faithful desire to achieve a lasting peace for all South Sudanese people. Hence the two armies promote a good peace for a better South Sudan. Salva Kiir has lost the trust of most South Sudanese people. Every part in South Sudan lacks security.

Because of his dictatorial and impunity tendencies, SPLM/A-IO believes that two armies under two different commands during a transitional government of national unity is a requirement for a genuine implementation of any peace agreement. Our army is the confidence and a backup of the SPLM-IO. We can loudly and clearly say a “big No!” when Salva Kiir attempts to violate a single term of the peace agreement.

Also Mr Luka Biong suggested the postponement of a Federal system of governance till after the transitional period of the government of national unity. This is another worrying proposal from a person who alleged to be an advocate of peace in the country.

Federal system of governance has been the demand of South Sudanese since 1947. The refusal of Khartoum government to implement federalism was a prime reason for the first civil war of 1953. Equatorians again raised voices for the inclusion and implementation of federalism in the temporary constitution of 2011, but the government of Salva Kiir did not pay genuine attention to this vital demand.

Now is the time to implement federalism. It does not need any delay because South Sudanese overwhelmingly had demanded federalism since 1947. South Sudan could seek the support of the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to educate south Sudanese politicians if Luka Biong thinks they are illiterate of federalism. However SPLM/A-IO believes that federalism brings all South Sudanese together as strong united people who celebrate their diversity in a spirit of unity and peace. Federalism is a permanent solution to the issue of war in South Sudan.

In conclusion, SPLM/A-IO believes in resolving South Sudan crisis peacefully through negotiation. Given the fact that Salva Kiir has lost the trust of South Sudanese yet SPLM/A-IO believes in a genuine lasting peace which is achievable only when the parties keep their respective armies under two different commands separately. This will also ensure that both parties are kept honest and sincere in implementing the terms of the agreement. A genuine and lasting peace is our primary goal, and the SPLM/A-IO will never risk the future of South Sudanese generation for a cheap peace deal. Any procrastination to the implementation of federalism which is the demand of the people of South Sudan implies piling undesirable future consequences.

Mr Luka Biong got to underline the fact that a need for a-two-separate army is not only a solution to the security issue of the SPLM/A-IO but it is a necessary condition to ensure that both sides commit to implement the spirit of the agreement faithfully and honestly. South Sudanese people and the whole world believe that Salva Kiir is untrustworthy and illegitimate after December 15th 2013.

This article was written by:
James Peter Lokudu, a member of the SPLM-IO Canberra branch – Australia
He can be reached by using the following email address: kilibor2002@yahoo.com

  16 comments for “AK47 Gives a Right to Say Not Only a “No!” but a “Big No!”

  1. April 12, 2015 at 2:09 am

    It is in did big No,but let them doing it,but they have to think of future than only big peoples and positions because of most us have no future at all.


  2. GatNor
    April 12, 2015 at 2:23 am

    “Most people respect the badge of [authority] but Everybody respects the gun”


  3. Riek Koang
    April 12, 2015 at 2:27 am

    Please don’t compare the current war with SouthSudan-Sudan war, or don’t compare CPA to be same as the current peace stalk, there was ideological, Geographical, Religious and Racial difference between Sudan and South Sudan not like the current tribal war waged by Nuer. There was part of the country called South Sudan and Southerners were by then fighting for total seperation, what of now? what are the Nuers fighting for? Most of the rebel commanders said fighting to avenge for the killing of Nuer in Juba, waaw make nonsence. Most of the major towns are government controlled, where will you keep your Nuer Militias, in which towns? may be in the bushes of Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity.

    Let me assure you Government will not accept any thing to do with demilitarization of major towns, for what reason while Government is suppose to protect its borders from Aggression from Sudan. Riek is being used by Sudan as condom to destroy the country so that Sudan take upper hand in all disputed border areas including Abyei.

    Two armies? this is total childish behaviour from Nuers? one called National Government army then one called Nuer Militias, only foolish Government will accept two armies. If Riek wanted the oil, let him fight for the independence of only Unity state so that he annexed it to Sudan and become the president of Bentiu as this had been his quest for.

    These Nuer Militias should be fought and defeated militarily so that it discourages others from doing same way of taking power, this is Riek’s business in South Sudan history to always be called Warlord, he will die this time because this is no longer 1991 where people do forget things easily.


    • GatNor
      April 12, 2015 at 6:27 am

      Oh hear we go again with the let me assure you BS and more BS.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWNING AGAIN!!!


    • April 12, 2015 at 6:30 am

      Riek Koang thank you for your response.

      History is very important because it guides todays thoughts and strategies for a better future. If you say we should not compare this Salva Kiir war with the 1972 civil war, then what would you compare it with?

      We don’t believe and trust Salva Kiir anymore cause he has violated the transitional constitution of South Sudan. He is illegitimate. But for peace sake, we compromise to negotiate with him, the criminal.

      Riek Koang, you ought to remember that this war is not a Nuer war but it is a South Sudanese civil war. The 1983 civil war led by Dr John Garang was started by the Nuer community in 1975 – 1982 under the leadership of Samuel Gai Tut. It is true that the leadership of this movement is a Nuer but this does not mean that it is a Nuer war.

      The demand of two armies does not mean that the SPLM/A-IO desires to divide the country but it is a guarantor for a permanent peace. As you said that war is your strategy to bring peace in South Sudan. But I tell you that the consequences of this decision are detrimental of which you will regret. War is easy but the implications are severe.

      Riek Koang, do you know that SPLA is already dead? And do you know that the forces in South Sudan today are Salva Kiir’s militia (Dinka), JEM, SPLA-North and the Ugandan forces? This requires a need for a mechanism to build a South Sudanese national army. Peace agreement supported by two separate army of SPLA-IO and SPLA-Juba factions is the only mechanism for a national South Sudanese army.

      To achieve a genuine peace Salva Kiir ought to take bold decisions which include accepting the existence of two separate army to keep both parties honest to implement the terms of the peace agreement. Other than this South Sudan will never achieve a genuine lasting peace.

      Remember, as South Sudanese were on the right side when fighting Khartoum government and achieve the right of self determination, SPLM/A-IO is on the right side. They are fighting a just war to achieve freedom, federal system of governance, justice and rule of law for all South Sudanese.

      We have already achieved self determination. The next goal is to dismantle dictatorship and tribalism. And install freedom, justice, federal system of governance and the rule of law.

      Liked by 1 person

      • GatNor
        April 12, 2015 at 9:15 am

        It seem that Juba is content with the way things are in the country. What I mean is Juba regime does not care about how its policies of ethnic divides are running the country to the ground as long as Juba maintain the leadership status. According Juba politicians the general assumption is that any changes that is to be made must be in their terms. From reaching a peace agreement, power sharing arrangements, uniting and re-integrating the SPLA forces of countless factions, withdrawal of foreign forces from South Sudan down to what system of government is more suitable for the country to debt responsibility. The wish list of Juba politicians is not only absurd but outright wrong and endless.

        The idea of shouldering the burden of debt responsibility accumulated by the same corrupt thugs that now call themselves Juba politicians since independence and throughout the civil war on the SPLM-In Opposition is another indication that peace is not within reach should the world leave that responsibility to Juba regime to dictate the terms on dialogue for a peaceful solution to the conflict at the negotiation tables.

        South Sudan is not 3 or 2 country nor will it be anytime soon in order for debts accumulated at a national level to be drop on either faction leaving the so called “elected legitimate government” without owning up to its responsibility. Some one is responsible and must answer for the huge debts and eventually as signature are there from the creditors that want to be repay back. My concern is that it is possible that there could be forces aiming and working to split the country and this would make the issue of the country debts being discuss.

        Juba and their supporters down to their sympathizers have so far resort to frustrating every effort that could bring peace and eventually bring the country back to some normalcy. This is why we have individuals like our friend Mr. Riek Koang are actually attempting to distort the online dialogue and interaction amongst the participants of the forum and the educators like yourself by ignoring the deep truth to which this article has conveyed so well.

        Assume we sit at a table to discuss our disagreement on this particular topic, I am sure it would not go down well much like the SPLM’s NLC during Dec/2013 where some overreacted and resort gross violence against their fellow citizens.

        Good luck with that chameleon fool. I don’t even know the idiot’s name anymore.


  4. Albino Kosti
    April 12, 2015 at 3:51 am

    An impressive respond to the article of Mr. Luka Biong, Mr. James Peter has explained clearly the reasons why during the transitional government that South Sudan needs two separated armies because the SPLM-IO wants all terms of peace deal will be honour by the lost trust president. We South Sudanese do not want a short cut peace deal, and a war start over again tomorrow. We are looking for eternal peace solution because our people are suffering a lot for consequences of war itself. We have to lock the door of war in South Sudan.


  5. Chulbaar
    April 12, 2015 at 6:43 am

    Riek’s gangs have now resorted to seeking peace than talking a big talk as usual….What’s wrong with MIGHTY NUER warriors’ slogans that they have been singing since the initiation of this war?…Where is the White Army?….I so believe that defeat must be striking the camp of the SPLA-IO so hard…Surrender is eminent here…And stories of the 90s are close to repeating themselves…Please Naath, AK47 should not be on your lips , you must immediately throw it far away so peace can come to our country, because I know you will NEVER win this war…You’re just too complacent and underestimating your enemy while ignoring the visibility of your weakness in the battle fields.. COME HOME and throw away any sharp object in your possession including the AKs…


  6. Deng II
    April 12, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Although we being lead by empty head patriot, traitor (Machar) is not an alternative either.


    • Deng II
      April 12, 2015 at 7:01 am

      we are fine with empty head than traitor.


  7. April 12, 2015 at 7:09 am

    No, no, for Salva Kiir to demands as a president. Why because he misbehave, he is a pool, he is a literate Dinka and very stupid enough. And he must Go——!


  8. warfive
    April 12, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Not only that but the genocide he had committed to Nuer tribes was the evidence justified the 1991 massacred in Bor area, so that’s the politics of revenges existed between Jieng and Nuer.


  9. April 12, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    If the Juba faction are sure that they will implement the peace in the future, why do they worry about the two armies?


  10. April 13, 2015 at 12:22 am

    I agreed with the implementation of two armies in south because it will be desolve after the end of transitioal period.it would be difficult to join the two armies while transitional government is not yet to be disolved.let me aware all of you Nuer guy from this social network Riek kong is just giving him self a Nuer name while is not Nuer. please riek stop callling your name Riek starting from today onward.


  11. April 13, 2015 at 4:38 am

    please salva is the president of money,don`t believe him,let me advice all of you the time of salva is finish, try to join thr rebel befor the salva remove in to power,if not go to ugantda,Egype,jem,rwanda,thank you mr Gatnor for your word.


  12. April 13, 2015 at 4:52 am

    please nuer dont believ false information,many dinka change their name on facebook to nuer name.that is why you see many people say wrong word to nuer while their name are nuer name.please dinka dont afraid,if you want to say wrong word please don`t chang your name to nuer.


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