The Spokesman for Lul Ruach Kong’s movement Believed Dead In Juba!

By Mak. B. Gok,

Team Lul Ruai Koang meeting the president at his palace where some went scrolling on their knees(Photo: file)

Team Lul Ruai Koang meeting the president at his palace where some went scrolling on their knees(Photo: file)

April 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Several sources in Juba have confirmed that, Mr. Gatwech Kuon Riek, a former Spokesman for Lul Ruach Kong’ movement and later, a coordinator for the same Lul’s immoral political amphitheater, have gone missing for about three weeks.

No one including his closest friends and relatives is acquainted with where he is kept. It remains a mystery in Juba how this young man disappeared and what really slew him in Juba.

It has been quite a concern for us his relatives, friends and co-opts to know where he has suddenly gone to in Juba. Recently, we discovered that Lul Ruach Kong, who has just deserted his post in the bush and formed his own business company-likes movement to negotiate himself something while surrendering to Juba government, has knowledge of where and who slaughtered our relative, Gatwech Kuon.

Mr. Gatwech Kuon was the first purposive young man amongst the Akobo youth who had the guts to embrace Lul Ruach’s movement food-objectives in Juba. He consorted with Lul the day he arrived in Juba from Nairobi after he abandoned his chore with revolutionary movement (SPLM/IO) in the bush.

The young man (Gatwech) found whilst peripatetic in Juba amid bewilderment of how to get blood money. He was caught by the Nuer-Wew in Kiir’s genocidal government waiting for opportunity to climb the ladder. Unawares of who to appoint him, he suddenly overheard of a fresh betrayer (Lul) coming to Juba and starting a new blood-money laundering movement to sell fresh Nuer blood in the name of Greater Akobo that already exists as a State in the rebel movement. That was when Gatwech embarked the new emerged opportunity and, Lul who is frantic of laying his own waste on as many youth from Akobo’s forehead to bear the same brunt of curse as Lul rushed to fix the deceased man as an official spokesman for his half-done movement.

Many people including his own kith and kins advised him not to mess-up with Lul or, he would have been wrought and keeps watching vigilant from top to bottom of the menace, which involved in an advocacy for politic that influenced with cash. Unfortunately, he failed and now fallen into a bottomless pit. Who is to be blamed? There is no movement identified with only its bank account, the chief and his wife, retired pastor as an advisor and mother-in-law amongst the signatories. Gatwech joint Lul fully aware of the risk he was getting himself into. So as betrayed family members we are mourning our son but with care given that Nuer blood is stronger than that of a Nuer-wew.

As a result of the recent independent inquiry, it has been long-established that Gatwech Kuon Riek was executed by the Dinka security agents subscribed with levies to exterminate the young man by Lul Ruach Kong. This is expected to have happened here in Juba within the last seven days.

There has been solemn divergence between them. Gatwech was the first man to declare himself as the Spokesman for Lul Ruach’s movement soon after he arrived in Juba from Nairobi, received and accompanied from the airport only by another notorious rebel leader, David Yaw-Yaw. This remains a mystery to many South Sudanese, it is possible that the next betrayer would be received by the two rebels in Juba.

Gatwech failed to know that all Lul’s colleagues, relatives and friends are against his personal decision to switch the revolution and rejoin Salva Kiir’s genocidal government that has killed and continues to kill many Nuers. Many including some of his wives declared him a vision-less opportunist whose objective to rejoin Juba laid on only where his own bread should be buttered.

Mixed reactions shown that Lul and the deceased are both responsible for his death. In spite of the fact that, death is not a friend to any mankind, it is unfortunate to lose this gentleman. Lou-Nuer community would still preserves the veracity of the datum that ‘’Death has no relatives and, Nuer culture which tricked on not pointing finger at deceased soul’’.

Otherwise, none of us would have been bereaved of Gatwech Kuon’s demisal because he is the one bade the hell against himself when he rebuffed to listened his people’ advices. The only reason why we should all condemn Lul Ruach of irresponsible act is because there was no actual vibrant as to what are certainly outdone to Lul’s effectiveness being coerced. What is really stashing that could have been backbitten if we talks of the so-called Lul Ruach’s movement? There is nothing whatsoever. He is not a right person to slay an incarnate soul like the young man. His mission depends on materialistic concepts.

The young man in midst of 30s was allotted the chore of consolidating and facilitating Lul Ruach’s militiamen in Juba with intention to executes what they called “maneuver to liberate Lou-Nuer land from SPLM/IO’’ that Lul have been involuntary ordered to undertake that hard-hitting assignment by Malong Awan. When he ( Gatwech) failed to consummate the promise while Lul suing that this man at the outset have received the dough for the purpose and later turned the dosh for his own.

That was the motive as conferred to Lul Ruach’s that he decided to slay his contiguous. The circumstances that lead to the death of Mr. Gatwech were well coupled as wariness between him and his boss. Meanwhile, before he disappeared, Lul Ruach is alleged to have tried to indicted Mr. Gatwech for backstabbing the movement of being nothingness in substantial with the Lou-Nuer youth in UNMISS when their original plan was to convince them to come out of their protection sites and to ensemble with Lul’s crusade postulates.

The question was like “why There is no movement identified with only its bank account, the chief and his wife, retired pastor as an advisor and mother-in-law amongst the signatories Lul himself came to UNMISS and talks to the Lou-Nuer IDPs if he nonetheless thinks money can work’’? Gatwech, like Lul, is from Akobo County with sub-section of only very light variance. He is young man of about 30s in age. He is well known to Akobo community as a former SPLM/DC official who stood as candidate for constituency seat to parliament during the 2010 election. So the young man is as ambitious as Lul but in seeking wealth and fame.

He later worked with Nile Pet Corporation before the conflict. Gatwech is irresponsible; conferring to one of our relatives, who talks about the history surrounding the situation. Many blame him for lack of consistency, as others Nuer who are now waiting for the solution before returning to Juba and consorted with either Kiir’s fragile government or those like Lul Ruach. We advices him not to mess up with Lul Ruach and he didn’t listened to us. Now, ‘’he got the end of his labor’’ said one of the relatives.

By accepting Lul, Gatwech took over the slates and continues with the job hoping for big money from Lul’s moment. The first pupped, who appeared on the Dinka-owned State TV/SSTV, talking about the wishful emergence of the so-called Lou-Nuer movement.

His disappearance was in the course of Lul’s arrangement, Gatwech Kuon after Thoknaath Koak Nyuon appointed the official Spokesman by Lul, he was tasked to coordinate Lou-Nuer youth in Juba and to organize trainings for about 50 dissident soldiers collected in the stocks of that Lou-wew in government of Juba. Those drunkard soldiers collected in the houses of those like Gen. Bol Kong, Gen. Yoal Bath, Gen. Yien Makuach, and the ministers like Marial, Riek Gai, Chuol Rambang and others. A number of about 50 soldiers kept in Juba suburb of Gumba and promised to be paid with 1500ssp each whilst attending training and rehabilitation. The promises were like every one of the trainee will get 1500ssp on monthly-bases until they graduate by Lul and get consolidate for spasm on the Lou-Nuer land.

Gatwech was like the connector between Lul and the soldiers and the one communicating messages. Lul keep promising money and that did not happen. Gatwech Kuon caught between trainees and the Chief, Lul who keep lying to the misled youth that I will bring food and weapons tomorrow, or even today but that never happened. Bring the money by Gatwech and waits for next week from Lul did not solved the problem.

When Mr. Gatwech realized that their moment is heading to nowhere, and, the pressure from the desperate drunkard soldiers collected for training disturbed him, he decided to tell the soldiers that, “no money, go and talks to Lul, and if you are here, am not your facilitator’’ because of this, everybody left the camp, which obliged Lul to pay the private security out of his 250, 000ssps bribes to join Juba  to hunt Gatwech Kuon. Mr. Gatwech may not have properly thought about quitting the training but it was everything to Lul for him to be recognized by the genocidal gangs in Juba. Ending the training like that when Lul was in contact with Gen. Malong Awan and others top financiers to secure money and positions was a big betrayal to Lul and the ending of his movement. So Lul acted out of emotions.

This is because what all know is that Lul Ruach’s movement is yet to be prearranged if it is categorically opting to last. There is nothing vital in event that could be stretched as an expedition of political dogmatism and collective responsibility.

There is no legal binding that can eradicate individuals when provoked in case of dealing with unorganized and unstructured thought-movement like that of Lul Ruai Koang. There is no bureaucratic guidelines  and those like Gatwech Kuon might have been serving him voluntarily. It is widely believed that, the so-called Lul Ruach Kong is being paid in attempt to threaten the SPLM/IO’s firm control of the Lou-Nuer Counties. He could not start yet his attempts for the reason that is best known to him.

Instead, Lul ends up in Juba using the same method which brought him up to the standard of being heard of media monger. When he feel like to extort public, he talks on local radio stations in Juba so as to keep on drowning people ‘ attention toward his failed personality.

The author is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at

  14 comments for “The Spokesman for Lul Ruach Kong’s movement Believed Dead In Juba!

  1. April 20, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Lol , Nuer is full with Generals and poor thinking.Now defections become big business and Spying.


    • barbayok
      April 21, 2015 at 12:49 am

      generals and general and nothing kuormadiit ,just in minds


    • Abuchook
      April 21, 2015 at 7:25 am

      Dear Readers,
      As a private citizen, I have seen all both Lou and Gawaar areas and Bentiu, they are full of destruction, hopeless, no development going on and no one of my people even thinking about future of our youths and community. What I have seen last week in that area is war war war war and ill mentality that we are all the bravest fighters, wow wow really? How we are bravest fighters while we lost 80% of our young people fighting in Bortown, Gadiang Duk County, Poktap, Ayod and Bentiu ending up with no good results. The remaining few of our youths run like a rat and chicken for their lives.
      To understand how this conflict have affecting my people, I visited most nuer areas and I found out that only many women whose husbands killed In those areas…mothers with sons killed in that areas I mentioned above. Children whose parents never came back alive in the war they thought they would win.

      To be honest, I need peace for my Nuer people I have seen so much on the ground if many not agree with me please stop writing in this Internet and visited for yourself and see it and please don’t go for 1 day or 5 days, spend time with local people tour the areas and look back and make your own conclusion.

      Thank you very much.


      • GatNor
        April 21, 2015 at 1:55 pm

        Dogs like you are told to go away end of story


        • April 21, 2015 at 3:15 pm

          Wrong doing is a part of mental illness (SPLM),medical doctors are human beings and can become mad too,but you Nuer thinks Riek is a God because he got money.


          • GatNor
            April 21, 2015 at 6:50 pm

            Its you cowards that refers to him as a prophet. So let him be your god of fear.


        • Abuchook
          April 21, 2015 at 4:13 pm

          As you said
          End of the story is not just to tell that person to go away when you disagree but logic and creative approach is the key to disagreement.

          Mr. GatNor honestly people like you are the dogs because they are writing what they can not and never see and not wanted to see It to prove it.
          That’s also the problem in Addis Ababa peace process.


  2. April 20, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    Toothaches.1500ssp per month is okay,but per each or ones and that’s increase a Teeth-ache.


  3. April 20, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Make Lul Ruach’s mother in law to replace Gatwech Kuon. She has been very strong loyal to Kiir and Lul. Ahahahah! This force is very active on Face book!


  4. April 20, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Cronies SPLM including Riek Machar Shoeshines,Shoe polishes and toothbrushes cost 1500ssp per month,that is why i never work with damned government unless i do my own business.


  5. April 20, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    He deserve it because that’s the only Dinka-dictactor’s reward to all non-dinkas who support him blindly


  6. General Thoon -Anyar Auien
    April 20, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Attacking people personality is very horrible; you are good for nothing rather than smearing peoples name with you falsified malicious and rotten defamation.

    Why bother yourself with Lul Rauch, is he the only Nuer who said no to your Prophet of Doom, I don’t think so, there are thousands who said no and they are in Juba and in frontline fighting you traitors of South Sudan.

    Gen Lul used his wisdom to join his brothers; so far he is fairly better than you idiots who are going back to the Jallaba. I am sure you people are still having sharp appetite for GORGOSH & TAHNIYA.
    Foolish Nyigats.


  7. John
    April 21, 2015 at 7:49 am

    He is killed by his enemies and these are Nuer who did not want him to associate with Lul Ruai, the writer of this article is one of them


  8. GatNor
    April 21, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Ideas make money & money supports great investment ideas. This is where Lul went wrong because it is pointless to betray a the struggle for big money that he has not the investment idea for. He should have taken that money and started an entrepreneur business or better yet he could have gone back to the Opposition share some of that money by donating it to a bigger cost(Liberation) and stay under the radar but as I see it the dude is ruined.


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