Protecting “ill”-Legitimacy

“Those who wish to be ignorant and free believed in something that never was and never will” Explaining Mystery quote.

By Elbow Chuol,

Revised at 5:10Am, April 21, 2015(Pacific Standard Time, PST)

 South Sudan's troubled President Salva Kiir Mayardit (C) directly addressing his Presidential Guard during a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Juba, South Sudan on December 28, 2014. (Photo credits:  Samir Bol/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

South Sudan’s troubled President Salva Kiir Mayardit (C) directly addressing his Presidential Guard during a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Juba, South Sudan on December 28, 2014. (Photo credits: Samir Bol/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

April 21, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Any sensitive question would be, “The Shilluk were killed, and some fled to UNMISS, Gen.James Bwogo Killed, Dr.Lam Akol arrested and where is Gen. Johnson Olony and Dr. James Okuk is?” – The quote above is elaborated.

Three presidential guards packed their bags moving in black VB Auto announcing respect. The flight tickets which they couldn’t direct where the time for departure written hanged in the air a mid of confusion. Wore black sun-glasses scaring security guards, displayed serious diplomatic business and clandestine undertaking. A heavy man weight precisely hundred pounds appeared behind the entry and the few who managed to looked around realized how smart he was.

Men of this breed with no single lady in their business mission tell us the opposite, gender discrimination. That is how Ateny Wek the man entrusted president’s press out of nowhere appeared in Kampala only to uncomfort south Sudanese. He was dispatched to enlighten Ugandans whose his government believed are not well notify about the current trends in the world, in particular, the situation in south Sudan.

The allegory of Ateny Wek Ateny be like, Riek Machar, “atem ku” refusing to listen to himself in Kampala is one variety of its kind which perturbed the listeners. Ateny Wek went to Kampala last year sometime in January and announced shamefully before Uganda media houses that he has enough evidences to support Riek Machar’s “atem ku”.

That very day I wasn’t comfortable heard him spoke loudly forgetting the capacity of microphone is closer to his mouth. He thought of himself somewhere in Juba answering SSTV crews in an interview. ……..First of all let me introduce to you, blah blah blah, and let me also take this opportunity to thanks sstv in particular you the one now on the stage with me this very moment……..

This is the difference between an organized fallacy and disturbing theory based on negative propaganda, lies and assumptions. We can never attend perfection by trying our imagination as the elucidation to attest the existing of the things our small mind can’t comprehend.


The erroneous belief of Juba and the theories like “Atem Ku” as widely claimed by the Juba buddies is based on imagination fight hard to attend perfection. It doesn’t need a dollar for him to roar in Kampala, “he even announced it in radios to overthrown the legitimate government”. Dr. Marial in London would be like “I can assure you it was an “atem ku” against legitimacy”. Can someone planning to overthrown the seating government announce that he/she is going to do it tomorrow afternoon? Never in history, perhaps in plain sight which is an atypical “modus operandi”.

But which legitimacy is Ateny Wek talking about? Is this the legitimacy which murdered the students in Wua, Western Bar el Gazel in December 2012 after peacefully protesting against the illegitimate transfer of the city without being developed? Salva Kiir later announced, “We don’t a have tears gas but bullet”, like seriously Mr. president when you have thousands of dollars for liquor?

“S Sudan protesters die in army shooting, at least ten demonstrators killed in protests over moving seat of local authority out of town of Wua, Liam McDowall reported to Al Jazeera English. Source, Aljazeera English, 13 Dec 2012.

That is the legitimate government Ateny went to promote in Kampala last year. I cannot even dare touch the massacred of Shilluk in 2010 and 2011 by militias armed by Salva Kiir government let alone the December 15 incidence that sees more than 30,000 south Sudanese slaughtered because of power greedy by Salva and his cohorts. If that Salva Kiir did not kill that huge number in matter of days he would have been voted out by overwhelming majority in favor of Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, the father of Democracy and Self Determination.

South Sudanese have got a big problem with these people waking up to pick half truths thinking the world has forgotten Hitler’s contrivance of fighting enemies. There is a wide pole apart between hypocrisy and mendacity. Propaganda is a half truth while lie is completely dishonesty not even to others but to oneself. A house that is built on rub down can never stand for a very long time. A government too built on lies has got a short lifespan.

Ateny was mailed to Kampala to preach the theory of Riek Machar’s “atem ku” (attempt coup) hoping to gain shore up but he and his government fallen short of glory before the world elites. The missions of protecting “ill”-legitimate government began to deteriorate that very day.

Empty Threats

Juba is threatening to fight the world but cannot defeat the rebels, this is a gross miscalculation. That is what the misinformation Minister, Micheal Makuei Lueth tells the world everyday; a Pan-African who believed time is ripened for Africa to solve their problems. While the lampoon of Troika, UN supporting the IGAD peace process with the available hard cash from their citizens’ pockets lingering to his belly. The energetic anti imperialism Makuei couldn’t see the money he receives a day during the peace talks came from this political hoes of International Agencies.

And they recently adopt, “Africa problems for Africans Solution” as a brand to attract president of Uganda’s attentiveness while attacking Kenya for not joining them with jets fighters to exterminate a single tribe fighting his government and her mercenaries for almost two years now. Jieng Council of Elders is the tool used by Juba to protect also ill-legitimacy.

Kuir E Garang, an upcoming Philosopher based in Canada, seems to be the only south Sudanese from the Dinka community embarrassed about this gross behavior of these cohorts destroying the country with their ascendancy policy although his philosophical theories fail to explain the contemporary “African solution for African problems” in South Sudanese context. Frankly, it’s unusual method of protecting this tyranny. South Sudan Chief Justice is the man in charge of this well fund terrorists’ organization sent to drag south Sudan into the hell fire. No justice, no peace.

I also understood that Warrap the president’s home state is undergoing one of the worse lacks of food in the country or could this be a misinformation to lure the western countries they termed “looters” for more funds to buys houses in Uganda? I perceived this to be “a terrible propaganda that demands disapproval”. And here president Kiir in his cattle camp somewhere in Lury with a calculator in his hand trying to figure out the method which may reach him closer to Newton’s calculus, another one reason South Sudan is far to be a better nation. We need peace now but it’s being delayed by the agents of anti-peace and tribal governance.

Coming to the point, Juba is protecting ill-legitimacy using wrong formulas. They talks as if they have a nuclear warhead to bomb the coast line of Nimule when Nadapal is already taken by Kenya Defense Force, Abyei declared a Sudanese territory by Al Bashir, Nimule is disappearing, and Awecnyibol is a gone case. Yet in this an exceptional state of affairs they went as far as West the seat of modern civilization waging war of mouths against it as if they carry trenches in their pockets. They should first sneak in at least one bomb closer to New York’s twin towers to claim that they are better then the Notorious Osama Bin Ladden. How can you fight the West without defeating David Yau Yau for over three years?

Again , you will not be surprised to learn that South Sudan’s Independence Day is always celebrated with this logo, “in progress” displaying White Bull portraying South Sudanese as an alcoholic progression-ists.

Juba, if I am not wrong is made up of bunch of people arming themselves with words that are senseless to defense the ill-legitimacy of Kiir Mayardit. They can’t control the economic; either builds a road within Juba leave alone half a million dollars a day from the oil and yet they talk as if they can manufacture slippers. Malek Ayuen is like “Nuer, the rebels of Riek Machar are bad” promoting tribalism in Juba through Self Service Television (SSTV something claimed by Gen. Gatwech Pouch) as a tool use to divide the already screwed nation. One reason why he defected!

Among the famous dispatch riders is the like of Dr. James Okuk who fallaciously tried to exhibit his philosophical concepts about the things he believed if he applies logic can confuse people because he gained doctorate from well known Kenya University. I am not here to query his “intellectual copyright” as he proclaimed but let me inform him where he went wrong considering his conservatory typical as he continues pointing it out as if he is the first man in his clan to produce such. I can assure him that his recent utters are completely ruining his future political presumptions because practically he reduces himself to level of clannish setting Shilluk against Nuer in an emotional narrative about lands grabbing.

Who don’t know that Nilotic Nuer of South Sudan gains most of their territories through conquests and assimilation of the scrawny? Something the good book, Bible, described as, “strange from their beginning”, while considering Nuer massacred as a set of logic put in place by Opposition politicians’ propagandists. This too is a grand mistake for his supporters in Nuer community which I was once his proud devotee. Don’t ignore this truth.

He went as far as introducing a hypothesis which even his cousin should disapprove being in public exhibit for the next few months. Stop promoting tribalism which already killed thousands in our nation. You are setting Nuer against Shulluk, why? Don’t you know it’s sullying you politically?

Well, Dr. James you are making fun of thousands of Nuer who were approved to be slaughtered by your regime worldwide. Nuer are not dead sleep to see you going through this prosperous years of your life enjoying your political gambling selling it with hope to gain a better working class if you turn out to be a mouth piece for a regime which kills her citizens. Your clan’s men and women were massacred and you couldn’t raise your voice because it seems hard losing abounding than being a voice to voiceless. I am here to challenge you to denounce Juba regime to prove me wrong.

I was in Juba when the massacred took place and such a miracle that I survived from the hands of vengeance in-laws of yours despite my mum is from Dinka is a devoting theory that I already put down for future generations.

Don’t forget that you are the one who put the exact numbers to be 20,000 to find way for series of calculations you poorly attempt in your article. The figure is “more than 20,000” as always put by the scholars. Is this war really senseless as preached by your cousin Pagan Amum which I now see has lost his political future? Let me here now behave like a civilized doctorate, please and let the shepherds’ pies. I am coming down the road to frustrate your poorly miscalculated theory against “more than 20,000” innocent civilians killed by your temporally seated government in the mid of Juba sun.

As a student of Numerology and symbolism, it is a rare opportunity knowing some of the deepest sacrosanct secrets in history of mankind. Dr.  James perhaps I would affront millions of people like you who “wish to be ignorant and free” believing in something that never was and never will.  I have just learned that you always ruin your reputation every time you try preaching about your doctorate and how you acquired it. Well, to me I respect academicians whether it was given to you in hell or in Shulluk kingdom, as long as it carry a recognized authority, that to me, is a great deal of recognition. Make a difference!

I want to inform South Sudanese and the world at large that, Salva Kiir government as Dr. James Okuk said is “constitutional” to kill/killing civilians and arming herself with all kinds of dirty foreign mercenaries in what they believed is a national defense of “legitimacy, “ill”-legitimate and constitutional against Riek Machar’s “atem ku”.

Buying arms, dropping banned cluster bombs and you see recruiting Shilluk school boys, which Dr. James Okuk believed also to be “constitutional”. How can futurists open fire to untrained school kids, abducted from their learning stations and you called that Nuer left because the constitutional army of yours defeated them? Where were you when Malakal was burnt? I thought you were firing your recent Chinese bought AK47 grenade launcher against the freedom fighters alongside Shulluk School boys.

At least relax for a second for you to bumbler what you consider as “constitutional” recruiting schools children to fight for your government. Unless culture is exposed to self-criticism one cannot know he is in the stinking toiled. This ideal ability of Dr. Okuk believing in a government “that never was and never will” is something pretty shocking. Indeed a wave of misleading concepts.

South Sudan under Salva Kiir can never be again a better nation, trust me! And for you to change the political culture in south Sudan as you declared by being hypo-neutral Salva Kiir should be taken to West maintaining his title and Riek Machar’s political ego should be blown into fierce fire. Shilluk are being killed everyday and thousands of them like vulnerable Nuer targeted in Juba, Malakal and Bentui are now flowing to country’s borders and UNMISS compound, still you can not condemn this atrocities but continues to maintain protecting the still “ill” illegitimate Juba regime.

Okuk’s Theory!!

Applying calculus on Nuer death is the newest hypothesis of Dr. James Okuk. Unfortunately, in your new self-derived mockery theory, you used an unbelievable cluster of concocted mathematical classifier I had ever came across. The biggest fallacy of this theories is its falsifiability. I will faithfully take it at your own wording. To avoid many getting to know about your serious gross fallacies perhaps to doubt your doctorate authenticity. I will work on summary.

“When faced with choice between two evils, choose none even if one of the choices is a lesser evil”. According to all the critiques you have been accepting to be publicized in the media, where does the term “constitutional” as you has been preaching justify your simple throw away statement about the philosophy of Christian “principle of double effects”? You had chosen your side Dr. only that you don’t have means to announce it.

Therefore, the above statement doesn’t make any sense and should be thrown in the trash. It is pure hypocritical mathematics, hoped to confuse the populace.

Okuk’s theory stated that, “(1) Check the number of Nuer population in Juba before 15 Dec 2013. (2) Check the number of Nuer members who took refuge in UNMISS camps (Jebel and Airport) on 16, 17, 18 Dec 2013 in Juba but don’t include the non-Nuer who took refuge there as well. (3) Subtract the latter (2) numbers from the former population. (4) Subtract the number of the Nuer members who managed to escape from Juba via UNMISS camps through other routes. (5) Add the number of Nuer members who are still camping in UNMISS at Jebel in Juba now to those who went back to their homes and to those who have managed to escape from Juba to other safer places inside or abroad. (6) Subtract the comprehensive addition (5) from the Nuer population in Juba before 15 Dec 2013 (1).

The fairy tale here is you didn’t provide the supposition figure to even determine your own theory. So, calculating the mathematical illogic based on your assumption, one would arrive exactly to the figure you dismissed early, 20,000.

In your premeditated theory you use some very significant numbers in mathematics. To help you gain some of this knowledge as a student of numerology, let me take 3 and 6.

“3” as you easily put it above represent “New creature”. Let me elaborate. “A man and woman must leave their parents and be united as one”. The first child makes up the entire family as 3 representing new thing. I called this number as divine number in human family. The second which I presumed you already know is 6, the mark of man. “And man was created on the sixth day” and the God rested on the (seventh) Sabbath day. This bring you to the collapse of your new mockery theory against the death of more than 30,000 innocents Nuer ethnic slaughtered without being the part of the big picture and when their family members back homes resorted to the questions and upraise against tyranny, you preach, they “……..were mobilized” by Opposition politicians to fight for their positions.

I may have hurt somebody’s feelings here but “the world will not be destroyed because of bad people but because of the good people who don’t want to do something about the existing tyranny being put into practice”- the quote is elaborated.

Let us stop protecting “ill”-legitimacy.

Let’s meet at Pagak or reach me via

  13 comments for “Protecting “ill”-Legitimacy

  1. Pierano
    April 21, 2015 at 5:15 am

    Poor Elbow Chuol, don’t be foolish by making this empty Nuer rebels propaganda, the above photo is a recent one and not for Dec-2014, let me tell you that making empty and wild lay may not make your rebellion succeed, the above Uniforms wasn’t in existent in the alleged date and Year, the Uniforms were distributed late last Year in september-2014, Please Nuer stop fighting on the Media by confusing people always, we are on the net 20/7, so don’t bring pictures and put it in wrong artical, we are there to always prove you wrong. Nuer are ready to even sell this country back to Criminal Albashir in case Riek failed to rule this country as if Riek is the only Highly educated Nuer on this Earth.


    • GatNor
      April 21, 2015 at 10:42 am

      Hypothetically, if South Sudan was up for sale as it is probably sold already to the Ugandans and the IGAD thugs by the ruling ethnics, then who are you to say to any other ethnic that they are not entitled to doing the same. Once you start selling South Sudan it is would be naïve to think the rest would simply watch you & not do the same.. Let me tell you that it will be sold a million times over until you come to your senses that it should not be for sale any longer.


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      April 21, 2015 at 1:13 pm


      You can believe you want to believe, but bear in mind that Nuer are the real players in South Sudan independent since 1947 when it was only Both Dieu who made several unsuccessful attempt to convince South Sudanese to fight for self-determination. However, almost all Dinka opposed Mr. Both Dieu vision of Self-determination. After the collapsing of Anyanya II in 1972, Nuer declared war on Sudan government, demanding for self-determination. Nuer found Sudan government from 1974 until the Anyanya II movement leadership was hijacked by John Garang in 1983.

      Nuer alone found Sudan government for over 9 years. John Garang found for Secular United Sudan, but when Dr. Machar saw Dr. Garang’s Secular United Sudan was not working, he reversed it to self-determination. Now South Sudanese are enjoying Self-determination more than anything else. The same Nuer and Dr. Machar who transformed Secular United Sudan to self-determination are one again going to reverse the dictatorship tendency of Kiir’s genocidal regime.

      The innocent Nuer blood spill out in Juba and else where in South Sudan will transform South Sudan’s regime from tyranny to democracy. South Sudan in which Nuer is a part, will never allow colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese.

      Nuer blood is like Jesus blood which freed man from sin. Nuer blood had ready freed South Sudanese from slavery to Self-determination. One again the Nuer’s blood which spill out in Juba and else where in South Sudan bushes, rivers, and roads will from free all South Sudanese again from dictatorship, nepotism, land grasping, and tribalism introduced in South Sudan by visionless Kiir genocide.


      • Abuchook
        April 21, 2015 at 4:26 pm

        Mr. Bentiu,
        please let me tell you this clearly:
        All Your dream will never come true and are always never come true because history can only judge you all and your close minded people thinking about me meeeee.

        Mr. Bentiu please stop Internet war. Be real and be yourself. Please go to your own village this week or next few months and experience the lives there and then come and write and I will see you changing your preferences approach and comments.


  2. April 21, 2015 at 5:44 am

    If i was living in the western World, i could have accepted Non Skills job than that ill credibility jobs.


  3. GatNor
    April 21, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Had the Ugandans not illegally involved themselves in this messy conflict by occupying South Sudan to protect the ethnic regime, the war would have been over in the first 3 months.


    • Deng II
      April 21, 2015 at 6:39 pm

      I feel you man, this civil war got into your skin very much. I don’t think you will make it long enough to see other days, ten year from now. You will other be caught up by the depression or catch up by an asshole hemorrhoid(I don’t mean to insult you but to advise) because you been siting behind the computer commenting to any single article pass by on this web. Don’t you one day or one week take a girl or woman to a dinner, have some fun, includes groping on private part of your dater or lover and then feel free sleeping symbiotic or tangent to one an other naked, on one bed for about a least three hours . Forget the computer for one week with girl or woman, your sensory will come around and generate the trust how private life is better than nonstop supporting loser( Riek). And you feel the better life to yourself, you will eventually feel the life’s of dying youngest Nuer persons on frontline for selfishness loser (Riek). I am positively sure that you don’t have girlfriend or wife, otherwise you would have something engaging you. Good Luck.


      • GatNor
        April 22, 2015 at 6:40 pm

        Keep on wondering & may you die b4 me a pleasant death. Pleasant it will be…no need to wish anyone death or suffering but you will surely die b4 me.


  4. April 21, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Dr. Riak Father to independence of South Sudan. Awek Teny is one eye man, he can not produce any evidence. Makuei Lueth ( Makuei Liar) look how he distributed tractors, he left 13 tractors for him self. Marial never oppose Kiir since he was dismissed from Rumbek


    • Abuchook
      April 21, 2015 at 4:42 pm

      Dear Go weng

      Here Is your own words:
      “Dr. Riak Father to independence of South Sudan.”
      Oooooo My God! Really?
      I Will call history on you and be the judge and will prove you dead wrong.
      Riek quited the real fight In 1991 and 1997 and returned shamefully in 2002 and again 2013… Oooh my God Bunches of selfish interested individuals.

      Before Riek dead, he will return again in 2017. and if not returning in this period he can be the Hotel Commander in Chief.
      Riek can not even now handle the Bushes lifestyle . I have seen him with too much big stomach and sugar diseases and much more sickness.


      • April 21, 2015 at 9:07 pm

        Dr. Riek Machar and Mr. Both Diew have more followers than Kiir and M7. The lifeline of these looters will soon be cut and those confused people who can not stand their ground without help will soon look for exit strategy.


  5. April 22, 2015 at 1:02 am

    Abuchook! look at the meaning of your name if it is not Arabic? You are really abu chook, Let me educate you on how independence came about. in 1947 Both Diew proposed independence of South Sudan and Federalism was the mean of government, all Dinka were busy looking for leadership. In 1955 Joseph Lagu fire the first bullet and form Anyanya National Army (South Sudan Liberation movement) backed by Nuer, the name itself can educate you that their objective is to gain independence of South Sudan. Abdhalla Deng was busy looking for united Sudan. In 1972 A/A peace agreement was signed but not recognized by some of Nuer. In 1975 they formed Anyanya two whom you call Nyagat after you hijacked its objective in 1983. Dr. John shamelessly hijacked South Sudanese objective of independence and replaced it with Abdhalla Deng idiology of New Sudan (United Sudan) and begins to kill those who are supporting Independence of South Sudan theory from here Samuel Gai Tut lost his in depend of independence let soul rest in peace. In 1987 a local peace agreement was signed between Anyanya two and SPLA under dr. John promised to include objective for independence of South Sudan but fail to honor later on. Now SPLA begins to take people to war by force because SPLA objective does not desire South Sudanese people and end up almost fighting the whole South Sudanese tribe which he tempted that they side with Jallaba. In 1991 Dr. Riak as a brave man came up again and claim reform with in SPLA/SPLM Manifesto but dr.John refuse the change then resulted in split with in SPLA/SPLM which you tempted as defection of dr.Riak in 1991. Put also in mind that 1991 was a down fall of soviet Union which leads as down fall to all Soviet union supporters including SPLM now begins democratic era. in 1991 dr.Riak came up with South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) which replace South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM) of Anyanya one and Two. in 1997 a khartoum peace agreement was signed with referendum of South Sudanese after 10 yrs Government of South Sudan (GOSS) was created and Dr.Riak manage to push Khartoum to amend constitution in order to put it on constitution that South Sudanese has a riight of self determination which was never done by anybody. In 2002 American (Susan Page) and Norway (Eldi Johnson) approach Dr.Riak and Dr.John to have a unity so that they fight common enemy but with a condition that dr.John drop objectives for New Sudan and adapted the objective of South Sudan Independence but dr.John refuse and argue that Dr.Riak is looking for leadership but Dr.Riak said i’m looking for South Sudanese freedom no matter who lead. Dr.John agree with a term that this could be determined by South Sudanese through referendum. Then Dr.Riak was push to agree with this term. That is why we have Independence Agenda under CPA and this was championed by Dr.Riak in 2011. From this point of view he qualified to be call FATHER OF INDEPENDENCE OF SOUTH SUDAN. Now he will be a father for federalism too you like it or don’t it. Dr.John died before he test fruit of independence because he killed many people of vote for the voice of South Sudanese people. Now Kiir Kueth piny will do the same, he will die if he sign and acknowledge reforms and federalism because he killed many people who supports the voice of South Sudanese. I hope you will have a clue on how Dinka are looking for leadership with out objectives and visions.


  6. kuby Thany
    April 22, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    ”nothing but the truth in whole” indeed the ”Atem ku” is becoming a chronic disease among the juba cronies, its really funny how even the human-mind the most sophosticated brain, could be twisted to the shallow-point of being recptives to lies , especially when that’s repeatedly forced on it …………..but leat me asssuar youh dhaad inu, that indeed the myth known as atem-ku never happened !! but we kan al-zo assuar youw innuu the whole whaled now wish it did happened.


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