Embracement of Cultural Diversity, a Sum-up Solution to the Tribalism-ton South Sudan!

By Onyi Itara,

South Sudanese singing during the independent of the country in 2011(Photo: file)

South Sudanese singing during the independent of the country in 2011(Photo: file)

May 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — As some joy-up the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (Thursday, 21st May 2015) to magnify their percipience of cultural diversity as a windfall from God, South Sudan, a country wrathed by tribalism grieves! It is just here where a certain tribe thinks it (the-near-to 4 years South Sudan) belongs to them alone! No stupor why it will continue to war till time dubious if this kind of mindset is not debugged as soon as possible.

In places of employment, one finds the certain tribe dominating from watch-wo/men to the big unit. They even whisper (let alone speaking loud) in their own language in front of all without a cheap shame! Just on the account that the infant nation belongs to them alone! Take a compulsory walk through all the Army units, Police units, Government Ministries, Commissions, Authorities, Embassies, Consulates, Non Governmental Organizations, etc and come tell us what you eyed. The prepotency operates under the song and dance, “We fought therefore we own it (South Sudan)”.

Much as it (The Republic of South Sudan) baby-sits more than 64 tribes, the buffalo-ing tribe has not come to terms & conditions with this reality! That every tribe needs to be acquiesced at every level of government (Central, States, Country, Local …). That each needs to share in the national cake (leave the chorus, ‘We fought therefore we own it – South Sudan’) – because every tribe had in one way or another fought the South Sudan Civil wars! So, they as well aspire to get a share no matter how little the candy may be.

The recognition of every tribe in every national, state, county etc forum is needed. Two, each tribe partaking of the national cake is so so important. And above all, the recognition of every tribe in decision-making (in positions of Ministers, Ambassadors, Chairpersons, Executive Directors etc in every Government owned institutions)! These are the heart-beat of total peace in South Sudan.

As you can see in the telling fact, SPLA-IO (under Dr. Riek Machar) coming out publicly to broadcast their vision (nothing more than federalism) for such and such diverse South Sudan, and just within seconds, they have already attracted mountains of support from the bulk of the population. A vision that cannot struggle in darkness! It (federalism) has been found and continues to be found fertile especially in countries that are as diverse as South Sudan – (owing to its tests in the laboratory of politics and leadership)!

Therefore, South Sudan cannot be held convict to a system that cannot cover-up the diverse nature of her citizens. The citizens cannot undo their diversity (except the Transcendent!). So, who are we to ‘deny’ every tribe its right to be recognized in every sitting/dialogue and development, its right to share in the national cake, and above all, its right to sit on a big decision making Armed Unit, Ministry, Commission, Embassy etc? Who are we to do that for God sake!?

Cheerlessly, as the World celebrates cultural diversity as manna from heaven, tribalism, corruption, poverty, diseases …..ridden South Sudanese bemoan their diversity as a curse, as a disadvantage not worthy-to-be-mentioned of! The whole world to watch South Sudan with earnest and be able to come to its rescue. The nascent nation needs federalism to nurse her diversity needs!!!

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  2 comments for “Embracement of Cultural Diversity, a Sum-up Solution to the Tribalism-ton South Sudan!

  1. GatNor
    May 20, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    So far clans against clans, tribes against tribes. Nationally the high profile politicians uses these fault lines to advance their interests and this is why South Sudan is at this predicament of unresolved tribal nationalism. There is no distinctions between power domination and tribal domination and the cycle fueling feuds & grievances is lack of addressing issues sincerely.


  2. May 20, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Tribalism is something that has nothing to do with ethnic diversity. Ethnic diversity is healthy and can be used to further the development of a particular society since diverse ideas and cultures produce more distinct development ideas. However, politicians are the ones who trigger tribalism for their personal gaining by pointing to other tribes and being threats or having something against their group. This uneducated masses, without any analysis would jump on the bandwagon to further the interest of politicians. This is what is happening in South Sudan. You will find educated people talking like illiterates because all they think about their tribe and not the interest of their country. We must first educated the educated and then educate the masses because I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that majority of our politicians are self-serving idiots who never think for their people. I attended a workshop in Juba few months back where one of the Dinka elders said, ” We live as tribes in South Sudan. We are not a nation. Those who think they are a nation are dreaming. Each should stand behind his/her tribe. We will form a nation in the future.” People were very upset with this comment and many Nuer and Dinkas left the room after his comment. Some one told him that if we are tribes, what are you doing in Equatoria? You should go back to Bhar Al Ghazal and lead your tribe there. This is the same mentality with alot of Nuer people too.
    This thinking must be fought and defeated!


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