Human Castration in Unity State is Beyond Evils’ Crimes on the Earth:

By D avid Lony Majak.

Government militias killed, castrate, and throw children into fire in Unity State. According to UN Report more than 129 children have been killed(Photo: file)

Government militias killed, castrate, and throw children into fire in Unity State. According to UN Report more than 129 children have been killed(Photo: file)

June 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — There are a huge crimes being committed in south Sudan, enacted by the forces loyal to the two warring parties basically one side. But the recent crimes in unity state are beyond evils’ crimes, this is to say there are no better wrong doer then the very living human beings on the earth. Base on the medical ground, Humans are physiologically well-adapted to life on Earth and that consequently, spaceflight has many negative effects on the body, and you can only castrates animals and not human beings.

The (HMCP) Human Male Castration Procedures is a sin and crime under human rights concepts and in the law is forbidden unless links to a medical ground where medical examination is taken and the result indicates male testes’ castration because of the medical conditions identified by the medical personnel subjected to operation or surgery. Castration is the removal of male testes, resulting in sterility, decreased sexual desire and inhibition of secondary sex. We tend to assume that the other human beings we meet are physically intact from a little research, though, I have come to the surprising and maybe some of you might have comes across in his life all along.

According to variety of reports, reported by the united nations in south Sudan and other media organizations; Unity state has been considered as the major war zone and at the same time a location where one ethnic group originated from, and in this scenario all the crimes have being committed there are somehow intended to be enforced on the innocent civilians living in the territories of Unity State by the SPLA juba forces.

A human castration is abnormal and is a typical crime in nature against the rights of human beings as well explained in the Bible. there is no traditions in this world which can believed in this situation of castrating humans rather than animals’ castration where in my own culture we castrated a bull cow and after can be called THAK (BULL COW) in Nuer language and of that of Dinka people. The commanders commanding the forces of the two warring parties should clearly understands that they are fighting for political and military interest but not to subjects their own innocent civilians to what they are facing, this is a mere violation of human rights and undermining the rights of the citizens in any political situation. May GOD bless the soul of those who ferries during the process of human castration in Unity State- Bentiu and rest their soul in eternal peace; I and other south Sudanese activists shall not forget you in history.

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