The Political Resurrection of Comrade Pa’gan Amum and His Disciples!

By Wang Gatwech Nhial

Pagan Amum and the G10 signing on late John Garang's memorial in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: File)

Pagan Amum and the G10 signing on late John Garang’s memorial in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: File)

June 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Today the 23rd of June 2015 marks the happiest moment in the political life of Cde Pagan Amum,who on arrival  at Juba International Airport, said that he was ready for peace  and those who may doubt this should paddle their own canoes. It goes without saying that Pa’gan was the Messiah of the new merger of the disgruntled and divided SPLM. He was sworn in as the SG of the SPLM, something which has been unheard of in the history of party politics for a SG to be sworn in.

The coming of those of Deng Alor and John Luk with their colleagues was to come and prepare the way for him. The people of South Sudan are well aware that these disaffected politicians plunged this country into senseless war with million displaced and thousands lives lost just because of positions and parochial self-interests. These are the same people who misappropriated the resources of this country with a sheer lack of transparency and accountability and now coming back again to say they are the saviors of the people of South Sudan. It stands to reasons and this would never escape the intelligence of the common people that they were the ones who stirred up the situation, without any sign of remorse, in a bid to satisfy their natural lust for power and propensity for wealth accumulation and self-aggrandizement.

They were the ones who persuaded Dr Machar to declare his candidacy for the party Chair who would then be the flag bearer for the 2015 general elections. That was the straw that breaks the camel’s back. But without any shame, they later on stabbed him in the back by falsely saying that their intention was not to fight but a grandiose plan for peaceful calls for reforms within the SPLM. Who can buy such lies? Little did they know that they are the cause of the all failures especially Cde Pagan Amum. Congratulations to those of Professor Peter Adwok Nyaba and Amb Ezekiel for having taken that wise decision to throw in their lots with Dr Machar to continue struggling for reforms.

The Author knows that they were trying to use the popularity and tribal weight behind Dr Machar to pursue their selfish interests. There are some selfish and introverted Nuer politicians who are buying allegiance from Salva’s government by repeatedly saying that Dr Riek Machar did not deliver during their eight years reign with Kiir. They blindly failed to understand that all the resources and state power were in the hand of one man who is none other than the President himself. His pieces of advice and efforts were being frustrated by Kiir and the power behind the throne. Many people may bear witness to this fact. If you can see well, the unpopular G10 is mainly consisting of those who lost elections in 2010 except Eng Chol Tong who became a victim of the upsurge and pervasive insecurity engulfing Lakes State, but were retained in the cabinet by President Kiir to avert rebellions as in the case of late George Athor and Major General Gatluak Gai.

This chaotic situation in the country was their own making. A rough public opinion poll conducted overtly revealed that the SPLM  under President Kiir with their armed watchdog the SPLA lost popularity in the whole of the country and arithmetically most of the people are sympathizing with the SPLMIO. In reference to Arusha agreement, it was a trap through machinations of M7 to ensure that Salva Kiir rules for life and steal our resources. However, with the provisions of the reunification agreement favoring the SPLMIG, the G10 grasped this chance to make sure that their blocked accounts are unblocked and frozen assets freeze.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is that the SPLMIO sticks to two army theory, accountability for crimes committed including the massacre of the Nuer in Juba, comprehensive overhaul of the government machineries, compensations of the properties lost, either an Executive PM or a powerful FVP., equal share of the seats of the legislature and Councils of State, call for the participation and involvement of other political parties and civil societies in the peace process. The SPLMIO will not be dragged into betraying the souls of those killed in cold blood by Kiir’s militias for cheap political gains. The likes of Akol Paul Kordit who are hostages of their own emotions should understand that their fate by now would have not been known had it not been because of the uncalled for intervention of UPDF,JEM, SPLM-N,SSLA  and other mercenaries. The coming of Pagan Amum and his disciples guided by the Arusha deal adds more insults to injuries.

The other case in point is that the political vultures and intruders who capitalized on the internal power wrangle in the SPLM by insinuating themselves into positions of authority to acquire wealth are now beginning to suffer from political hang-over. A source close to them revealed to the author that some of them are drinking to death to help heal the depression caused by this abrupt political U-turn and inevitable power loss. Others are reportedly showing symptoms of already controlled cardiovascular diseases out of fear that the power is presumptuously getting back to rightful owners.

Others are reportedly seeking alliances. The provisions of the Arusha deal are all in favour of the SPLMIG and their allies, the G10. Yes, our people are dying for no reasons but only because of individual interests and one man who wants to rule for time indefinite. The SPLMIO would welcome a fair and just deal with core values of equality and bent on justice and sustainable development. A deal which addresses the root causes of the conflict and the way forward.

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