We Don’t Trust The Government And G10. The Government Of Salva Kiir Is Still Tribal And In State Of Confusion

Cde Pagan Amum Okiech being reinstated into SPLM in government as the Secretary General(Photo: supplied)

Cde Pagan Amum Okiech being reinstated into SPLM in government as the Secretary General(Photo: supplied)

June 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Union of Greater Upper Nile State (UGUNS) region is the most devastating and disadvantaged region since war began. The Government of South Sudan ignored this State.

Adult men and women, children were suffering for lack of food, clean water, shelter, no medical supplies, people are suffering from diseases.  Schools and medical facilities were closed. These basic needs every human deserve to have hasn’t got any space in the region.

The government of South Sudan is requesting humanitarian aid from international community which only Greater Bahr el ghazal and Equatoria benefiting. Dinkas and Equatorian habituated these regions. The government restricted the humanitarian service to reach out the Greater Upper Nile region which most part of it are habituated by Naath or Nueri’ Shilluk, Anwak , Murlie  and few Dinka from Bor and Ngok Dinka from Malakal. Is it not discrimination?

Where does ghost towns lies on the map of South Sudan, is it not from Greater Upper Nile region? Where there no IDPS? Bentui or Unity state alone would have about 20,000 IDPS. Where Malakal and Greater Bor will accumulate 40,000 IDPS. If the donors nation would ask you or me which people are affected most by this war and where is the war most taken place in South Sudan region, Our answer will definitely be the Greater Upper Nile State. “Where there is no war, people are not victims”.  In fact, there is an exchange of gunfire here and there which no one could deny, but “that region alone has been a Gehenna “hell”. Gunfire been an alarm and bullet was snacks” in the region.

It’s a must that only the greater Upper Nile region has all the devastating effect from this war of sanity that was initiated by “Gelwang”.

If government runs-in for peace with the G10, why would Pagan Amum ask if the people of greater Upper Nile were given the same service like the rest of the regions. why would they look after the IDPS who are suffering from Greater Upper Nile first and the people of Upper Nile state will know that the government love them. This establishment has nothing to do with us.

We the people of Upper Nile don’t know anything about the G10 deals with the government and we don’t trust government and G10, therefore, we want to see that our people are given the same treatment as the Greater Bahr el ghazal and the greater Equatorian. They all treated with the same respect and service. The aid from international community should be distributed equally to our people and we should know that the government is not for certain regions.  Our position in peace will be clear and smooth as there wouldn’t be anything will hinder our participation.

The Arusha peace deal can’t be taken into our account. It has nothing to do with our movement and it will never be a focus to us. IGAD peace dealt will continued. You people out there should know that it’s not what Juba wanted; it’s what we wanted. The peace will come to our land “Kabisha” Period. People of this land will know that we are champion and we are Naath.

Everybody needs peace but peace wouldn’t come that way. It’s our way we wanted and not their way.

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  2 comments for “We Don’t Trust The Government And G10. The Government Of Salva Kiir Is Still Tribal And In State Of Confusion

  1. Riek Koang
    June 27, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    Greater Upper Nile people are war mongers, they love fighting and killing, how can humanitarian work be carried out while aid workers are being killed by illiterate Nuer white army and Agwelek forces of Olony?? since you love war then continue fighting with empty stomach. Equatorians are Civilized more than any other region in South Sudan for they consider live more important then Position and Cows, you fight for position and lost your life before getting that position, then who will be the looser, Example is George Athor.

    The current useless rebellion of Fool Riek is all about positions and not for the good of the people of South Sudan. how can you kill the very people you claim to be fighting for?


  2. Alier
    June 28, 2015 at 7:34 am

    Mr. David this the situation you been deserve ,planing and optimistic to take place in South Sudan now don’t ever try to cry joint the war. people of South Sudan been quating you since you been prophecies the war of Nuer and Dinka you need to dance and enjoy theistic that you been prepare framers for it now the music starts


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