By Professor David de Chand, Chairman of South Sudan Democratic Party-In-Opposition (SSDFP-I-OP) and the Interim Chairman of the South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A-IO)

Professor David Dechand Ruai...

Professor David Dechand Ruai…

June 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- First and foremost of all, the SSDFP and the SSIM/A categorically and resolutely rejected the latest IGAD’s unveiled proposed draft agreement between Salva Kiir’s the bloodsucker and the genocidal SPLA Juba regime and SPLA-I-O led by former VP Dr. Riek Machar who narrowly escaped assassination under the pretext of a coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir allegedly masterminded by former VP Dr. Machar in mid-December 2013 fabricated or engineered by Salva and Yuri Museveni of Uganda that produced the 2013 Juba Genocide against more than 30,000 to 100,000 unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity sounded pretty weird and unrealistic. We would like to reiterate that peace would return only when Salva Kiir’s bloodsucker or bloodletting and genocidal regime is out of power; that Salva Kiir steps down or resigns; that the UPDF fighting for Salva Kiir be withdrawn without any preconditions or quid pro-quos from South Sudan soil; that military officers who ordered the genocide against unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity be apprehended, investigated, indicted and to be trialed by a Court Martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UMCJ) on the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and other heinous crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan.

In addition both the international community and the IGAD mediators have failed to undertake any significant actions against the government of South Sudan for targeted the Nuer ethnicity for genocide. The world, the United Security Council (UNSC) TROIKA (the USA, The UK and Norway), including the superpowers kept silent about the genocide in South whilst they have been vocal on other genocides’ committed around the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa. This event has been covered up by the Western world because of the legacy of the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) or résistance against colonialism, imperialism, domination, exploitation and oppression. The colonialists subdued all the African and Sudanese ethnicities (tribes) except the Nuer nation and its resilient people in Southern Sudan. There is no doubt in our minds that the Western aloofness and naiveté with particular emphasis or reminder of the Nuer resistance against colonialism against the UK and the USA could be considered has part and parcel of the historic Anglo-American anti-Nuer nation retrospect to the Berlin Conference of 1885-1885 that divided Africa like piece of a Birthday cake and then followed by the scramble for Black Africa, Security Pacification in Southern Sudan, the anti-colonial and anti-imperial resistance against the British by the Nuer nation that remained as the only outstanding nationality as little league of its own that was not colonized, dominated, oppressed and exploited by the British colonialists and imperialists compared to other tribes that were subdued after a brief period of resistance and colonized by the British in Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan as well. The Nuer nationality was ruled by natural laws or the law of nature and customs through the “Indirect Rule” developed by Lord Henry Luggard in the Northern Emirates of Nigeria in the 1900s that became the standardized British colonial policy in Anglo-Phone Africa. The British colonial authorities imported the Tribal Administration from Darfur to the Nuerland and later expanded it to other parts of the then Southern Sudan. The vestiges of the legacy of the Anglo-Nuer War or the Nuer Revolution (al-Sura’a-al-Nuer) in contemporary Sudanese history still lingers around and the Anglo-Americans policies have been anti-Nuer in the leadership in South Sudan because of their strength, bravery, courageous and fearless people. Therefore, the British do not like the Nuer to be on top of the leadership. This has been the continued curse (bit in Nuer language Dictionary English/Nuer) of imperial Britain legacy of colonial rule that directly or indirectly hovers over South Sudan and anti-Nuer leadership in particular.

Frankly speaking, whether the Anglo-Americans foreign policy agendas, strategists and American Israeli Public Action Committed (AIPAC) lobbyists like it or not, the Nuer would take over the lead in South Sudan by any means necessary. We have the capacity to bring democracy, political stability and socioeconomic takeoff compared to the reckless Dinka power elite that have now failed the state in South Sudan. It is the only well-known traditionally democratic society fighting for freedom, democracy, social justice, social equality for all South Sudanese folks because the Nuer believe that social justice, freedom, democracy and equality are universal. Therefore the extension of these values to their neighbors that would preserve and guarantee their traditional democracy, egalitarianism, communalism and the traditional federalism far advanced in the Nuer political culture. Furthermore, it potentially the richest ethnicity in natural resources, oilfields and gas fields, strategic critical minerals, raw materials, fertile agricultural lands, animal and fishery resources and abundant waters from Sobat, Gilo, Fom el-Zeraf, Bahr-el-Ghazel rivers, including Kiir tacitly known as Bahr-el-Arab by the Baggara, the Messiriyya and the Rizigat nomads who come down from Darfur for seasonally gracing and waters for more then 8-month of the year for their cattle grazing and waters for their herd and folks. Greater Upper Nile region is the pillar of the bridge of Unity between the North and South and South-South unity. Let’s hypothetically assume that Greater Upper Nile region would separate as that is a test case now on the table. Surely, there would be no South Sudan without the Greater Upper Nile because it holds the cards of everything between both the North and South of Sudan’s land mass. The existence of the nomads in al-Tahamaz or the transitional zone of Transhumance, for instance, depends on South Sudan and Greater Upper Nile in particular. Educationally, in despite of constant denial of access to education as a right to the Nuer nation by the British imperialists, it feels pretty proud today the we have overcome the darkest days of colonial rule when young Nuers aspiring for an education were deliberately and willfully denied to that right and were given a chance compared to their counterparts in different parts of South Sudan. The British had registered fear of the unknown against the Nuer people were not afforded to have access to higher education in large numbers even though the Nuer and the Dinka were amongst the first groups in Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular, that paid higher “taxation without representation” that was one of the root causes or the sources of the American Revolution against the Crown (the UK Parliament) at Boston Harbor Tea Party on 4 July 1776.

In order to make the story, supposedly, that Dr. Riek Machar becomes a coward enough of the cowards who could not take the heat from the international community to become strong to stand up for his rights and those of his people, to fight aggressively for his rights and those of his nationality and had no vision for his kin and kith to perish and to resist like Nelson Mandela against Apartheid, M.K. Gandhi’s passive resistance against the British colonialism and imperialism in India, and The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., passive resistance against racism, segregation, social injustice and social discrimination in the United States targeted against the African-Americans, the Nuer nation and its resilient people because he did not fight hard enough for the rights of his people and giving them a vision and no matter what happens, the Nuer would have no choice, but to ask him (Dr. Machar) to politely resigns or steps down and to turn over the powers invested or bestowed in him by the Nuer Community to a new replacement that would stand up and to fight firmly for the Nuer’s rights and to become much more aggressive and ready to go for a total collateral damage in the Heartland of the Twic Dinka in Warrap and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States or what General Patton of the US Army told his troops during WWII (1939-1954 that “lead me, follow me, or get out of my war.” In a nutshell, Dr. Machar should get out of the way.

The Nuer Community does not need a coward leader to lead it ever because the Nuer people are not cowards, but brave, courageous, stronger, fearless and ferocious fighters for their inalienable rights in South Sudan soil. They needed to have a strong, capable and fearless Commander-in-Chief to lead them to victory, but never ever to defeat. This is now the time that the Nuer nation needs leaders with characteristics of Chaka Zulu and we have them already in the Nuer nation. So the ball has been tossed over to Dr. Machar’s court and it would be up to him to take the heat no matter happens what like Nelson Mandela (Madibo) fought against Apartheid for more than 27-year behind bars in Robin Island Prison off share the coast of South Africa for the cause of all South Africans. We say to Dr. Machar to stand up tall and the Nuer nation and people would stand up tall with him and would not forsake him. We shall unite and to defend him like the Britons defended the British Isles from Luftwaffe raids during the Battle of Britain during WWII (1939-1945) until the end when it comes to the rights of the Nuer people. As for the 2013 Juba Genocide the Dinka should acknowledge that they have got an unhealed wound and it’s carcinogenic and remains a pain in the bud. Salva Kiir and all his henchmen, cronies, sycophants and their foreign allies should know and underscore that the Nuer people shall and will defend Dr. Machar and the cause of the Nuer nation and there would be no surrender to Jieng (Dinka), the UPDF and others is this prolonging treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war.

We should stated it at the outset that any proposed draft agreement between SPLA Juba led by Salva Kiir and the SPLA-I-O led by Dr. Machar as the only two capable and have the ability of waging war; they are no different from each other. They are the same birds with the same feathers flying together. Both SPLA Juba and the SPLA-I-O are no different at all, but one animal with two heads and any peace agreement signed by both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar would be only reconciliation of the two as Juba already done so with SPLA-G-10 led by the miserable and confused Pagan Amoum and was awarded or showered them with the sum amount of $17m as propaganda tool to entice or attract the “Dialectic materialists” within the SPLA-I-O under the wing of Dr. Machar’s and Taban Deng Gai on arrival to Juba less SPLA-DC led by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawein. Actually, it’s funny, but not surprising that Pagan Amoum and his colleagues returned to Juba. It was he who said that he could not return to the bloodletting regime, but was gladly re-welcomed to Juba Airport by Koul Manyang, Minister of Defense who personally by nights tortured and humiliated them during the heydays in political detention or incommunicado at the SPLA J-1 underground Cells.

The IGAD mediators should become cognizant that the SPLM as the ruling party divided itself into fours (4) heads of the same coin in order to specifically confuse, deceive, manipulate and maneuver the general public. Let us hypothetically assume that if we could flip or toss the coin upside down or over, it would still remain the same coin, isn’t it? This a very serious Red Communist tactic that has been practiced by the SPLM/A retrospect to the yester years of the late John Garang’s leadership style inherited by both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, including the Garang’s Boys who had the illusion or disillusioned that they have been the right heirs of the government when the late Garang died in a Helicopter crushed on 31 July 2005 three (3) weeks after being sworn in as the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan., but that their golden chance to assume power was deliberately and willfully hijacked from them by both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, unfortunately. This was one specific raison d’être that they created the political mess and confusion that fragmented the ruling party, including both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar after eight-year (8) of shared leadership without any problems. Of course, the situation altogether was ignited and became a flawed and not as smooth as we have thought though.

Nonetheless, the Garang’s Boys fundamentalist, radical and extremist elements led by Pagan Amoum have been the main culprits or the perpetrators of the ongoing aggravating situation and the treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war. Therefore, the returned of the Garang’s Boys otherwise known as Madam Nyadeng’s orphans have returned without their mommy and could not be preconceived as a satanic omen for both Salva Kiir and his fragile, fragmented, shaky, unstable and unbalanced regime in particular. Nevertheless, it could become a real curse or a nightmare with serious catastrophic consequences for SPLA Juba. Deep in their hearts though as diehards and staunchly “Red Communists”, they could have already devised other means necessary because they wanted to avenge the tortures, abuses, beatings and all kind of humiliations that they passed through incommunicado in the hands of Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang Juuk who personally brutally beaten, tortured and humiliated them specifically Pagan Amoum, John Luke Jock and Deng Alor because of personal vendetta.

Hitherto, Salva Kiir should not celebrate and smile yet that the so-called Garang’s Boys have returned to Juba town with hell of good intentions. They could have strategized a real secret strategic plan to toss over or to turn everything upside down to overthrow the lame duck incumbent Dinka dictator Salva Kiir. Probably, they have designed specific special strategic tactics to avenge the severe beatings, tortures, humiliations that they endured in the detentions or incommunicado in the SPLA notorious “Ghost Houses” Underground Detention Cells in J-1, which have been designed for anyone detained in these cells either to return out useless upon released or as a dead man walking, murdered and disappeared without any trace forever. This is a clear reminiscent of the “Gulag of Archipelago” work of the Soviet author the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn on how Joseph Stalin killed and murdered millions of Russians. The survival of the former detainees was the sole efforts and humanistic feelings of Dr. Machar’s concerns about their fate that in no time they forgotten as soon as they were released and freed men in the detentions and formed what is now known as the Former Detainees (FD) or the SPLA-G10 led by Pagan Amoum solo without any followers or any forces on the grounds anywhere in South Sudan.

In fact, based on our field intelligence reports, the G-10 was courting General Johnson Oolong defined by the SPLA Juba as a renegade, a terrorist and has recruited underage young men for the war, but they failed in that venture, unfortunately. General Oolong like many others is not keen of returning to the SPLA Juba now or in the foreseeable future. He would be hanging out with all those that would reject joining the peace march between Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. This is the bottom line. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the queue would be too long to count because we believe that more than 80% of the regular rebel forces, including the White Army (WA) would opt to remain behind to regroup, to reorganize, to re-train, to re-discipline and to continue with the war until Salva Kiir and his cronies, henchmen and his foreign allies would be defeated and a total collateral damage would be inflicted or delivered on Salva Kiir’s backyard in Warrap and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States. Realistically, Salva Kiir has not seen anything yet because he would cry, go crazy or hang himself by the neck when this top secret plan would be executed sooner rather than later.

They hypothetically let us assume that they could have convinced General Johnson O’olong that they already termed as a renegade, a terrorist and does not rank as a general in the so-called “SPLA God Damn List” in BilPham, Juba to become their Operational Military Commander on the ground, but failed to do so for reasons beyond their control, unfortunately. It’s a fact of life that anyone associated with Pagan Amoun, Deng Alor and John Luke Jock has been predestined to fail and that has been like the curses of the Serpent or the Lucifer or the controversial book entitled “The Satanic Verses” authored by the Anglo-Indian British writer Suleiman Rushdie in which he had been accused of having castigated and vilified Prophet Mohamed by Muslim fundamentalist, radical and extremist that created so many controversies in the Islamic world against anyone that would provide Suleiman Rushdie’s protection and the UK as always in defending freedom of the press, expression and human rights, did not give up or to let down one of its own in despite of the anger and the show of force raised by many Islamic clergy, including the Ayatollah Ramallah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to declare a Fatwa or a religious edict against the author Suleiman Rushdie’s head or to murder him for having defamed the Prophet Mohamed. If anyone in South Sudan associated himself though with Pagan Amoum’s or the Garang’s Boys, they would be bounded or predestined to failures because the curses of the South Sudan gods and goddesses have invaded their skeletons and their guts and gusto. They have not been the right crowd to be with for that. Supposedly, that General Johnson Oolong were to have any association with Pagan Amoum, we would hypothetically assume that even the “Nyikango” of the Shilluk (Chollo) traditional Kingdom could not have been pleased with the decision according to the laws and customs, unfortunately.


What would be the future of the overwhelmingly silent majority of the non-SPLA members? Does the IGAD believe that the whole of South Sudan has become all Marxist-Leninist SPLMA system? Of course, not, because in South Sudan there so many politically, ideologically, sociologically, philosophically, methodologically and invariably culturally diverse, so too its political spectrum. There are many non-SPLA members in all the four components within the four (94) camps or cells of the SPLM/A above-mentioned. The IGAD should reckon in advance that any bilateral peace agreement signed by both Machar and Salva, South Sudan Democratic Front Party and the South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A), would boycott it and would continue with the war until both Machar and Salva would be defected and annihilated. At the present moment, we non-SPLA-I-O allied with Dr. Machar’s outfit, we have already have defected from Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng Gai. Believe, me or not, rightly or wrongly, Dr. Machar’s would not dare to pen down his name sake on the newly proposed agreement that completed negated and altered the previously agreed IGAD’s proposed agreements. Succinctly, if we the non-SPLA-I-O that has more than 80% of the fighting rebel forces, including the White Army left as they have already, they would categorically and resolutely reject the proposed IGAD’s draft agreement and Dr. Machar’s in effect would have to yield to the “collective” majority will and opinion for that. This is the bottom line.

Prior to jotting down why the non-SPLA-I-O allied to Dr. Machar our reasons for rejecting at the outset of the proposed draft agreement, the IGAD should not waste time, money and energy, but should declare it openly and squarely that it has failed in its entirety in dealing with this compound complex South Sudan tribal warfare or as if a civil war. No externally superimposed conflict resolution in this deeply seated ongoing ‘crisis,’ it must and ought to emerge from within and amongst the warring parties in South Sudan. It could further prolong and disproportionately escalating the tribal warfare or as if a civil war in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. Now, let us turn on to the real analysis rather dealing with theoretical mechanics and dynamics. SSDFP and the SSIM/A are not interested in positions that come and go. We are interested and concerned about durable and lasting peace formula. Most importantly, we would further be interested to have an appropriate explication on the genocide committed against unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in Juba town and beyond. Prior to admission of this guilt, it would be hard, difficult and imperatively impractical, if not impossible, for the Nuer and the Dinka to share power in one heterogeneous state. Perhaps, the best policy would be to separate the antagonists from the protagonists.


On the issues of power sharing, at the national level that the government would take 53% of the ministerial portfolios while the SPLA-I-O would be given 33% and 14% be divided between the former detainees and other parties, that the President would chair both National Defense Council (NDC) and the National Security Council (NSC) and to be deputized by the first vice President in the two councils respectively, we would assume that it would also be an SPLA matter that does not concern the non-SPLA members because all the SPLA parties have been the same birds with the same feathers flying together. The non-SPLA entities would gracefully reject out rightly such arrangements. It would be after all, the SPLA solo sharing power as it had done so in the past. However, if they would agree to do it again, they are freed to do so because the war would not end. Based on our insiders’ knowledge, there would be the unlikelihood that the SPLA factions would not reunite to govern as it did in the past and prior to the treacherous tribal warfare or as a civil war. They have irresolvable and irreversible multifaceted internal crisis management and let along the issue of governance and its possible spillover. Like we have said in the past in our position paper sent to the IGAD, we would be obliged to reiterate it that the issue would become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, for the SPLA to reunite as a political party to rule the country at this juncture. As we do see it, it would be easy for a camel to pass through the eye of needle, but for the fragmented SPLM leadership to say so that the camel could pass through the eye of a needle, it would become the most fabricated or engineered lie that would be imperative impractical, if not impossible, even if they had to assemble a million witchcrafts different countries, it would not work and they would become proven liars on the planet-Earth. However, if God Almighty commands that this miracle is going to happen, it could happen because God’s, per se, has supernatural powers and if he commands so, nothing is impossible to happen.

Nevertheless, if the SPLA leaders would say affirmatively that it would and could happen, we would say to them that they are real pure liars without proper etiquettes and systemic logical and analytical judgment on bristly issues and had little and no faith or the fear of God. The SPLA has failed the country, its people, its future and above all, it has committed genocide against its people and targeted unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. What would be the roles of the IGAD, the UN and the AU and the SPLM leadership on this gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity committed in South Sudan? Who would be held accountable for the lost of so many lives lost? Who would pay the reparations? Who would be taken to courts to stand trials on these grizzly crimes against humanity in South Sudan?

Let us hypothetically assume that if the desire, determination and motivation of the IGAD mediators would be to achieve peace in South Sudan, unless they answered diligently and effectively the above postulated questionnaires with the real solutions and practical steps towards their implementation immediately, otherwise peace would not return to South Sudan sooner than expected because it would be far way like in the Galaxy and the war would be escalating far and beyond the reach of the IGAD mediators with catastrophic collateral damages in terms of human lives, property and the ecosystem as a whole. For those who would dismiss the said as pure nonsense, fabrications and theoretical thoughts, we would rest assured them that they would soon face the political reality. We would forewarn the big guns or the tycoons and their foreign allies that Juba would sooner not become a good and healthy environment to live without dodging bullets, rockets and they would be faced with the missed or hit situations that anyone would either be hit to meet his/her creator or either run out for life from Juba town to saint elsewhere because they would not know the whereabouts to bunk. This would be the real McCoy and anyone should gets ready for it and should not ignore it or takes it lightly. It’s real and if I were you, I could exit Juba with all the pleasures and the niceties therein for better and safe areas in the rebel held controlled areas behind the lines or to run to East Africa or to the Diaspora. Do not wait and do not blame the rebel forces, but Salva Kiir and Yuri Mussveni who have started, ignited and inflamed this war that they tat created could spillover into Uganda whether he (Museveni) likes it or not it’s going to happen like in Libya; Yemen; Iraq; Syria; Central African Republic (CAR); Mali; Sierra Leone; the Ivory Coast; and Liberia on the West Coast of Africa. This is the bottom line. We the non-SPLA rebel forces shall and would make South Sudan burns days and nights and life would become miserable like in the General Vo Nyuen Gap in the former Indo-French China and Ho-Chi Minh in the former demise Republic of South Vietnam up to the defeat of the US military forces in South Vietnam in 1971 followed by the reunification of the North and South Vietnam to become the Republic of Vietnam.


Our major concern and the real natty-gritty of the problem with the new IGAD proposed draft agreement to maintain the incumbent President, the bloodsucker or bloodletting or the “minister of death” like Field Marshal Goring of the Nazi Germany Luftwaffe (Nazi Germany’s Air Force), Joseph Stalin who murdered millions of Russian citizens and Yuri Musseveni who had murdered the Acholi people in Northern Uganda in cohort with Western powers before the international community and now against the innocent unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity by using international banned chemical bombs, namely, Cluster bombs, Napalm bombs, the White Phosphorous and the Uranium depleted bullets in South Sudan.

The President of Uganda interference in the domestic affairs of South Sudan is criminal and in contravention of international law. Hence, we would demand that the Uganda dictator-for-life be charged as an international criminal and an international terrorist. We would under no circumstances accept the draft proposed agreement to maintain the incumbent President Salva Kiir as head of state while the opposition leader, Dr. Machar, become the First Vice President and that the incumbent Wani Iqqa would also continue as the Second Vice President and that Executive powers or roles between the Trio top executives would be negotiated by the parties. First, as long as the incumbent remains president, there would be no peace in South Sudan. Unless the incumbent resigns or steps down from power, the draft agreement proposed to maintain the incumbent as head of state should be declared as a dead end. Secondly, based on my firsthand knowledge of Dr. Riek Machar’s as one of the wisest person in the entire SPLM as the ruling party, I do doubt that he would pen down his good name sake to such a draft agreement because it is a deliberate and willful intent to assassinate him.

The non-SPLA-I-O would stand up tall not to sign such a draft agreement as long as it maintains the incumbent as the head of state. It would be much better to sign no peace then to signing a pretty bad peace that is no peace at all. Thirdly, the newly proposed draft agreement would not produce peace and stability in South Sudan, but it would further escalate the war. Fourthly, the international criminal and terrorist Yuri Museveni has been the one who drafted the agreement in favored of the empty headed except the gallon hat on head Salva Kiir. Fifthly, the draft agreement has contradicted and has watered down every negotiated and initialed more than 19-month ago. We, as a united front, we have categorically, absolutely and completely would urge and appeal to Dr. Machar to tell the IGAD mediator to pack it or hack it and let all hell break loose. Realistically, peace would not return to South Sudan through wishy-washy means, but through direct, honest, sincere, legitimate and respectable ways and means. The IGAD could either tear it into worthless pieces or through it out into the trash or put into file #13 or garbage. Conclusively, as long as Salva Kiir remains in power in South Sudan, the IGAD mediators should declare to the whole world that it has failed in resolving South Sudan crisis and let it be moved elsewhere for resolution. We would intensify the war to the Maximum to create a huge collateral damage against Salva Kiir in his own backyard.

We should become aware that there are no parties, but one party that has splinted itself into four faces of the same coin, but still one coin for that even if we were to flip it over or upside down a 100 times, it would remain the same coin called the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A the most bloodsucker and bloodletting that still run deep, deeper and deepest in the palms of its most corrupt leaders on the planet-Earth. How could America and the UK afford to support these thugs, hooligans and vagabonds in South Sudan? This has been a travesty to the Anglo-American democratic ideals, human rights abuses; freedom, liberty; social justice; and equality as well as foreign policy agendas and the strategic vital national security interests in Africa and South Sudan in particular.

At this juncture, no matter how much pressure points exerted by the international community on Dr. Machar’s as the rebel leader he would not accept this proposed draft agreement and the political hanky-panky that’s contrary to the proposed previous draft agreements initialed by the SPLA parties solo retrospect to January 2014 up to present. We the non-SPLA-I-O allied to Dr. Machar although we have defected, we have been only excreting pressure points for making corrections in the internal contradictions and all the wrongs and corrupt practices that we do envisage within the SPLA-I-O. It’s a family affair and we would get rid of it for the sake of our UNIED FRONT and do remain fully and completely remain as a UNITED FRONT in the war against Salva Kiir until the end. We are committed to this UNITY of purpose and of equals for a common cause or purpose because we have now become like the Israelis with the motto that either you be with us or you are against Naadth or Nath and that the measure you give would be equal to the measures that you get or reap and if any jackass thinks that Nuer Unity has been transparent like a glass, a sham and remains in disarrayed, they got to be kidding and let them rethink it critically again and again because we have committed our souls, minds and spirit to the Nuer UNITY as an endangered human species, that we shall and will overcome to win this provoked treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war with pride and dignity against the Dinka leaders and they know this political and historical reality. We shall and will not boost because good generals do not and could not underestimate the strength of the enemy and tactical commands, but they should constantly strategize, make contingency action plans and to execute them thoroughly until the mission accomplished first and people always. Historically, the Nuer has ever been defeated by the Dinka in all their feudal fights in the past, the present and in the future. Let the whole world knows that any defeat of the Nuer by the Dinka renegades, would happen over their dead bodies. They (Jieng) know that they have been already defeated, but they have been saved by the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and that’s only a temporary setback rather than a defeat. We would tell the Dinka that we consciously put this war to an end now or this war would put us to an end. The US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, said he that “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts mankind to an end.” In the same, vein, let both the Nuer and Dinka leaders should read and to learn something worthwhile from the preceded quotation from the US President JFK.


On the issue of legislator, it would be the people to decide when peace ever returns to South Sudan. There is a great deal of possibility that South Sudan would neither be the same nor remains united as one heterogeneous multiparty democracy as that was the envisaged and envisioned dream years ago. Because of the grossly developmental political changes that have occurred in the past 19-month or so, the future of South Sudan remains at stake whether as a united or divided South Sudan. Therefore, we would not waste our time, energy and thoughts on the legislative matters whether they would increase the membership of 332 to 400 MPs, it’s none of our business because the people of Greater Upper Nile region have unanimously decided to secede from South Sudan through the exercise of the right to self-determination as an inalienable right guaranteed to “all peoples” under the auspices of the UNGA resolution 1514 (XV) of 8 December 1960 stipulated under Articles 2.7 and Article 52 respectively of the UN Charter and as God’s given right to all peoples throughout the world that no government could take it away without résistance in the fashion and mannerism that South Sudan separated from the Mother country- the Republic of Sudan and say to it Goodbye. We the people of Greater Upper Nile region shall and will do the same to the Dinka and the Equatorians boys who are like sheep, who would not dare, hope and anticipate that they would not come to fight for no apparent reasons to die like they have already done so like cats and dogs in the oil and gas rich Great Upper Nile region. We would have no mercy for them because if they were captured, they would be killed mercilessly. We would have no forgiveness for anyone that is against us and mercy in abundant for anyone that’s with us for that.

Reckoning, that Greater Upper Nile region unanimously decided to separate from South Sudan, Salva Kiir would have neither legitimate constitutional rights nor to establish a new government structure. The people of Greater Upper Nile shall do that without any external interference. This is a matter to be left to the people of Greater Upper Nile only to undertake that chartered course and the politico-legal process democratically. We have already envisaged at the outset the Declaration of Greater Upper Nile political independence to become an independent and sovereign state whether to be recognized as a de jure or to exist as de facto state like Somaliland (Punt land) would surely and absolutely be our internal and no external intervention would be tolerated because it’s our collective inalienable right to become free and independent from any forms of neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism, domination, exploitation, oppression and Salva Kiir’s the minister of death compared to Hermann Goring of the Nazi Luftwaffe bloodsucker and bloodletting genocidal regime in Juba. We have opted to go for independent because it’s the right course of action to undertake because there is a great mistrust and lack of confident building measures amongst all the ethnicities and nationalities in this Africa’s youngest failed state, disunited and disintegrated entity in South Sudan. We have to assure Africa and the world that no matter what it does in South Sudan, it would be only a waste of time, money and energies that could be channeled appropriate course of business and strategic action plan for Africa rather than wasting enough time and money and energies on a useless, hopeless and unprofitable dead end test case in South Sudan.

Conclusively, South Sudan as Africa’s youngest failed state that is now moving from extreme and fragile political instability to stateless to statelessness like in Somali retrospect to the overthrown of the General Mohamed Sayaid Barre regime in Mogadishu in 1992 up to the present. Frankly speaking, South Sudan is capote and it would not be the same as it was before the 19-month ominous tribal warfare or as if a civil war whichever anyone terms it or calls it, it fits the current environmental situation in South Sudan political and social spectrum. As a political scientist, we have no hope for South Sudan and it should either be divided into three states as that has been the case in the Island nation of Cyprus that was fragmented into two, vis-à-vis, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus and there was no centrist path years past and accepted as its by the United Nations organizations and its Specialized agencies and the European Union (EU) as a newly emerging phenomenon political arrangement when culturally diverse nationalities could not agree amongst themselves on what should be the preferential appropriate system of governance and the delegation of authority and power and wealth sharing in any given country on the planet.

Again, we shall forewarn Africa sand the world that the worst situation that could occur would be to superimposed unity amongst the most divided and extremely entrenched ethnocentrism (tribal), corruption, embezzlements as the root causes of the crisis in South Sudan. Perhaps, in my mind, the issue of united South Sudan is out of the question or the loop, but we still have a chance to try confederalism that would give each confederal state a system and its peculiarities of its own and has the right to opt for political independence whenever its deems fit to do so. The ideas of Unitary and Federal would become irresolvable and irreconcilable. In marriage when a wife and husband could not agree to cohabit less in one roof, they are separated for the good and welfare of the parties concerned and they would be recommended by the court for counseling until they both may become reconcile and to resolve what divides them for that. In South Sudan, any attempt to superimpose unity, it would surely hopeless and would further inflame and escalate the crisis disproportionately and beyond control. Therefore, the only feeling or suggestion or recommendation that I have envisaged and envisioned from guts and gusto to offer to my fellow south Sudanese would be that let us become realistic to accept without any qualm the division of South Sudan into three states, to establish a confederal system thereby each confederal state manages its own affairs solo or to re-annex r some parts of South Sudan to the mother-country- Sudan per agreement and consent like the recent test case in Crimea and the Russian Federation since it was annexed to Ukraine in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchev against the collective free will and consent of Crimean folks who have been Russians by birthrights and ancestral rights, North and South Yemen and the West and East Germany after the tumbling down of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the former Soviet Union in the late 1990s perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) as the legacy of the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

We would have to make it loud and clear that there would not be any reunification at the end of the proposed two armies ever even at the end of the proposed mandate by the IGAD mediators proposed draft agreement. In the future any peace agreement without the two armies’ articles would be invalidated and declared as null and void. As of instance moment or time of writing this rebuttal and in the past, the IGAD and Juba should be mindful to know and to acknowledge forthright with that Greater Upper Nile region has no iota intentions of returning to Juba ever. We shall remain autonomous region like Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland (Punt land) in Hargeisa; like other political arrangements in the Island nation of Cyprus that has been divided into two, vis-à-vis, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island and there is no centrist path because either a person is Greek-Cypriot to join the Greek side or either a person is Turkish-Cypriots to join the Turkish side. We should also look critically the test case of Somaliland that has existed as a de facto state for the past 20-year or so and remains politically stable and economically wholesome functional compared to the Federal Republic of Somalia (FRS) in Mogadishu that is politically instable and economically fragile and lagging behind. In Europe, we could learn something worthwhile in the test cases of Abkhazia and South Ostia that separated from the Republic of Georgia and recognized only by the Russian Federation (RF), the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, the recent re-annexation of the Crimea to the Russian Federation that separated from Ukraine since it was annexed to it by Nikita Khrushchev of the former Soviet Union in 1954 against the free will and consent of the people of Crimea who are Russians by birthrights and ancestral rights. We could also undergo research on so many other test cases around the world to learn new ideas and concepts to be compared and contrast and to be translated such facts-findings on the critically ominous crisis management in the ongoing critical and chaotic tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan.

We should all know and to become aware that South Sudan would not become same as it was before the war more than 19-month ago, which must all accept this real political development without any questions to be asked at all. South Sudan leaders who have been asphyxiated with power, money, greed to get rich quick for they do not deserve or stolen property from the people, corruption, embezzlements and entrenched tribalism vs. de-tribalization. The people have been divided on ethnocentrism (tribalism) has been deeply, extremely entrenched, and there have been gross lack of “Trust” and confident building measures to preserve South Sudan as a heterogeneous multiparty democracy of the future and the present.

The greedy, lazy and cannibals-like and remorseless Dinka power elite have ruined the unity in diversity amongst South Sudanese and we hope that there should be no idiots should blame the Nuer nationality by meticulously putting all the dirty epics and episodes on the Nuer nation and its resilient people on these saddest events before us hovering over the beautiful sky of South Sudan. The Nuer as people has been cleaned and has be aggressed and wanted to be used as a scapegoat in the mess perpetrated against them as a people and a nation that has the right to defend itself as the first law of nature. Therefore, in order to quench the bloodshed, it would be better off for each region to go it alone and to fan out for itself and its inhabitants and their cultural peculiarities. Nevertheless, we could reunite in the future when we all have realized in good faith the things that we have done, which we ought not to have done. Looking at it micro-macroscopically, the crime of genocide, per se, has put the souls, minds and spirit to a bridge too far to cross and the roadmap to any future peace and reunification remains zigzag to nil or zero-sum. For the sake of peace and tranquility, we recommend or suggest that South Sudan be divided into three Self-Governing Territories compared to the political arrangements in the Island nation of Cyprus and Kurdistan-Iraq. This would be the most tenable reasonable alternative solution thus far.

On the other hand though, the IGAD and the international community should not much insistence on a United South Sudan they hence be wondering what happens every Dinka because they would be displaced, killed or run away for their lives in a United South Sudan shared with ferocious fighting Nuers and there would be no country to blame the Nuer thereafter. It is self evident that neither Dr. Machar nor Professor de Chand and other intellectuals, including the prophets and the entire religious ecumenical would have the capacity to restraint the Nuer from killings and massacring the Dinka because of what they have done specifically the mass killings of unarmed and helpless Nuer people, children, women, the sickbeds and the elderly as well as forcing people at gunpoint introduced “cannibalism’ that really exists amongst the Dinka to force eat roasted human flash that is taboo in all cultures and that has been unheard off anywhere in the world except in South Sudan. We have no way of describing such events except to say that the Dinka have been cannibals-like humans, uncultured, uncouth, savages and sub-humans without pride or any remorse for other humans pain, suffering and mental anguish. We have evident to produce to anyone who would believe this story. The victims as the material witnesses of this incident who are alive and well, but mentally disturbed and undergoing counseling through the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Actually, one of the roasted human beings by the Dinka was a Canadian Nuer Medical Doctor (MD) who was performing his medical duties under Hippocratic Oath helping the sick, the wounded and corps of the dead or the cadavers left in the streets of Juba with no one caring for them. The Dinka Militias also raped women and girls, including the pregnant women killed aft the affairs and silted their wombs and killed the fetuses If all the savages and cannibalism were put together, how much savages and cannibalism that could be! As an above averaged educated person, no civilized above average educated person would do this to his fellow human except the savages and cannibals-like and Godless Dinka in South Sudan and no matter where they go around this curse and the shadow of this shame shall always lingering and following them. We shall at this time for security and privacy reasons would leave the names of personnel out until the UN and the AU Commission set up a war tribunal for South Sudan and formed a Commission of Inquiry and the formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) if that would be ever possible in the foreseeable future. How could any human beings cohabit in the same roof with cannibals-like human beings called the Dinka? Who would really want to cohabit under the same roof with these cannibal-like humans? The Nuer would tam the Dinka one way or another now, today, tomorrow and forever.

Furthermore, the Dinka leadership has failed, disunited and disintegrated the country and if anyone in South Sudan could not perceive and to realize firsthand these political realities, they would be assumed presumably behind time and have not kept abreast with the socio-political developments and the politico-economic changes that have taken place or going on around the world and South Sudan in particular. We would insist that South Sudan be separated like in the Island nation of Cyprus between Greece and Turkey and many other examples. Any proposed Unity of South Sudan would be a “No-go” test case silhouette or a dead end like when a horse is pushed into river and it could not drink the water if it does not feel like. This is the real situation that we have experienced in South Sudan.

We would not care much at all, whether Juba as the national Capital or not and to be demilitarized that would be none of our business because we have unanimously decided to part ways with the savages and cannibals-like, uncultured, uncivilized and uncouth Twic Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazel. We would be out as a new polity that must be recognized as a force to contend within South Sudan. Greater Upper Nile oil revenues that the Dinka Power elite in the past grown big bellies like pregnant Guerrillas and Baboons monkeys, would not go to Juba no more and the Chinese would be forced out of the oilfields and gas fields because they have cited to with Juba against the true owners of the black gold. We have not signed any oil agreements with the PRC. Therefore, they must and ought to go out of the Nuerland peacefully. We could not go to China to exploit their natural resources without proper documentations because the Chinese authorities would not permit or accept that. So why should they siphon our natural resources for their interests at our own expense? This time around, they (Dinka) would have to buy oil and if they have accumulated over dues, they would be shut down similar to the Ukraine and Russia Natural Gas policy. We are going to punish the Dinka and anyone that is associated with them in South Sudan and Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime should reckon this political reality and the legacy that he would leave behind for his people when he goes out of power, dies and gone with the wind.


There is a greater need for peace and conflict resolution in south Sudan. This crisis could escalate and produces spillover into the Horn of Africa and East Africa and beyond. It could become Sub-Saharan African Spring or Sub-Saharan African Streets compared to the Arab Spring and the Arab Streets in North Africa that overthrown all the dictators and still goes on in the Middle East. Without the shadow of a doubt, South Sudan crisis could become the new deadly strains-like Ebola Virus in the region and beyond. In order to quench it and to contain the crisis from spreading likes the Ebola Virus in West Africa a few months ago. In fact, the 19-month crisis could become pretty deadly and uncontrollable similar to the Katanga Crisis in the Congo in the 1960s and many other examples around the globe, including Sub-Saharan Africa. To achieve durable peace with social justice, Africa and the international community must first and foremost of all admit and adhere to that “Genocide”… defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity in the UN Convention on the Prevention and the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) of 9 December 1948, Paris, France, and came to effect on 12 January 1951 has been committed against unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in the 2013 Juba Genocide deliberately and willfully ordered or authorized by Aliew Aying Aliew, Minister of Interior and the Internal Security, that targeted the Nuer civilians’ population in Juba. This was conducted as per orders of the President Salva Kiir firsthand knowledge and approval. Other Dinka Officers involved in this charade were the notorious killer and blood thirsty General Kuol Manyang Juuk, Minister of Defense, General Marial Chinoor, Commander of the Presidential Guards, General Salva Mathok brother-in-Law of Salva Kiir, General Mabuto Mamur, General Ayien Alier and General Malwal Ayom and many others and the number could reach to up to more than fifty (50) plus and above. These officers should be apprehended to face a Military Court Martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) trials and materials witnesses be produced to testify against them. If the aforesaid individual officers could be brought to Justice, peace in South Sudan would not return, but the war would escalate with heavy collateral damages within the Heartland of the Twic Dinka in Warrap and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States.

Presently, President Salva Kiir wanted to hide these individual criminals otherwise known as the “Butchers” of the 2013 Juba Genocide because he does not want them to be seen in public. No matter where they hide, they can run, but they cannot hide from the law or from the siblings of the dead. They know that wherever they go, and whatsoever they do, they would be apprehended and we have already deployed special agents to monitor their daily and night activities and movements or Big Brother Science is also watching them. They shall be hunted down in the patterns that the Israeli Mosad and Israeli shin pin (police) hunted down the Nazis that murdered the Jews in Europe during the WWII (1939-1945) like Dr. Mengala and Adolf Reichmann caught in Chile, Latin America. The above individuals, we do know them, of course, including their whereabouts and they do for that. So we are not worried at all, on how to locate them and where to find them whether in the foxholes like Saddam and Kaddafi were or in the underground bunkers or cells alive or dead or posthumously, we shall and will find them one way or another to bring them to social justice against them one way or the other, including their families, children and their children’s children. This is the true art of war. Genocide has also occurred in other parts of the country, including the hewing down of the locals’ season fresh crops for the new harvest that has been responsible for intermittent eruption of fighting between the SPLA in the vicinities of Nasir, Ayod counties and in and around Malakal the Capital of Upper Nile State., In accordance with Article II of the CPPCP, the crime of genocide has been perpetrated against the Nuer civilians’ population. Many of them have been forced out of their homes to become internally displaced people (IDPs) and internal refugees living for protection from UNMISS Compounds in their own country without any recognized status under the 1953 Geneva Convention, the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the other international bodies responsible for these matters. There was no doubt that the Dinka were acting like the colonizers and occupiers or as if they were cannibals-like savages, uncultured, less humans that have no remorse at all towards their fellow human beings pain, suffering and mental anguish .

Succinctly, peace would not return to South Sudan unless the IGAD mediators comply and adhere to the following demands as follows that: –

  • Salva Kiir steps down or resigns from the presidency without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos as sin-qua-non to peace in South Sudan.
  • Salva Kiir’s bloodsucker and bloodletting genocidal regime must and ought to provide reasons for genocide and targeting of the Nuer nationality for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The IGAD and the international community have failed to have exerted pressure points against Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime. Conclusively, without any tenable reasonable alternative solution and appropriate explication, peace has got a zigzag path throughout South Sudan. We further prepare for the worst to come and this is a reality of te situation.
  • Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) from South Sudan Soil, including all its affiliated mercenaries from Central and East African nation-states and beyond. We would also demand the removable of the JEM, SRF and SPLA-N fighting for Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba.
  • The Government of South Sudan (GOSS) should without any preconditions acknowledge in principle that genocide… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has been committed against unarmed and helpless civilians’ population and specifically targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide and throughout the country.
  • Both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar should resign from public service and should be indicted to go on trials for the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and other heinous crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan. We believe that neither Salva nor Dr. Machar could effectively lead or rule nor could reunite, reintegrate a failed state because of grossly deeper mistrust and the lack of confidence building measures. They should resign in order to give a new blood a chance to reconstruct the failed state as either a Unitary, a Federal, a confederal or to be divided into three nation-state like in the Island nation of Cyprus that was divided into two, vis-à-vis, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the de facto stat of Somaliland (Punt land) in Hargesisa tha has existed as a de facto state and remains politically stable and conducts business and diplomatic relations at the level of Consulates in Somaliland. Conclusively, South Sudan would not be same as it was before the ongoing 19-month or so tribal warfare or as if a civil war.
  • The Government of South Sudan should be held responsible and accountable for the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and should therefore, pay reparations to survivors and the victims of genocide as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity.
  • All military officers involved in giving orders to kill unarmed and helpless civilians to their troops and the Twic Dinka Special Militias to murder unarmed and helpless civilians should be apprehended and to be trialed by a Court Martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UMCJ).

These and many other demands not illustrated herein would be generated we undertake investigation of the root causes of the crisis and genocide in the past 19-month or so in this backward, primitive, disunited, disintegrated and Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan.


Supposedly, that suddenly Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai opted to sign the IGAD draft proposed agreement and the Arusha I and II intended to reunite and to reconcile the splinted SPLA to become one party to govern the country as it had done so in the past prior to the internal combustions and the split from within the ruling party, would that the end of the tribal warfare or as if a civil war? What shall we do before this big surprise could happen? Should we remain “headless” similar to 2002 when Dr. Machar abandoned and left us in quandary, mischief, miserable, confusion and without a sense of direction up to this day? Our answers to all the postulated questionnaires should be answered in unionism absolutely and resolutely “No”. We have to have a contingency plan to deal with the situation thereafter.

In our contingency plan works we need to have a political leadership that would articulate forcefully, aggressively within reasons our plight to the international community and someone that would immediately reorganize administration and management that the outgoing leadership would leave in shamble and in total ruins to test our ability and capability of whether we could or could not do it without the outgoing leadership and that the rebel forces could not be armed without them to continue fighting Salva Kiir.

Succinctly, we shall not remain “headless” because we have many highly qualified and experienced heads that we could tap to do us a dandy tasks and performances that the outgoing leadership could become pretty surprised and would regret its departure would not make a dent in the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s genocidal war. We should mobilize highly human resources in North America (USA &Canada), Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East to return to us that “Talent Tree” to fill in the stopping gap measures.

In Sudan, we have also got a big ‘Talent Tree’ comprises of diverse educational and work experience backgrounds. As far as we do see, we have no problems with talented young people to get the job done. We can give them crash Program on-the-Job training to gain the real world experience. If the SPLA-I-O rejoins the SPLA Juba, it would go with a tiny small fraction of the force that could hardly possibly afford them the necessary protection that they would need in Juba town. This means that overwhelmingly majority of the rebel forces would remain behind and would continue intensifying the armed struggle or the war against Salva Kiir and its foreign allies.

Nevertheless, we should assume that Dr. Machar’s and his SPLA-I-O spearheaded by Taban Deng Gai would not opt to go it alone leaving the rest behind. That decision, of course, would be a breach of contract and no one would ever again trust Dr. Machar because he would be perceived as someone interested in positions rather than in the welfare of the Nuer nation and its people, that he had a definite hidden agenda to finish killings the Nuer people as he did so in 1991-1995 split from the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLA and in 2002 when he suddenly departed to rejoin the SPLA Torit led by the late John Garang, turned around and unilaterally dissolved the SSIM/A that produced the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) and in 2013 inter-ruling party split that led to the 2013 Juba Genocide and the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war. In order to make the story short and precise, all the non-SPLA-I-O and all those with us from within the SPLA-I-O organs, we should unite our ranks and files to continue waging the war until the mission accomplished. We have got the manpower, the best of the best commanders’ and resources available. Therefore, we would presume that we have got nothing to fear except fear itself. Most importantly, our Unity as people of Greater Upper comes first and amongst equals. With a United front, we could move mountains. So we have a contingency plan just in case any eventuality occurs on the other side of aisle.


The newly IGAD mediators draft proposed agreement has been a dead end and moves in a vicious cycle. It would not produce lasting durable peace in the war-torn South Sudan during the 19-month.

The IGAD mediators, the UN, the AU and TROIKA (the US, the UK and Norway) should invite all of the parties concerned both the splinted SPLA parties and the non-SPLA parties to slug it out for all of them to have their say in the search for tenable reasonable alternative solution. South Sudan had been fragmented on tribal lines or ethnocentric lineages and the solution to this compound complex crisis could not be externally superimposed if the desire, the motive and the determination would be to achieve lasting peace and conclude the bloodshed.

Those responsible for ma killings and massacres in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan should face the law without exceptionalism. Both Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar should resign from the public service and to stand trials in the court of law for treason against the state; Grand Theft; corruption; embezzlements; the crime of genocide; crimes against humanity and other heinous crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan during the past 19-month or so and still goes on without end in sight. Failure to achieve peace in South Sudan, Africa and the world should be prepared for the worst crisis ever in the African continent that could surpass the Katanga Crisis in the Congo in the 1960s, Apartheid in South Africa, civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Mali and the Central African Republic, Iraq and Afghanistan and now the Houthieen in Yemen.

We should keep hope alive because where there is hope; there is also will to seek and to find a solution. The Holy Bible teaches us humbly that Knock and it will be opened, that “seek,” and yea will find and that “ask” and it will be given.” We do seriously need to apply the three concepts- that we have to say, knock, seek and ask and it will be given because with God everything is possible and the solutions would become so plentiful on any human conflicts thereunto.

There are no problems without solutions, including the compound complex mathematical problems let by scientists’ generations ago, solutions have been found for some of them and that is not the end, but scientists continuously laboring to seek solutions and unless mankind cannot try to find solutions to such prevailing human problems it could lead to absolute failure, unfortunately. If we could all try hard in unionism, we could strike a solution for peace and tranquility to return to the tormented people of South Sudan.

We have to do the peace process in accordance with their own ways to serve and to protect their interests rather than our own egoistic ways to suit our egoistic agendas and to project our national foreign agendas and the national security policy strategies and the strategic vital national security interests.


  1. Emmanuel Sunday
    June 27, 2015 at 3:18 am

    The only point to fix is to isolate kiir and Riek from participating in the formation if the proposed national unity government otherwise there will be no peace in South Sudan.

    The two leaders have the same leadership styles and they should not be allow to participate in any government before the election.


    • Emmanuel Sunday
      June 27, 2015 at 3:21 am

      Good contribution


  2. Chuolkhan
    June 27, 2015 at 3:27 am

    Truly Dadi,prof D Chan whatever u say from your statement is really true to me I can added if people are not take action on such of reunification which was signed in Arusha it seem to be like Riek and other guys plus G-ten respectively their struggling from the crises of South -Sudan is nil but will show that they were running after position look now what is coming to integrated them to their previous position what is the course of the war????????????????? and how we are going to achieve from that reunification of Arusha all those leaders will go back to Juba so from there other will remain behind shame on those who will go back while the addressing of war is not narrated to whole world hayayaya it will be dificulty see to go back to juba is like flying of pig on air how can we look ourselves we the citizens of young Nation ?????????????? what will be the lives in general both urban area and rural areas as we are really experiences about Nuer and Dinka they have the same states which they have been shared??????????????


    • June 28, 2015 at 6:38 am

      This man have raised some good points through his long articles, one thing he should know is that, when you operate as radical, nobody will listen to you even if you telling the truth.


  3. Muonymor amuongdu
    June 28, 2015 at 2:28 am

    This professor so called David de chand is just an empty minded person. All words he has spoken are all nonsense and does not carrying any single truth at all. President Kiir to exit the power is just unwishful dream which will never happen in a such act you guys are demanding…


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