By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand,

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand,

July 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We have revived the SSIM/A established in 1994 at the infamous Akobo Convention three (3) years in the aftermath of the internal combustion or contradictions and the split on 28 August 1991 within the invincible Marxist-Leninist Sudan People’s Liberation/Army (SPLM/A). It was founded on the Universal Adult Suffrage principles of democracy and the truly traditional Nuer democratic ideals; the Nuer equalitarianism and communalism; social justice; freedom; equality and traditional federalism advanced by the Nuer nation and its resilient people that have been transmitted from generation to the next of the Nuer nation existence as a political culture and political socialization from the times of immemorial up to the present. It has implanted the seed of democracy throughout South Sudan and defeated the SPLM/A Torit faction led by the late Colonel John Garang de Mabior (May his soul rest in peace). The SSIM/A has been the pioneer in peace-making and peace-building process because it produced the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA). It was the pioneer in the development of the IGAD/DOP in March 1994, Nairobi Kenya, then became the landmark of the IGAD political and conflict resolution of one the chronic, the longest and the forgotten conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa between the North and South Sudan. The foresaid IGAD/DOP were rejected by rejected by Pagan Amoum the then head delegation of the SPLM/A Torit to IGAD negotiations, but later accepted them without any qualms in the aftermath of the signed defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) the mother of all peace and conflict resolution of all conflicts in Sudan.

The SSIM/A was unilaterally dissolved without any prior consultations with its leadership when Dr. Machar decided solo to rejoining the SPLM/A Torit faction of the late John Garang through the so-called Nairobi Declaration on 7 January 2002. Without the shadow of a doubt, Dr. Riek Machar left his people headless, confused, and heartbroken deranged and went a bridge too far and assumed that he was the vicar and the Messiah of the Nuer people like Jesus Christ proclaimed himself to be the King of the Jews and was accused to the Roman Governor by Rabbi and Chief Priests that he [Jesus] was against Rome. He was summoned to the Rome Court, which marked the first criminal case Jesus vs. Pontius Pilate that declared him not guilty of the crime that he was accused and he was acquitted. Pontius Pilate asked to guards to bring him a chisel of full of water to wash off his hands and declared the he did find anything criminal done by the man called Jesus Christ who proclaimed himself as the King of the Jews against Rome and then handed over Jesus to the Chief Priests to do what they wish to do with him in accordance with the Jewish law and then handed him over to the Chief Priests trialed or killed him as the King or Messiah of the Jews. Who anointed Dr. Riek Machar to become the King of the Nuer that remains a myth to be demythologized? Historically, the Nuer society has been basically a faith-based society, liberal, democratic society, but never embraced to become a kingdom that the Nuer dislike and disdained so much because it keeps the people backward and live like sub-humans because of their experienced with their closed neighbor the small Chollo (Shilluk) and Anuak in Kingdoms in Greater Upper Nile region. Actually, the case of Dr. Riek Machar has been similar to the proclamations by the Jieng (Dinka) power elite that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that they [Dinka] are the Chosen people” by whom and for what that remains a myth to be demythologized. This is idea gas been identically resembled the Israelis attitudes that they are God’s Chosen people. If that is so the case, what the rest of the people are they not also God Chosen people? Why did he create them to live on the planet-Earth like any Israelis? I believe that it is self-evident that all people are created, there superior race and inferior race, there is superior color or inferior race, that the on the planet-Earth may look different from each other in terms of pigmentations like all different kinds of the animal kingdom with different colors and shades, but they are all the same humankind and the same animal kingdom. Most importantly, he (Dr. Machar) assumes that he could not be challenged by a Nuer because he feels that the political lime light belongs to him and only him alone amongst the Nuer intellectuals, professionals and artists. This is pretty wrong and bloody naughty assumption. Cognizant, that Dr. Machar has committed errors, mistakes and historic blunders; he assumes that the Nuer Community would not have to say it loud and clear that enough is enough. Without the shadow of a doubt, Dr. Machar’s leadership has regressed instead progressed and created a sense of disrespect for the Nuer people by those who could have stood before and speak as they would please in South Sudan. This negative and stereotype attitudes against the Nuer by the Dinka would cease before or by the end of the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war. Most importantly, it would surely breakdown Bona Malwal’s racist epithet and anti-Nuer that South Sudan is all Dinka country. How shallow a thinking that is on the party of the man Called Bona Malwal? I have that responded to his recent presentations in the USA and to the Jieng Community of Elders. I would leave such reactions to younger generation to react to such childish and illogical statements uttered by an octogenarian. I would not need to become vocal about what he says because both Bona Malwal and Dr. Francis Deng knew well what Professor David de Chand and General Biel Torkech Rambang and others could deliver to counteract what they have to say because we became like fests that opposed whatever they have to said in any conferences scheduled on South Sudan in the USA and Europe. Conclusively, we gave them bloody noses such they opted to attending any scheduled conferences in the USA as long as Professor de Chand and General Biel Torkech were invited to attend as well. We made them to avoid such conferences because they knew that we [Prof. De Chand &General Biel Torkech) would not take likely their lies, senselessness and senilities in such august gathering concerning Southern Sudan as if they were the only experts in this area of endeavor.

Certainly, he (Dr. Machar) could now be challenged from within by the revived SSIM/A that has already caused a big headache, stomach cramps, confusion and psychological and psychiatric concerns. He should reckon that he would be challenged because he has committed so many historical blunders against the Nuer people and their nation and disliked many Nuer intellectuals with far greater experiences comparable to or above his knowledge and experience in national, regional and international geopolitical and geostrategic affairs to participate in the process It is now the right time and the right thing to do because when Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol fell that they have been marginalized by the late John Garang from the leadership of the SPLM/A, they suddenly staged a rebellion and many people joined them fought and died or wounded or mayhem because they were doing the right thing on 28 August 1991. When he (Dr. Machar) was removed from the post of the VP by Salva Kiir and wanted him to die with the former Detainees otherwise known as the SPLA G-10 and narrowly escaped to Jonglei State, the rebels in the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) Original Opposition prior to the internal split within the SPLM ruling party that they otherwise sarcastically termed as “Khartoum Militias” because they fought ferociously both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar as the governors and leaders in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. Nevertheless, for the cause of the Nuer Unity and nationalism, we staged a civil disobedience and try to induce change from within through Dialogue until Dr. Machar’s refuses to Dialogue to meet our demands the community would have to have to ask him to resign or to step down for the common good of the majority and a replacement could found in no time. Dr. Machar’s like other South Sudan leaders have not mentored any group of potential candidates to select anyone of them to become a possible replacement or successor in case of an emergency such as sickness or death, unfortunately.

The Nuer in South Sudan National Army (SSNNA), the rebels, including the White Army (WA) that Dr. Mcahar’s failed to recognized their capabilities were the first that afforded him the best projection he could have had because he was regarded as the most senior respectful elder and one of the Nuer nation leaders in the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and deserves efficient, Maximum and professional security protection from any danger that he may encounters. Nowadays, after he received huge cash of money from the donor countries, Dr. Machar has forgotten all the niceties done him by the original rebels in opposition, including the White Army. Succinctly, it was me the poor, simple and enlightened guy that gave orders and persuaded my people in Jonglei State to provide adequate professional protection to our beloved leader Dr. Machar from his archenemies and detractors. I was first amongst equals to declare to the international community that there was no coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir instigated by the former VP. The international community investigated the so-called coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir, it could not find any evident to corroborate and to substantiate coup d’état. The international community could not agree more with my statement or announcement through the media that there was no coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir staged by the former VP that it was a calculated strategic plan designed by both Salva Kiir and Yuri Museveni to assassinate the former VP compared to the previous strategic plans designed by both dictators when they assassinated the former First Vice President of Sudan Dr. John Garang de Mabior en route from Kampala, Uganda, to South Sudan on 31 July 2005. As a result, Dr. Machar was exonerated from that serious charge, which could tantamount to high treason against the state, but because of lack of concrete and sufficient legal evident to corroborate or substantiate it and because of lack or the absence thereof of sufficient or any material witnesses consolidating and solidifying any shredded evident of any involvement in the alleged coup d’état there no charges field in any court of law or in any international tribunal against the former VP. So he had to be let go like a freed man and freed like a bird flying above the sky.

Realistically, the so-called coup d’état attempt was discovered to be a hoax and a well-calculated strategic plan to assassinate the former Detainees otherwise known as the SPLA- Group-10, including the former VP Dr. Machar in the afternoon on 14 December 2013 in Nyakureng Conference Hall. Our researchers, informers and agents within the Conference Hall confirmed to us that the assassination could have been swiftly executed by the UPDF experts who were already stationed in and around Juba town on 12 December 2013. It was planned to be swiftly executed by the Ugandan agents in similar style that they undertook against the late SPLA renegade Lt.-General George Athor Deng murdered on arrival en route from Khartoum to Kampala Hotel more than two years ago. This plan was, of course, admitted before the IGAD by President Yuri Museveni of Uganda fighting for Salva Kiir against the rebels in the ensuing treacherous and aggravating situation tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan on 11 June 2014.

Actually, one thing that puzzled us a great deal was that Dr. Machar’s started his strategic actions with hell of good intentions. Nevertheless, as he passes through and before accomplishing his plans, he commits serious historical blunders, lack of prioritization. Does he have a curse or what are his problems? We have worked with Dr. Riek Machar retrospect to 1989 Adare Conference in Dublin, Ireland, in the early 1990s following the split within the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991 in which we urged and appeal collectively as concerned Southerners to re-unite their ranks and files to initiate progressive Dialogue par cum pari (equal) through a neutral third party with no conflict of interests in the events which have already occurred. As we later on discovered, we were already branded as pro-X group and pro-Y group that made and hindered our efforts that we envisaged imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to pass through. The SSIM/A became also one of the initiators of the IGAD/DOP in March 1994 that became the hallmark of the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA). In my capacity as a political scientist or as a social scientist and an international relations/law academic expert, I have psychoanalyzed and have discovered many flaws, red flags, corruption and have known firsthand that I have got the grasps of Dr. Machar’s problems leading always to unwanted and premature real failures to accomplishing any of his strategic great plans with success or expanding or stretching out widely his parachute for pretty safe landing. Precisely, Dr. Machar’s as I have noticed and swallowed a lot that I could agree with for the sake our unity and oneness, I have observed that he (Dr. Machar) does not take any advice or dare to share ideas with anyone on any issues that he preconceived, conceptualized and convinced himself to be true and wholesome functioning conceptions; he appoints wrong people to the right places at the right time and the right people to the wrong places at the right time; he does not prioritize his plans sequentially; he is an impressionist of sort; he is naiveté; he lacks vision; he’s too slow, he is introverted vs. extroverted; he’s a loner in decision-making vs. collective leadership decision-making; he’s secretive about whatever projects that he planned to undertake and so forth and so forth. Is Dr. Machar’s introverted and a loner? We believe all the above-mentioned characteristics could become instruments for gauging and judging of the man called Dr. Riek Machar’s failure and successes in most of political and leadership decision-making rapprochements and approaches. Because we are not opposing him as an enemy for the sake of Nuer Unity, blood line and the unity of all people of Greater Upper Nile, we shall henceforth reserve any critical and destructive judgment on some of the issues. Furthermore, we are altering him (Dr. Machar) to wake, to reform himself-qua-himself and to make the necessary reforms in the leadership such that it becomes functional, progressive and to lead us to victory rather to defeat. We are not concerned about who leads as long as the people give that person a chance to lead us all, but she/she should always absolutely and resolutely to become mindful of maintaining our national unity in Greater Upper Nile and uniting us all in unity of purpose and of equals and in preserving our hard won national unity amongst all the people of Greater Upper Nile region from the savages, cannibals-like, uncultured and remorselessness Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazel.

Although this is good and noble, he needs consultations with those who have got a wider scope of expertise in different fields of endeavors, knowledge and wisdom; he thinks and operates like a dictator and an authoritarian leader. Rather, he professes to be democratic, but there is no characteristic to indicate that he’s truly democratic as he often claimed to be; and he often feel naïveté, an impressionist and whatever decision-making on all his projects that he has conceptualized or conceived could not possibly become illuminating and do to takeoff with stride and success because he could neither dismantled nor changed and nor accepts new alternative changes. To make the story short, he (Dr. Machar) has got a heck of shortcomings and unless he becomes flexible, visionary and exercise the ideals of team work in any undertakings and to become liberal minded and often consult with others who have expertise in the fields of such endeavors, he would always be bound to failures, unfortunately.

The above-mentioned and many others were the founding fathers of the SSIM/A and we bestowed our blessings and trust then upon Dr. Riek Machar to lead us to victory because of the democratic steps and the risks that he undertook against the late John Garang dictatorship, autocracy, oligarchy, Stalinist’s state or a Soviet, tyranny and the Marxist-Leninist leadership style in the bushes of Southern Sudan. It was his idea that brought about democratic change in South Sudan because it was almost virtually and absolutely “Red Communists” under the auspices of the late John Garang and the Garang Boys. In this executive summary, we shall enumerate the specific reasons for the revival of the SSIM/A. The revival of this outfit is not a coup d’état against Dr. Machar, but it is about the correction of the wrongs or the things he has done, which he ought not to have done. We strongly remain united and would fight together in unionism until we defeat Salva Kiir and his foreign allies. This is going to be a big bang or explosion that would happen and for those who do not believe it, surely, it would be shocked and to experience a grave cultural shock in South Sudan. It has been done based on the overwhelmingly majority will and the desire to be governed under a democratic, social justice, freedom, equality and the pursuit of traditional federalism, equalitarianism and communalism as the true Nuer folks way of life and culture and the universal principles of good governance and the delegation of power and authority. Thus, the imported idea of communism has been foreign and an imported foreign political ideology that does not really rhymes with the Pan-African communalism, Harmbee (in Kiswahili) or Kondial (together in Nuer) and pan-African traditional socialism as adopted by the Mawlamu President Julius K. Nyerere of the Federal Republic of Tanzania.

Since Dr. Machar was fired as the VP because of extorted alleged coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, the Nuer nation and its resilient people stood up by Dr. Machar not because of his dismissal from being the VP, but because of the fact that Salva Kiir gave orders to his Twic Dinka Militias otherwise known as Malwal Aynor to targeting unarmed and helpless innocent Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. It was a Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) with prime knowledge of the European powers to kill all and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group. As a result, 5 to 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Nazi gas chambers and crematoria that became the paradigm test case of genocide that underlies the word’s origin. This was exactly the focus of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) authorities and its Twic Dinka Militias supported by President Yuri Museveni as an international terrorist and an international war criminal that receives support and cover up or as a human shield by the United States, the Israelis and its European allies, including Uganda and the Great lakes States as their errand boys doing the dirty for them in Sub-Saharan Africa to intervene in South Sudan fighting for Salva Kiir against the Nuer ferocious rebels and the Nuer White Army the deadly to contend with that both the Dinka and the Ugandan, including their mercenaries, JEM, SRF and SPLA-N recognized their fighting abilities to none that they have encountered in the Eastern Congo and Somalia combined. The Dinka and the foreign shall soon be defeated in Greater Upper Nile and this could be the turning point of the war to be moving on to Bahr-el-Ghazel with particular emphasis on Warrap and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States.

The followings have been the specific reasons that compelled us to defect from Dr. Machar’s outfit SPLA-I-OP that everyone should know and should give positive reaction or constructive criticism. Most importantly, we do not like the name called the SPLA minus whatsoever you added to it. It has killed our folks, therefore we could not reconstruct it and to rebuild it again to become another impotent force to be reckoned with that could probably murder, massacre or mass killings again of our people. It is now the time for us to change the name SPLA-I-O to South Sudan Independence Movement/Army in Opposition (SSIM/A-IO). Would this be difficult to do or are we asphyxiated with the bloodletting or bloodsucker SPLA? Let it become history as it has been since it signed the bilateral Naivasha Peace Agreement in 2005 or technically known as Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 (CPA) Realistically and for historical purposes, the CPA was not comprehensive as it sounds so in the real sense of the word because not all southern political parties, SSIM/A that produced the defunct 1997 KPA as the mother of all peace agreements in Sudan conflicts and duplication or the copycat of the CPA of 2005, the armed groups, the unarmed groups and the political forces, including the locals were excluded instead of being invited in the process to have their say. We should scrap without any due delays the animal called the SPLM/A to become history on the wrong side of humankind because of the things that it has done which it ought not to have done.

Prior to any readers be able to making any premature judgment and destructive criticism as to why we defected and opted to revive the SSIM/A that has been dormant for years ever since its was unilaterally dissolution by Dr. Riek Machar in the aftermath of having rejoined the SPLM/A Torit faction through the defunct so-called Nairobi Declaration on 7 January 2002. Briefly, considered these issues then and now compared and contrast them with our current position or case as follows: On 28 August 1991 when Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol realized they were marginalized they defected from the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A outfit because they discovered that they were marginalized and excluded or blocked out from the inner circle of its upper echelon hierarchy and the inner circle for decision-making, they stage an armed rebellion that had killed so many lives so soon. Compared to this bloodshed staged by Dr. Lam and Dr, Machar in 1991 split, we have not done so and we would do not so because we are civilized, experienced and mature enough to do the right thing. In addition, we have a war before us against war with Salva Kiir genocidal regime; we would not call ever for any fragmentation. We would prefer that our forces have to fight in unionism under one Command and parallel two administrations and managements until this treacherous tribal warfare is over with, then, we shall sit down amicable to reunify the administration and management of the army and the civil administration. We would not and God forbid not see and Nuer commander turning the muzzle of the Ak-47 against his brother and comrade in arms throughout Greater Upper Nile. As per the Bull Nuer renegades led by Dr. Nyuen Montueil, General Bapiny Montueil, Brigadier-General Tut Kaw Gatluak, they have committed an unforgivable crimes against their fellow Nuer people in Unity and the Nuerland as a whole. Certainly, there would come a day when they would reflect positively to what they in Unity States such as enslavement, hording of their fellow Nuer or Piech naadth or Nath, young women, girls, cattle resulting, castrating of men (kuiet wuni) by General PulJang* of the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) has been inhumane, savage, uncivilized, madness, uncouth, uncultured, unethical that has been cruel and unusual punishment that has been contrary to the traditional Nuer warfare ethnics and engagements as well as the international warfare engagements as specified under the Four (4) Geneva Conventions. The war with the Dinka would end, what would the Bull do? Would they join the Dinka Community to become Dinka slaves? Of course, there would have to internal Nuer reconciliation to forgive, but to forget the things that the Bull have done to their fellow Nuer in Unity States and the Nuer Community in general. There is no doubt that the Bull Nuer leaders would feel guilty the things that they have done, which they ought to have done to the Nuer Community at large. I know General Pul Jang, the General Kohl Charah*, General Gai Yoach, Brig-General Baping Montuiel, Brigadier-General Carlo Kuol and forty others killed as a result of an internal fighting instigated by none other Dr. Lam Akol Ajawein vying for the Nuer leadership over Lt. General Gordon Kong and Professor David de Chand. In addition, Dr. Lam Akol and General Oyuk Ogat, Colonel Johannes Okiech Arop murdered more than thirty-seven (37) officers and men in cold blood and more than 85 were in prison and unaccounted for of 1Lt- General Gordon Kong Chol’s Headquarters in Amhara, southern While Nile State. These events were the ones that pre-empted Dr. Lam Akol to leave Khartoum because of fear of being kidnapped by General Gai Yoach and General Gordon Kong Chol and to held accountable for the death of the 40 officers and men in Karasel-23 and 37 in al-Anhmra, including 85 prisoners unaccounted for up to this time. Both Dr. Akol, General Oyuk Ogat who acted per Dr. Lam orders as the chairman SPL-DC and the commander-in Chief of the DC Militias well armed by Dr. Lam per se, they should not forget that they would be held accountable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or the next of kin and kith could take the law into their own hand to avenge the death of their loved ones in cold blood in the hands of Dr. Lam and General Oyuk Ogat and Colonel Johannes Okiech Arop. In fact, Dr. Lam further plotted and still plotting against General Oolong for having not been united with him to form a separate army against the Nuer and the SPLA alike in the past. He further tried with Murle Copra Forces as of the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) before General David Yaw-Yaw decided to make the fragile, but no peace at all with Salva Kiir’s regime genocide that also targeted the Murle similar to the Nuer to be targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part and wanted them again to fight the Lou Nuer. Reckoning, that the people of Grater Upper Nile region-mainly the Nuer and the Chollo (Shilluk) have been Solidly United against Juba. Dr, Lam and his small DC-armed group would have no choice, to succumb or to depart Greater Upper Nile region for Bar-el-Ghazel region like the Nuer Wew or Nuer Yieuni in Juba who have been already ex-communicated or ostracized from the Nuer Community because they have been useless, good for nothings and nothingisms and betrayers of their race and culture and they would have to go with Salva Kiir to Warrap and never ever to return to the Nuerland.

When they splinted they became known as the SPLM/A Nasir faction. Furthermore, Dr. Lam Akol suddenly left Dr. Riek Machar to form the SPLM/A-United. These events happened successively and swiftly because of conflict of interests and the quest for leadership and the desire to have the right to self-determination to determine one political destiny freely and without bias or prejudices from any external party or parties. In the aftermath of the outcome of the referendum in 2010, Dr. Lam Akol again defected from the SPLM/A when he realized that he was removed from the SPLM/A’s portfolio of Minister of Foreign Affairs to created the SPLM/A for Democratic Change (SPLM/A-DC). In mid-December 2013 Salva Kiir unilaterally dissolved the SPLM organs, the political Bureau or the Politburo and the National Liberation Council, thus, led to the internal split within the ruling party. It was followed by a bogus alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir instigated by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar. Because of lack of sufficient evident to back up the said coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator, it became a hoax, fabricated or engineered by Salva Kiir and his henchmen because it never occurred at all. There was no evident to corroborate or to substantiate that the alleged coup d’état attempt against his former boss by the former VP Dr. Machar was not real, but he was internationally exonerated. Nevertheless, it was a strategic plan to assassinate the former Detainees otherwise known as the SPLM/A- G-10 led by Pagan Amoum the former dismissed and disgrace SPLM Secretary-General, including the former VP Dr. Machar.

As a result, the internal “crisis” within the ruling party produced split within the ruling party and the ensuing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in the Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. Today, the non-SPLA-I-O members have decided unanimously and without any preconditions or quid pro-quos as sin-qua-non to peace and Dialogue per cum pari (equal) to defect from Dr. Machar’s SPLA-I-O because of one the same raison d’être, that led both Dr. Lam and Dr. Machar opted to defect from both the late John Garang and Salva Kiir. We have made several attempts to call for Dialogue par cum pari (equal) to reach a common ground, but both Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) have failed to response either they refused to adhere to our demand and desire for Dialogue and peaceful negotiations on the internals contradistinctions and issues dividing us across the political spectrum. The fulcrum of the pendulum remains tilted either to the left or to the right or vice versa. We have also discovered the SPLA-I-O has made several attempts through deception; manipulation and maneuvering to disarm our senior field commanders in the command and to place them all in Pagak as useless gentlemen and no longer wanted. Because Dr. Machar’s and those around are so wicked and foolish enough they would not hesitate to assassinate the best and the brightest Nuer intellectuals to main power, money and control. We have to take this statement seriously because both Dr. Machar and Taban have been cool cats; they could kill like Governor Taban did to General Gatluak Gai and that could become the end of their lives in the Nuer community. For instance, Taban has been already living like a dead man walking. He would not now have the guts and gusto to travel down the front without Dr. Riek Machar because he could disappear and wasted without a trace. It’s a tit-for-tat because he (Taban) did it to the late General Gatluak Gai and had even warned the VP to depart the State within 24-48 hours because his security was not guaranteed. Where on earth the Governor could tell such a story to the VP of the Republic with executive authorities and powers to arrest anyone that goes contrary to the law? Personally, as a relative of Dr. Machar by blood, I shall forewarn him to take the necessary extraordinaire precautionary measures against Taban and others because he could betray Dr. Machar at any time on short notice and return to rejoin the SPLA-G10 lead by Pagan Amoum that he’s already a full pledged member within Dr. Machar’s camp. Actually, whilst he (Taban) pretends to be with Dr. Machar, he’s actually plotting, messing up things from A-Z as an internal member of a full pledged member of the SPLA G-10 and really could be plotting against Dr. Machar and isolating him from having any closed contacts with the intellectuals and professionals. Furthermore, he directly or indirectly has opened a private hot-line line with Nuer intellectuals and professionals by braving many of them with cash to turn against Dr. Machar. Hence, we should all become cautious because we have now discovered that we are living, dining, dancing and sleeping with an enemy from within the camp. This is pretty difficult to fight because nobody would believe that what I am jotting hereinafter could not become true and to fruity. For those that who really know the background of Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) could or could not assume that he could not do it and God Almighty and history would become the best judges of the aforesaid hypothetical assumptions and statements. For those commanders in Pagak, it would be up to them to read between the lines because they could soon lose their positions in the command, there is a calculated plan to retire the most feared commanders from the SPLA-I-O, including Brigadier-Generals that both Taban Deng has convinced Dr. Machar have been preconceived would not accept any peace agreement between SPLA-I-O with Salva Kiir SPLA Juba and other SPLA-G-10 and its components. Of Course, most of the Generals most feared have been those non-SPLA-I-O and belonging to SSIM/SSIA or the SSRF that they termed as “Khartoum Militias” because they were in Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) prior to the split in 2011. Surely, the roadmap to any durable peace in South Sudan remains a zigzag path now and for years ahead. In other words, peace is too far away like in the Galaxy or like in the Twilight zone. For security reasons, we shall and will refrain from listing any names at this point in time for security and privacy reasons. Certainly, they do know who they are and what to do in the interim.

The former Governor of Unity State Taban Deng Gai has been the key or the point man with this wicked plan because he assumes that if the senior commanders were to continue in command, they may not succeed in their top secret and confidential plan to reunite SPLA-I-O with SPLA Juba, the SPLM- G10 and the SPLA-DC, including their affiliates fighting for them, namely, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) led by Jubril Khalil, Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) of the Nuba Mountains led by Abul-Aziz El-Helio and the SPLA-N led by Malik Agar in Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena) to continue ruling South Sudan like in the past prior to split in mid-December 20013 followed by the 2013 Juba Genocide and the full scale treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war based on their own whims. Actually, first and foremost of all, there would be no country called South Sudan to rule because has been left in ruins, failed, disunited and disintegrated because of greed; rampant corruption; embezzlements; self-aggrandizements; extremely entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism); social injustice, lack of democracy; democratization; good governance; the rule of law; human rights protections and the likes in that order of things.. In fact, the international community should declared South Sudan as failed, disunited, and disintegrated and does not exist as a de jure state or as a very important personality (VIP) as required in international law and international relations amongst the nation-states. In order for the SPLM to become the ruling party again in South Sudan, it would have to work hard, harder and hardest and vigorously regain the lost trust and confidence building measures to reunite and that could become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture.

Greater Upper Nile region that’s the “pillar of the bridge of unity” and the oil hub of the whole Sudan would soon declare its political autonomy and eventually its political independence and to manage its own resources for the benefit of its people and would not ever dreaming or vying of returning to Juba n matter what happens because it does not have anything to do with Juba or Wau for that. We do need all the available scarce resources to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure by the tribal Warfare for the next 20-30 years for reconstruction and development after massive destruction committed by the Dinka Militias. This war would not stop until there would be same reciprocity of equal big and decisive collateral damage in the Heartland of the Twic Dinka in Warrap and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States. Every Dinka should critically think about the forthcoming massive destruction to Bahr-el-Ghazel because there is nothing that would stop around at this time for it to happen. This would be the lesson that savages, uncultured, uncouth, remorselessness humans and the cannibals-like sub-human would really understand and comprehend the mean of war such they would not ever restart a war against the Nuer nation and its resilient people.

The followings have been the specific reasons that compelled us peacefully, but within the reach of our unity to defect from Dr. Machar’s outfit SPLA-I-OP that everyone should know and should give positive reaction to or constructive criticism. We are only giving our people a second choice just in case Dr. Machar’s has been push by those jobists, bureaucrats, Dialectic Materialists that he surrounded with to sign a bad peace that is no peace at all, and war is better off than a bad peace. We should give our people the most tenable reasonable alternative choice or solution that is to have a “head” rather than to remain “headless” as we had experienced in the past decade or so when Dr. Machar left us “headless,” disillusioned and confused through and with particular emphasis on the so-called Nairobi Declaration on 7 January 2002, We should all be mindful of this experience. Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.” We have been ever mindful that we shall not and will not repeat history because history has many ways to repeat itself against that do remember it. So we do all still remember the preceded epic and episode candidly and we bow not never ever to repeat it as long as we are alive and pass the legacy on and the torch of this incredible experience to children and our children’s children and generations ahead.

Firstly, we remain as a dedicated, solidified and consolidated “United Front” in the war against Salva Kiir until he would be defeated. We urge and appeal that let’s bury the hatchets away to have cohesive united front internal front and let’s be dedicated to have a high spirit vs. a mediocre spirit such that we one objective- that to defeat Salva Kiir his foreign allies from South Sudan soil. Our gallant and ferociously fighting forces should remain fighting as one unify potent force, but under one commands, but under two parallel administrations and managements until the war is concluded. We, the Nuer, the nation Chollo (Shilluk) Kingdom and the Murle nation and their people as equally the victims of Salva Kiir’s genocidal war perpetrated against the unarmed and helpless Nuer, Chollo (Shilluk) and Murle ethnicities. We shall and will not turn the muzzle of the guns against each other, but against the defined enemy of all the people of Greater Upper Nile and its gallant and resilient people. We must take “Spear” (ba mut kap) to the Twic Dinka this year (Ruon e meme) and to be followed serious of non-IGAD-AU-UN wars in the years ahead. We should the late Israeli Ms. Gold Meir war theory would be for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) mechanized ground forces to launch attack on the terrorists with air support from the Israeli Air Force (IAF) wherever and whenever they have been located in the mountains, hills, Sahara, Mediterranean sea, Lebanon Becky Valley, Syria and Iraq” they must hit and destroyed. Our ground forces should fall short of the said theory. We shall locate Malwal Aynor wherever they have been located throughout Bahr-el- Ghazel and yonder and to be aggressively attacked and destroyed and with no forgiveness and mercy at all. They started this dirty warfare against the unarmed and helpless civilians’ population in contravention of international law of war engagements as specified under the Four (4) Geneva Conventions and its Amendments thereunto. Our primary objective would be to inflict heavy collateral damage against Malwal Aynor as terrorists such that it would neither rise up again nor to re-start a war against the Nuer Nation and the people of Greater Upper Nile ever. At end though those that would surrender shall be disarmed, demobilized and shall be trialed for the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes committed against humanity, including other heinous crimes committed against humanity. Both the regular guerrillas and the White Nuer Army (WNA) would be united in search and destroy missions against Malwal Anynor. As an expert in terrorism and counterterrorism, Malwal Anynor has been a bunch of faith human faithless human-less and remorselessness, the so-called Malwal Anynor created by Salva Kiir and his notorious killer General Paul Malong Awan has been a bunch of terrorists dedicated to destroy other human lives in South Sudan. We shall and will promise the world that we shall and will deal accordingly with these bunch of terrorists until they are completely and totally destroyed by any means necessary. We shall reciprocate their tactics and actions with speedy and greater efficiency. They can run, but they cannot hide. We will search them in the bushes of Bahr-el-Ghazel and yonder under the code name search and destroy missions and there would be no forgiveness. We shall hit these and destroy these terrorists once and for all. We know where and when to find them and to destroy them unless they surrender and this would be their only safety valve and no alternative else at all. Those who created these terrorists shall also be held accountable for so many lives lost in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu, Ayod, Akobo, and Nasir and the Chollo (Shilluk) Kingdom and the Murle nation as well.

W e have a common enemy and that is the one we should turn the muzzle of the guns to until it would be defeated, disseminated, annihilated and no matter what the cost may be, we shall and will defeat Salva Kiir’s forces, terrorists, the UPDF or anyone fighting for the money in south Sudan soil. This is a promise and the national duty of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We could not be more than grateful that our Shilluk (Chollo) and the Murle brothers and sisters who have been genocide like us and targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part, have decided unanimously to rejoin us in this armed struggle for the total defeat of the enemy and the victory is now at the grasp of our people against the forces of evil in Greater Upper Nile region. We should all remember that “United, we stand, divided, we fall.” It would be much better and healthier indeed to perceive each other as an endangered human species on the planet-Earth and our common united front would be the key to our victory. The people of Greater Upper Nile should know and underscore that we are one and equal and fate and survival is in our hands. Therefore, as one of your leaders, we urge and appeal for our total united front like a bundle of ten sticks or more that have been tied together against Salva Kiir and anybody fighting for him in Juba and in Greater Upper Nile region. We also appeal to the commanders do to their national duty in commanding the troops to the battles against Salva Kiir forces and the terrorists. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, we are all in this together for victory over Salva Kiir would be a victory for all South Sudan failed state.

Through our strength; bravery; courage; patience; endurance; perseverance no matter how things may go rougher; and ingenuity, we shall and will rebuild Greater Upper Nile much better compared to it was prior the treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war perpetrated against our people by the uncultured, uncouth, savages and cannibal-like sub-human who have no feeling of remorse for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We should be ready to defend Greater Upper Nile and its people by any means necessary. Through our united front, we shall and will fight together, die together, wounded together and we shall and will declare our inalienable right to self-determination like any other “all peoples” on the planet-Earth. We should all acknowledge that our survival is in our own hands and minds. Therefore, “United, we stand, divided, we fall.” We have nothing to fear except fear itself because Greater Upper Nile and all its natural resources God Almighty endowed us belong to all of us and equally equal for our betterment. On the issue of the leadership or governance, the democratic process remains to be the best tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. We shall do in our governance system based on the constitution, by-laws and regulation and that power shall always emanated from the governed rather than the governors or the philosopher kings or what King Louis XVI of France called himself as d’état si moi (I am the state). We shall soon overcome Salva Kiir’s tyranny, autocracy, oligarchy, patronage and dictatorial rule ot Stalinist’s state or soviet state system.

Secondly, Dr. Machar has grossly marginalized the Original Opposition that comprises of over 80% of the fighting forces, including the White Army that we armed and trained them as the National Guards or the Minute Men to be mobilized in time of the national crisis, emergency and needs as we did so quickly when Dr. Machar’s narrowly escaped from being killed and pursued by SPLA Juba and the UPDF. We did not hesitate to unleash the White Army as required against the enemy that they fought and gave them bloody noses and lessons that they would not forget.

Thirdly, we have no dream of joining the SPLA ever since we departed it on 28 August 1991 up to present. We know that Dr. Machar’s and his gang in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, comprises of his knitted closed family from Adok Nuer people has been ready to sign a bad peace that is no peace at all, to reunite with SPLA Juba led by Salva Kiir, the SPLA-G-10 led by Pagan Amoum, SPLA-DC lead by Dr. Lam Akol, including the mercenaries affiliated to them, viz., UPDF, JEM led by Jubril Khalil, SSR led by Abdul-Aziz El-Helio and the SPLA-N led by Malik Agar.

Fourthly, we have discovered that Dr. Machar’s SPLA-I-O lacks concrete objective to liberate the aggrieved Nuer, the Murle nations and the Shilluk (Chollo) traditional Kingdom their people’s from the committed genocide against them as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity on the planet-Earth. Dr. Machar’s and his gang has been only interested in positions that come and go. We shall and will not become party to such a flawed and dumb strategy for further death trap. This time around, though, Dr. Machar would have to go it alone and we are sure that if he does without us, he would definitively be killed by the Dinka in collision with Yuri Museveni abating such a strategy on spot in Juba. We hope that Dr. Machar would not die like George Athor Deng that he announced that he was responsible for his death and accused him of fighting with the Lord Resistance Army (LRA). Because the objective of the SSIM/A that has been supported by the overwhelmingly majority of all the people of Greater Upper Nile has been the separation of this potentially rich region from South Sudan either by peaceful or by any other means necessary. There would be no peace without our participation and endorsement. Hence, Dr. Machar and Salva could be reunited by IGAD, but peace would not return and South Sudan would not be same without any comprehensive and inclusive peace agreement. This is the bottom line.

We shall and will not compromise on our policy of separating Greater Upper Nile from South Sudan to be a new political culture, Self-Governing Territory. The UNGA resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960, guaranteed the right to self-determination to “all peoples”. We have given the summary of the UNGA resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 in the 40-page plus document published in Nyamilepedia that clearly and loudly explains why we opted to revive and to defect from Dr. Machar’s and Taban Deng Gai command, including Madam Machar’s Angelina Teny as one of the strongest ladies or the “Iron lady” compared to Dr. Susan Rice, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations in New York City that controls every moves made by her husband and relative Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) in the organization and his in-laws as well as his closest relatives and associates from Adok who have been only interested in positions whilst other are doing the fighting for them. This is funny indeed because some wanted to lead do not know to fight for it. It like the lazy Dinka power elite who have grown big bellies with the Nuer oil revenues that they stolen. Surely, they should all be charged with a “Grand Theft” that tantamount to high treason against the state with the maximum sentence of life in plenipotentiary prison or hanging until the victim is declared or pronounced dead by the neck by the legally authorized authorities in the state prisons.

This would become reminiscent to the Dinka Bor example during the golden days of the late Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir administrations and management schemes alike. In other words, the late John Garang, Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar have been the same birds with the same feathers flying together for that. In the case of Dr. Machar, however, he wanted his Adok Nuer people to milk the cow inside the fence whilst others hold its horns outside of the fence or they wanted the cake and eat it all. How about those others that have made big sacrifices for the cause? We would like to know. In summation, any reunification and peace agreement with Salva Kiir without any unanimity of the opposition as a whole would become a bad collateral damage to Dr. Machar’s leadership in the Nuer Community (NC) in South Sudan, in the Diaspora and would make a horrific and horrendous reaction that Dr. Machar’s has gotten a hidden agenda in killings the Nuer people retrospect to 1991 up to the present for his own personal gains and interests. This could become an inescapable charge or treason against Dr. Machar’s from the Nuer Community.

Fifthly, Dr .Machar’s SPLA-I-O has been the most corrupt institution on the planet-Earth. Good men and women who have a common cause, nationalism and patriotism could not associate themselves with this negative destructive SPLA-I-O that has an inherited culture of corruption from the SPLM/A. It has been what destroyed South Sudan because the big bosses, including Machar and Kiir have been so involved in this process. We have been planning to eradicate it as well as a tribalism to become corruption free and de-triablized system. It’s a real deception, manipulation and maneuvering when Dr. Machar’s claims that there is no money in the movement to buy medicine for the wounded, food for the soldiers and the IDPs and education for the children displaced by war. Recently Dr. Machar’s showered his newly appointees the so-called Governors and field commanders with big cash worth $10K, $20K and $30k …etc. the Commanders and the field commanders from Bahr-el-Ghazel are here visible in Khartoum. What Dr. Machar’s done? Many of his entourages, representatives and closest families have recently bought villas in Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda, Khartoum, Sudan, and established Gold Shops in Khartoum and those that he commissioned to mobilize people and ardent supporters for the return to the SPLA peace agreement have been accommodated in the most expensive hotels like diplomats in Khartoum and elsewhere. Where did he get this money? He has received donations from different countries donors with huge sum of money. Where did it go? Somebody in Dr. Mchar’s outfit should be held accountable for lack of transparency and accountability.

Perhaps, the worst mistake that Dr. Machar’s could commit would be to sign fake or bogus checks to some of his relatives that he appointed as ‘contractors’ at the exclusionism of others who have already claimed that they have delivered goods and services, including medicines to the rebel forces, the wounded combatants and the IDPs. We know firsthand that no such services delivered to the needy, soldiers and the wounded combatants. Should Dr. Machar’s go ahead issuing such bogus Checques or Checks for billions of United Dollars, he would be condoning corruption, “Grand Theft” that tantamount to treason and punishable by long terms imprisonment in a Plenipotentiary Prison or hanging by the neck until the victim has been declared dead from the gallows and that would become intolerable to many people in the opposition who have been suffering from hunger, diseases and lack of medicines for the war wounded combatants. This is a great reminiscent of the same Dura (Sorghum) Saga in South Sudan that the GOSS led by Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar lost millions and billions of South Sudan Pounds (SSP). Could this become a repeat of the same old Dura (Sorghum) saga in Juba?

Sixthly, we have also learned some countries have contributed money to the Movement, i.e., Kenya, South Africa, Sweden and Norway and the PRC. What happened to such funds to help the needy and to buy medicines for the war wounded combatants who go without medicines, sleeping on the floor and have got nothing to eat as well as dying from gangrene? Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai should be held accountable for the extremely gross lack of transparency in the management of the Movement’s asset for the benefit of all parties concerned. These and many other points in the 40-page plus text have been the reasons that pre-empted the revival of the SSIM/A to eradicate all these maladroit, malpractices and corruption. We call for Dr. Machar’s to be investigated and if he is found guilty, he would have to resign. There are many well-educated Nuer extraordinaire, the Shilluk and the Murle to replace him because he has not been the only well-educated Nuer around the block. He deliberately and willfully wanted to put them under the rug such that he adorned himself only to shine in the political lime life and boosts that he has been the “Chosen one” by the Great Nuer Prophet Nyundeng for what and by whom, that remains a myth to be de-mythologized. This mischievous bombastcity would not be repeated because Dr. Machar would have to become critically challenged, debated against Dr. Machar’s to ether shape in or to shape out this time around in this predicament. We shall have no forgiveness if anyone does anything contrary to ideal of democracy and the law or collaborating with or spying for the enemy from within the organization. The laws would have to take its course.

Seventhly, we specifically revived SSIM/A because SPL-I-O lacks concrete agenda in addressing the genocide against unarmed and helpless Nuer, the Shilluk and the Murle ethnicities in the 2013 Juba Genocide that killed between 30,000 to 100,000 in Juba town excluding those killed in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu. The Shilluk and the Murle people have been also genocide. Therefore, the GOSS had a secret hidden agenda to exterminate the people of Greater Upper Nile. The SPLA-I-O wants to sign peace with the SPLA juba and other components and to be granted Amnesty to reunite and to continue ruling the already failed state in South Sudan. The SPLA-I-O objective has been focused on positions, material gains and interests instead of addressing the root causes of the genocide, liberation or emancipation of the victims of genocide and their reparations. The revived SSIM/A declared objective would be to fight to separate Greater Upper Nile from South Sudan to become an autonomous Self-Governing Territory like Kurdistan-Iraq without any interference from Juba in its internal or domestic affairs, its resources, management and administration solo without any interference. There would be no oil revenue flowing to Juba no more because we are committed to rebuild what was destroyed by the Jieng savages, cannibals-like subhuman who have no remorse for the things that they ave done, which they ought not to have done. Greater Upper shall become like Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland, the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ostia that separated from Georgia and the political arrangements between the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus and there would be no middle of the road or the centrist position. This would be tenable reasonable alternative solution to conclude the war in South Sudan. We shall and will not retreat from the above-mentioned demand and desire of the right to self-determination like “all peoples” worldwide. If any non-oil producing states think of free flows of oil revenue to their states, let them just forget about it for the next 20-30 years of serious reconstruction and development in Greater Upper Nile region. They would buy the oil and whenever they have excesses overdue payments, they be shutdown like in the Natural Gas Policy between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This is the bottom line. Most importantly, all oil companies shall be located in Greater Upper Nile region. If any oil companies or consortia failed to comply with these rules and regulations, they know that they would be out of the loop for good or be asked simple to exit the oilfields and gas fields for that. We shall have no compromises with anyone at all on the oil and its revenue deals. The first rules for the companies would be adhere to the rules and regulations or get the hell out.

We would reject any peace externally superimposed against the will and the desire of the people because it would further escalate the war to the point of no return. The free will and the desire of the people of the Greater Upper Nile would become independent, self-governing and to have the right to self-determination guaranteed to “all peoples” under international law and the UN Charter. We shall strongly and effectively plead our case strongly, peacefully, aggressively and diligently before the United Nations, the AU, the European Union (EU), the US Congress and other local, regional and international bodies entrusted with responsibilities and conflict resolutions in the quest for a none-conflictive environment and in maintaining international peace and security as well as preventing this generation and the future generation from the scourged of war. These and many other points enumerated in the 40-page document with particular emphasis on pages 32 have been fluid and logical and analytical reasons for the revival of the SSIM/A unilaterally and illegally dissolved by Dr. Riek Machar after which he had archived desired interests and gains by rejoining the late John Garang SPLA-Torit faction under the defunct so-called Nairobi Declaration on 7 January 2002. Therefore, SSIM/A and SSDFP have rejected in its entirety the East African Bloc, the draft proposed agreement on 12 June 2015 in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) draft proposed agreement between the Salva Kiir’s government and armed opposition faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM/A-IO) led by former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, in ending more than 19-month long tribal warfare or as if a civil war in the failed state in South Sudan. We shall and will separately presents our position paper on this proposed IGAD’s agreement to the Office of the IGAD Special Envoys for South Sudan in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

We suggest or recommend to the international community and the UN that both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir should be stripped of powers, to go to court stand up to be trialed for the genocide, war crimes, and crimes that they have committed against humanity in South Sudan. At this crucial stage, neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar could rule or govern South Sudan. As we see it now; neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar is capable of governing South Sudan. The people have lost trust bestowed upon them. They have failed the country and the people’s revolution. Therefore, they should leave public scene and let justice-qua-justice take its course of action.

We have also extended the olive green leaf and the challenge to aggressively Dialogue, par cum pari (equals) to our partners, colleagues, comrades’ brothers and sisters on the other side of aisle to prepare and to be ready for rounds of Dialogue to arrive to an amicable peaceful solution. We are ready to Dialogue with them when they are. We have put all options on the table for any discussions on all the issues aforementioned in the 40-page document as the guiding post for any Dialogue par cum pari (equal) with Dr. Machar’s side. We have become an independent group capable of waging war and we do indeed deserve to have a place on the negotiating table, that would have to be recognized by Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir as their equals in ranks, political and military power capabilities in South Sudan. They should reckon that there would be no peace without our physical present, representation and participation in the process. We hope to achieve peace in strength, but never in weakness like those that have changed the world before us. “United, we stand, divided, we fall” or in the Nuer language Authentic translation, “Matdan, bane cuong, ke Dhakdan, be tethdan.” God bless you all.


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    I drink and smoke dope before reading Professor Chando articles, his lengthy article scare the hell out of me when I am sober.


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