What You Don’t Know About Joseph Nguen or Gaatmounytuil Wejang; Brief Story !!!

By Gatdiet Peter,
Joseph Nguen Monytuil, the caretaker of Unity State(Photo: file)

Joseph Nguen Monytuil, the caretaker of Unity State(Photo: file)

July 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Shortly, after his graduation from cairo University, Nguen Mounytuil joined Paulino Matip’s camp and was appointed as press secretary and as well as translator to late Gen.Paulino Matip who was in khartoum fighting alongside with khartoum Islamic regime during liberation struggle so that he (Nguen) can earn cash at hand.After Khartoum peace agreement signed by Dr.Machar and President Omer Albahsir which later collapsed when the two giants disagreed on outstanding contentious issues like self-determination, where Dr.Machar left for the bush, then Riek Gai Kok inflitrated the ” opportunity” and Riek Gai was appointed as chairman of Southern Sudan’s ten states council by presidential degree; here Gatmounytuil ”Nguen” disowned and left paulino Matip’s camp and had get interested and joined Riek Gai ‘s compound under NCP auspices where he was subsequently appointed as governor of Oil-rich Unity state to get much more money, a position he held until CPA came to Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular where CPA had devolved and granted more powers to SPLM/A which led to lost of Southern Sudan’s ten states council .

Riek Gai -led NCP ‘s council was totally disolved to zero; here again ”Nguen”  immediately left NCP’S camp and joined SPLM party; allying with Dr.Riek Machar where he lobbied day and night, scratching Dr.Machar’s mind and nerves for him to get support in winning the state SPLM chairmanship so that he can culminate into governorship of oil-producing Unity state which has 2% of oil revenues’ share. Indeed With support of Dr.Machar, ”Nguen” was elected into SPLM office in vain .

As soon as Dr.Machar and Gen.Taban developed differences with dictator Kiir before out break of the current conflict then he said this is golden chance not to be dump and he eventuated his pledges to dictator Kiir’s camp until this hour.

Today, ”Gatmounytuil Nguen” and his brother ”Bapiny Mounytuil” together with their illiterate militia ”Puljang Top” are on extermination mission; killing old people, rapping old women as old as 78 year old and young girls, castrating young boys, burning alive young girls and women after rapping them in Unity state in the name of legitimate government and revenge against people of southern unity state and our people in Ruobkona and Guit counties for reasons not even known to God leave alone human being.

It is very clear, the political scopes uses by ”Nguen” and his siblings are much more dwelled on money in return with no national agenda even if it happen today that dictator Kiir’s dogmatic regime is overthrown by SPLM/A-IO as infact it will be overthrown by all ways possible in nearer days then Nguen will tentatively change politics or if people of South Sudan happen to fight with White men or the west, you will see Nguen in the side of whitemen (West) because the whitemen have”$ ” dollars/euros…very pathetic indeed ! . ”Nguen” is now beyond level of hypocrisy and traitor to be describe in possible terms.

Gatdiet Peter is Reachable at p.gatiet@yahoo.com/Gatdietpeter on twitter.

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