Warrap State Five’s Years of Corruption: Depravity Is Accepted As a Normative and the Way Forward For the State’s Future.

Column; hit the nail on it heads.

By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial,

Kampala Uganda,

The lastest cabinet of Warrap state, South Sudan(Photo: via Gurtong)

The lastest cabinet of Warrap state, South Sudan(Photo: via Gurtong)

July 05, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- For the least five years of statehood, we have been letting corruption to grow systematic and systemic- making our lives difficult, limiting our opportunities, making our systems malfunction, setting back our progression, creating loopholes for our system to be manipulated, distorting of our democratic values, depriving and denying us of our basic human right and trapping millions of our citizens into poverty.

We have forsaken our sate and its futures by confessing and accepting corruption as norm, part of our history, cultures and traditions. We have regarded it is as a part of our way of life, for instance “benydit” big men are not punishable. Bribery has been regarded as normal and considered as a gift to facilitate requests in a speedy or timely manner. Our traditional norms have presided over national constitution.

At this juncture, I would like to propose some questions. Do we like to accept corruption as a norm, is there any way forward for Warrap state’s five years of corruption?

In this art I attempt to answer the above question in three parts. I wrote about corruption as I see it and how people of Warrap see the corruption and the way forward for state as according to my five years of judgment.

The way corruption grows in Warrap – an ugly monster.

When I first begin to understand the corruption problem in Warrap state’s five years, I want to find out how it affects my life and the lives of citizens my state (Warrap). As I researched deeply into the problem of corruption, I came face to face with an old ugly and black monster who appeared to my friend. The monster was appeared to be looking healthy and well fed.

The frightful starred at me with her big red eyes through which I could be able to see all her internal organs. I saw her intestine and what she has been feeding on. I could see human bones, the bones of mothers died for breast cancer, the bone malnutrition, the bones of children died of malaria and the bone of incited conflict by her staffs and bones lack of education.

My researched further deep into all internal organ of corruption I noticed some of the awful sights decorated with sign boards of different shapes and sizes I had never imagine exist in other states of south Sudan today. On signboard in Warrap state is development, education, roads and health care. The signboard of what I saw really in Warrap state under leadership of big thieve the mother four girls and one new born boy has frightened the hell out of me-drained and exhausted all my energy. I sat motionless, my heart pounding, my eyes filled with tears of bitter sadness, all I could managed to say is “ why God are you letting this to happen for so long in a state of beautiful and kind citizens who considered themselves to be your own people “ Christians”.   As I came to face to face with this deeply rooted monster, I see future of Warrap state’s citizens slowing evaporating before the eyes.

Corruption as it appears to me in this period of a sinister monster in seventy months that she have been feeding and looking after for the least five years of statehood. She has tamed it to be their family member, kinsmen and kinswomen, befriends and they have grown its root in their families in darkness when no one notices it. It has slowly been creeping and knocking at the doorstep of ever ordinary citizens, feeding our greed and selfishness to escalate the deteriorating our integral and moral their human values. As a result, citizens of Warrap state are being race, I want to reach the North Pole and South Pole for security proposes to rewrite the behaviorism of governance in Warrap state and pick flag of corruption in Warrap on sun before scientists. Yes, they have mustered the art for destruction of our own state and they are all addicted to it and they are on endless mission.

Warrap state we see, generally speaking, that accepting bribes is denounced but the parliamentarians are excepting bribes for using legislative powers to endorse proposing project and legitimating. Indeed, corruption has gone beyond the capacity. The recently, diploma graduate from juba university in 2014 , the recently dollar exchanged dealer in black who was appointed as a coordinator of Warrap state’s office base in juba has houses in KUAJOK ,WAU AND JUBA while he don’t have a business running. Once you are appointed in state government the more you become richer and do wonderful entities. Is he government officer or a dealer, for me I called him a dealer.

Corruption is seen as a culture and a norm in Warrap state under leadership of Nyandeng

Unfortunately, the rest of the citizens have allowed putrefaction as a norm, originated from which the created to be their cultures and tradition. It has become habit; they are all called big man “benydit” and they misconceived politics as field of generating wealth to their families. Warrap state’s political elites begin their political careers as ordinary people or civil servants as discontinued in office they become business entrepreneurs.

In fact, a browse through the political chronicles of Warrap state will one day reveal this interesting trend. In Warrap state, most medium scale business activities and large businesses are owned by politicians and ex-politicians. These politicians turned government office as business office for coordinating their business purposes. You couldn’t separate business men and government officials, had sent out false signals aspirants to political office in Warrap state. They all involved in worshipping gods for protecting their positions. A just government of Nyandeng is business association not a real government we are seeing in other states, for example the diversion of public monies into personal accounts is normal.

Politicians divert and steal public funds when national government released funds for projects, state’s politicians pretend to open trust account to be managed by government secretary of state. While money in trust account, networking of signatories to the money is established to withdraw the money. When this is done and asks the company to summit project proposals and promise to pay them. Eventually the money is transferred and shared between key players of this political mafia gang type network include some of our politicians; secretaries, directors, accountants, lawyers, and their financial controllers. The polithieving in Warrap state has no direction to be blamed, everyone has that will steals. The strong stealing network in Warrap state has granted them mutual trust and legal stealing, they have provided legal appearance to corrupt transactions, producing legal enforceable signatories and they said no one should be blame in case of detection.

The greediness, selfishness, and individualism have allowed corruption to be integrated into part of our culture escalating the deteriorating of our integral and moral human values. The selfishness and greed of waiting more has led these thieves stealing from the state wealth through ghost project proposals or by the means of registering ghost companies where public funds are diverted to, often aided by corrupt politicians in Warrap state and bureaucrats who benefits from the scheme. They have developed culture of caring for themselves; they think what is paining others aren’t their business. What they are doing can’t reflect our Christian values and believes or Muslim values but it reflects gods they worship at night.

The desire for destruction of our fabulous state Warrap and future in the pretext of accepting corruption as norm for the least five years from day the south Sudan got her independent. There is nothing she did to citizens apart from her office. Governor has surrounded herself with police and National Security and played with fund for development. The worst government she has shown in Warrap state will be the least government for ladies to lead this state. Corruption is growing up in Warrap state. Nyandeng and cabinets have invented shield of ignorance and pretended that nothing will happen at their doorsteps. They defend themselves when we criticized and exposed investigation on corruption them with police and arrest initiators. They don’t admit guilty.

Corruption is a norm and culture in Warrap but did they admit it.

Our inabilities to address corruption, confusing ourselves between the two extremes have allowed corruption to flourish in the social and political settings unattended from the least five years of her governance. Did they admit that they have problems? I discussed some of the confessions by our former and current politicians and citizens who have admitted corruption is problem, as reported in our daily newspapers.

One of the MPs in Warrap state has said on social media on 21/4/2015 and I will exclude his name due to security proposes on him, he said politicians as dirty money MPs who are working on a minefield from unscrupulous people with money, who were hell-bent on influencing political out comes for their interest vested. Some of these mps are bought out by those with big pockets to get political favor for the interest. I came to realize that some of politicians in Warrap state are claiming their election expenses to refund themselves indirect way, it is rarely scenario.

Corruption in Warrap state will one day reach a dangerous stage if national government fails to subject this governor of Warrap state to face court of law. The widespread corruption domestically must not be underestimating. Shamelessly, the regime is encouraging looting, bribery and lacking accountability. It is responsibility of citizens in this state to ensure that this regime has poor leaderships. I realize that most of the regime goes to politics to restrain poverty in their houses. It is not easy to identify corrupt individuals; there is a bunch of thieves.

In the state headquarters, squatter settlements are quickly developing, becoming a breeding ground for street boys who eventually found themselves searching for survival. Far worse, the state government is still collecting household tax from vulnerable citizens. These are painful, deep problem that quick fixes while hurt in solving them.

Is there a way forward?

Yes there is way forward. The culture of stealing public services is not our culture or destiny for the future of our state. We can’t deny ourselves better life and pretended to know what we don’t know. We must expose our pains to other states that the regime of Nyandeng (governor) is just government of settling incompetence politicians who believed in individualism. We must be of equal footing with these claim politicians and have the same level playing field for politics.

We cannot let polithieves dudes to ruin and derive our future because we don’t eat from the same plate or drink from the same cup or sleep on the same bed. Everyone should be given equal right and should have the same opportunity to excel in life as one desires. This state shouldn’t be given to those want to build themselves but to those who want to bring change in the state. Five years of her leadership is enough for her. We can’t walk under the shadows of the so called big person “benydit” culture of looting.

I don’t want my children to go through the suffering that I am going through every day and night in this state. I agreed what Marxist said “good people can suffer in salient” we have suffered enough, it time we need to see our problems and diagnose it instead of leaving awful leadership to our young one. The government in juba should see the suffering of citizens in state Warrap. The time is now to start act of stopping corruption, we must rise above fears and doubts.

We must defeat our confession, treat our greed and selfish, bribery and adopt caring system, giving protection and providing public services to our people. It is matter of time I would write the bible of corruption in Warrap state to future generation to read it. We will expose this corrupt group to citizens who are sleeping to be aware of corruption as problem in this state “Warrap”.

Solutions to corruption in Warrap state.

When corruption has become so routine that even seasoned thieves and deprave god-mother (like our dear madam Nyandeng) see it as madness. It is time the state face reality and re-invents an ingenious way to stop this monster called corruption otherwise we would all be consumed by it. My friend Garang Deng, Mangong Mawien and I have been quoted by monsters “ Warrap state’s politicians have mental problem in corruption and need them psychiatric help” we need to step backward to see who are those engage in corruption and wait for nearest election.

National government should verify the resources of people appointed to positions before resuming work. We know national government has tried best to stop corruption yet the ways for thieves are many which are hard to be determining them. The united stealing is what we have but our final solution for voting them out and give ways to good people who knows the interest of people through upcoming election. It will not be a party (SPLM) to select people the party needs. The intellectual youth got satisfy on how the corruption has gone beyond the lives.


The national government bases in juba should establish independent anti-corruption with powers in Warrap state’s headquarters. This agency should have chairman appointed by president to be his eye in the state. This state needs those who have wealth already to lead us not those who are hunting for wealth. All what is needed in Warrap state is exemplary of thieves to be throwing in jail. Punishment under law, would such behaviors that become synonymous to governance stop if law should be put in practicality. We the youth are preaching our right of Education till the cow comes home, we don’t want them to finish us and their children will finish our children their future if sleep now. Their kids in worms know the goodness of money and maneuver ways the parents got money, but we are advocating the right. May the president of the republic of south Sudan, H.E. SALVA KIIR MAYARDIT to have mercy on us and remove the governor of Warrap state for the future of the citizens.

Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial is a south Sudanese pursuing concurrent degrees at different Universities in Kampala, bachelor of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at Cavendish University and bachelor of Accounting and finance at Saint Lawrence University. Uganda. He is concerning citizen of Warrap state.    He can be reached at ajangmajang@gmail.com , +25679995330/+256786364488


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