Too Great Number of SPLM Leaders Are Fortune Hunters, Not Genuine Workmen And That is What is Pulling South Sudan Apart

By Gatmai Machar,

The SPLM senior leaders at the SPLM Press Conference on Dec 6th, 2013(photo: File|Nyamilepedia)

The SPLM senior leaders at the SPLM Press Conference on Dec 6th, 2013(photo: File|Nyamilepedia)

July 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — After analysing all the activities of the SPLM for all this while, I personally realise that a large portion of the current SPLM leaders are not genuine workmen who can be entrusted with total power to transform this nation into a better one that can compete with its neighbours in all  aspects, they are merely fortune seekers who only pursue their personal interest and that of their inner circles and that is what is putting south sudan into the current limbo.

The current crisis which I personally termed as the SPLM crisis begin as a political wrangles within the ruling party when some individuals with different views of how a country can be governed from that of the president demanded for reforms, both in SPLM and the Government, this struggle continue against the president and his cohorts on different platforms .It was more of a verbal conflict until when the president and his cohorts resorted to violent to turn political dialogues into a full scale war by fabricating a baseless coup which was meant to assassinate the reformists, especially their main wheel that drivse them ( Dr. Machar) unfortunately the main target survived, however, some of his colleagues were arrested.

After realizing that the fabricated coup target survived Salva Kiir’s leadership turned against his innocent tribemen, women, children and elderly simply because they are from his Ethnic group, thousands were massacred, burnt alive, slaughtered and some were even forced to feed on the corpses of their colleagues, this strange act of trying to cleanse one Ethnic group was seen as criminal and unacceptable by their people in the villages who took arms, mobilized themselves and decided to fight the government saying that if they don’t react quickly the killing may spread to other areas where it hasn’t reach yet, so they battle the government on what they called a ” rescue mission” the local defense force which was branded as the “white army ” captured some strategic towns in Jonglei and other states. this local defense force was not given order
by any one by then, they just feel provoked by the government which was killing their people.


Armed Lou Nuer men in Likwangale listen to South Sudan's Vice-President Riek Machar - 28 December 2011

Armed Lou Nuer men in Likwangale listen to South Sudan’s Vice-President Riek Machar – 28 December 2011

Machar who managed to reach jonglei state on foot from juba then took advange of the gap created by the Juba administration  killing civillians on Ethnic line, he meet the white army in jonglei state and try to advise them to retreat from the places they had captured however the white army instead advised him to go back to juba and join kiir and that they will fight both of them for killing their people, Machar who was also on pressure from the few army Generals with him made up his mind and decided to instead take control of the organised white army since the government was also hunting for him and he lacks defence , he announce himself as the leader of the white army and his defected forces and said he would fight in self defence, calling the force ” Resistance Army” in early 2014 before changing it later to SPLA-IO when 70% of the national army defected to him.

He then fight for the release of his colleagues who were detaineed and they were released to exile in kenya.

After their release  one of them by the names of Amb. Ezikiel Lol Gatkuoth disagree with the group and joined Machar his camp, saying he can not betrayed the forces who fought for his release and Dr. Machar who  was championing their demand for reform. The remaining 10 were named as G-10 led by Pagan Amum. They stayed as a separated  block during the negociations in Adis Ababa claiming to be neutral angels when the very crisis was caused by them, it was their demand for reform that made Kiir to fabricated a coup that was dismissed by the court.


Until recently when the self-proclaimed angels realise that their dirty trick was realise and would never work out as they thought, decided to join the very Government and the party that they said have totally failed and should be reformed in December 2013 which causes the deadly crisis. They have now rejoined the party and the government with out any reform being made, this forced me to ask these questions, Were they really demanding for a really reform in 2013 or just want positions? If they could answer and says yes they were demanding for a really reform, then this question would come, why then have they rejoined with out the reform they were demanding for being made? Their return to juba gave me the assumption that all they were fighting for, from the beginning were postions not reform hence they are fortune seekers who are lobbying

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  2 comments for “Too Great Number of SPLM Leaders Are Fortune Hunters, Not Genuine Workmen And That is What is Pulling South Sudan Apart

  1. July 14, 2015 at 8:54 am

    The number that was killed in Juba didn’t reached a thousand for all residents, where you get 20.000 to used it to wipe out nuer children is a curse that will haunt your families for centuries. it not good to use a lie as a trojans horse to sent multitudes to death in the name of revenge.


  2. July 16, 2015 at 9:14 am

    All in all, South Sudan will not be the same. I said that for two reasons: 1. Every tribe in South Sudan have seen the leadership styles of Salva Kiir and his group. 2. perpetrators of Juba massacre are being supported by their community denying the fact that nothing happened in Juba.

    This is a clear indication that some Dinka officials in the government have planed this war against Nuer community. Moreover, the bad governance foreseen by international community before war broke out in South Sudan. But the problems is that America is the master who instructed Uganda to rushed into soil of South Sudan based on false information they received from their ally Museveni about what took place in South Sudan.

    Now America struck in half way because they learned the fact that cause war in South Sudan, and there is no way to tell Museveni to withdraw his troops from South Sudan while they (America) are war sponsors. If they (America) put more pressure on Museveni, more secrete will be aired by Museveni. It is the reason that America posted dysfunction sanctions on South Sudan without serious implementation.

    Stay cool!

    Bol T. Deng


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