Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Dissappointed With Sudan Tribune!

Below is the photo we taking about by Chol E. Majok...

Below is the photo we taking about by Chol E. Majok…

July 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of our community of Twic East in United States of America, we are disappointed for what appear to be wrongly associated photo of Twic East County/Panyagoor Hospital that did unfortunately caught fire on March 24 of this year. Our complains is solely concentrated on Panyagoor’s Hospital photo which was misplaced with John Dau Foundation’s Hospital in Duk County, Jonglei, South Sudan at Sudan Tribune web-site on July 5, 2015 article. For us to see that mixing of different incidents was not only confusing but also was misleading to public who have read the article on Sudan Tribune [].

To clarify this confusion to everyone who had read the article published on July 5, 2015 on Sudan Tribune web-site about John Dau Foundation’s Hospital. For your assurance, these two hospitals are total different even where each one of them being situated as well is totally different. Also, their incidents of misfortunes are totally varied apart if you will. For instance, the Twic East County/Panyagoor Hospital is located in Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan meanwhile John Dau Foundation’s Hospital is located in Duk County, Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Reasons behind two hospitals unfortunate incidents again are totally varied:

The reason that was given by eyewitness who was actually present when fire engulfed the Hospital of Twic East County/Panyagoor Town. The presence eyewitness was no other person than the Commissioner of the County as this quote of his demonstrated it below. “There was [a] fire outbreak inside the hospital. The fire appeared from the room where the staff were trying to refuel [an] EPI (extended program immunization) fridge that used the paraffin,” Twic East County commissioner Dan Akoi tells on March 25, 2015 [].

Moreover, there was no connection between Twic East/Panyagoor Hospital and John Dau Foundation’s Hospital in Duk County that seem to us it might have been destroyed by both Government troops and the rebels troops if we have understood quite so well the context on article published on Sudan Tribune-July 5, 2015 []. In regard to John Dau Foundation’s Hospital in Duk County’s letter of complains that was addressed to President Kiir Mayardit, Minister of Defense, Mr. Kuol Manyang, Jonglei State Gov. Mr. John Kong, Duk County Commissioner and other officials. The bottom-line is, Twic East County/Panyagoor Hospital incident has nothing to do with government troops and or rebels troops hand on, just to clarify that to people seem to be confusing between two hospitals unfortunates destruction reasons.

Finally, the photo that was published with John Dau Foundation’s Hospital complaining letter on Sudan Tribune. Reader, you have to bear in your mind that, the photo was not related to John Dau Foundation’s Hospital of Duk County. Why? Because the photo was a remain of Twic East County/Panyagoor Hospital after it has caught fire on March 24 of this year. But now intriguing question would be, who did misplace the photo of Twic East County’s Hospital between John Dau Foundation Group, and the Sudan Tribune web-site Moderators? That is the question we might have to find out if we decided to do so. We think we have addressed your complaining everyone that has contacted our Community in regard to confusions arisen. We thank you for your concerns.

Thanks ,

Validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA

Executive Committee on Behalf of E. Twic Dinka


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